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Chapter 13: In The Bus

by KMidnite 4 Reviews

just read it...

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor - Characters:  - Published: 2007/04/06 - Updated: 2007/04/06 - 938 words


  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) soxclandestine 2007-04-06 12:19:42 PM

    do you like killing people with suspense? -dies-

    haha, great chapter. i just read the entire story so far today, and i absolutely love it! your attention to detail when you write is awesome =)

    Author's response


    Hah. I am serious though, don't die! I don't like killing people with suspense, that's actually not why I do it! I am just lazy, that's all.

    Thank you very much for the greeting, I swear not that much people greeted me (I guess their all out of town). :)

    Thanks again, keep reading!
  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) xImRadx 2007-04-15 08:35:47 AM

    HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!! Ima sing you the Chuck E Cheeses birthday song, since I work there haha. I think the songs amazingness might just make up for the longness I took to read these two chapters. Ready?...

    1...2...1..2..3.. You came here for your birthday were really glad you did, to celebrate your birthday where a kid can be a kid, so happy happy birthday and if you really please, just close your eyes and make a wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Chuck E Cheese.

    There, now was that not amazing? Haha... ANYWAYS chapter review time.

    So wow!!!! OMG her and Pete and her and Ryan... thats like my two favorite people in the world... (well other then Bden of course haha) I wouldnt be able to choose either. That sucks cause there both awsome. Though Pete is such a cutey trying to win her over haha he's being so adorable. I feel really super bad for RyRo though cause he's adorable to and he was really upset and he does love her and... ACK! This is really sad and annoying lol. BUT OMG GOOD STORY FO RIZZLE!! You never cease to amaze me Amanda. I heart you like crazy and keep it up. All I'm sayin is... -cough- sheshouldendupwithpeter
    -cough cough- sorry bout that... heh bad cough.

    Ps: OMG A BRENDON STORY FOR KIM? THAT WOULD BE SO RAD, EVEN MORE RAD THEN HER ACTUAL SCREEN NAME!!!! !@#$%^&* Err... sorry I got a little excited.


    my comments will always be incredibly long, but you love it I know you do.

    Your best ficwad friend and biggest fan!
    -Kim... (who is pretty rad...)

    Author's response

    Holy Guacamole! I have absolutely NEVER heard the Chuck E. Cheese birthday song (how sad is that?)! thank you very much for letting me in on one of THE best songs I have ever heard, lol (note the sarcasm). Thanks though, it's like bringing me in to some American culture that I could NEVER get from here. LOL and I am officially ROFL about who should Isaab end up with. Hey, you just might be right. I DID put this in the FOB category, not the P!ATD one. You're not bad though, it's fine. Yeah, I do love the long comments! -Amanda (who thinks Kim is rad too... and awesome) PS: IF YOU WANT MY CHAPTERS TO COME FASTER, PLEASE READ AND REVIEW ASAP. BECAUSE USUALLY, I DON'T UPDATE UNLESS YOU DO (IN THE ORDER OF REVIEWS) :D!
  • Tourbus Trauma

    (#) xImRadx 2007-04-15 08:41:21 AM


    Thanks for the THIRD mention... I feel so special. I lover you mander... lol.

    Author's response


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