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Scott and Virgil going out for a mission but are captured by the hood, who injects them with a strange thing. The next morning something strange happened.

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Chapter 5: Thunder

After dinner the boys where allowed to stay up for a while until it was bedtime. Jeff took his sons to their beds. Luckily for Jeff, Virgil's and Scott's room where next to each other. Jeff laid Virgil first in bed. "Sweet dreams." he said to Virgil, who was already fast asleep.

Jeff smiled and went to his oldest son's bedroom. "Hey." He said when he saw that his eldest was still awake.

Scott opened his arms to get a hug from his father. Jeff smiled and hugged his son and kissed his head, before he start tucking him in.

"Daddy ?" said Scott with his child voice.

"Yes son ?" said Jeff and looked at him.

"Why is Johnny, Gordie and Allie bigger then me and Virgy ?" asked Scott while looking at his father.

Jeff sighed and looked at his son. "Because, you and you're brother where shrunked by a bad person, who is after our secrets."

"Why ?" asked Scott confused.

"I don't know, son. But we'll get the bad person who did this to you and Virgil." said Jeff calm to his dark browned haired son. "But for now, go to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow about this, okay ?"

"Okay daddy." said Scott and closed his eyes.

Jeff smiled and went out of his son's room.


After a while, Scott had woken up again by some noise outside. He still had his eyes closed, but he shot them open when a crack of some thunder. Scott went sitting right up when a other one came. He looked scared at his window and ducked under his blanket again when some lightning had hit again and followed by some thunder. "Please...Please...Not again..." said Scott with a shivering voice.

When a other lighting and thunder hit came, Scott jumped up and ran to the corner of his room. He was scared like hell of the thunder and the lightning. Scott looked scared at the window and wanted to be with his daddy.

A other lightning and thunder hit came and Scott yelled a bit when it looked like it was next to the window of his room. Scott jumped up and ran to the closest room for him. Virgil's room.

When Scott came in the room, he went to Virgil's bed. "Virgy ?" he said with a still shivering voice. Virgil didn't answered Scott's shivering voice. He was in a deep sleep and didn't even know what was happening around him.

Scott sighed and crawled next to Virgil in Virgil's bed. If there is a place where Scott would be safe any where it would be with his middle brother or his dad.

"Night, Virgie." mumbled Scott to his sleeping brother and went to sleep.


Jeff had woken up in the middle of the night when he heard the storm that was coming over Tracy Island. 'The storm is harder then I thought.' Thought Jeff when he looked outside.

Even when his sons are fully grown men, Jeff still liked to check on them and see if their alright. He went checking on his oldest, now youngest son. When he came in the room of Scott and walked to Scott's bed. Jeff looked surprised when he didn't see his son sleeping in his bed. Jeff started to worried a bit, but then knew immediately where Scott was.

Jeff ran to Virgil's room and smiled when he saw two small sleeping boys in one bed. "Thank god." sighed Jeff and went to his sons to tuck them in.

"Dad ?" said a voice behind him. Jeff looked up and saw how his two youngest sons standing into of Virgil's bedroom door. "Is everything alright with Scott and Virgil ?"

Jeff smiled and nodded. "Their fine." said Jeff, before he looked back at his sons. Gordon and Alan looked when they saw their oldest brother sleeping next to Virgil.

"Why is Scott sleeping here dad ?" asked Alan curious.

"Come with me to the lounge and I'll tell you." said Jeff calm. After Jeff had tucked Scott and Virgil in, he went with his two youngest son two the lounge.

When they had sat down in one of the seats of the lounge, Jeff looked at them. "The reason why Scott is sleeping in Virgil bed is, because Scott's scared of the lightning and the thunder." said Jeff to his sons.

"What ?!" Gordon and Alan said.

"Scott's scared of thunder and lightning ?!" said Alan.

"Wow that's a miracle." said Gordon. "I knew he didn't like driving around when it stormed but, lightning and thunder ?!"

Jeff nodded. "It all happened when he was a small boy, around the age he has now." said Jeff. "Scott was sleeping in his own room back in Kansas and it was storming hard outside. He didn't know until the lightning had slammed through the window and making him yell."

"Wow..." said Alan.

"Luckily, the lightning didn't start any fire, but as for Scott, he didn't want to sleep in his room for a few days. So he slept with me or with Virgil when I wasn't home."

"Okay, but why Virgil ? Why not John ?" asked Alan.

"That's easy Alan, Virgil sleep through anything." said Gordon "If he even wants to, he can sleep through loud music from a concert."

"That's true." said Alan remembering what he and Gordon had tried to wake up Virgil with some hard music. The only thing what they had gotten from Virgil was a bit of moving.

Jeff and his youngest sons talked for a while until they all went back to bed.

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