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A hidden block found by Mahad and Lena soon turns into trouble when they get invovled with a man who lives at one of the blocks.

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"Mahad," Dahlia approaches Mahad as he's working on the Hyperion. "What are doing?"

"I'll tell you if you don't tell Cortes." He replies, crawling out of the hatch.

"Uhhhm... sure."

"I'm just about to go flying around."

"Hey!" Dahlia jumps. "You're crazy, what if a Sphere ship spots you?"

"That's the cleaver part," Mahad stands up and looks over the ledge. "I'm going down to see how low the Hyperion can go."

"Nice rhyming..." she shakes her head. "But that's even crazier."

"Just don't tell Cortes," short pause. "You can come with us if you want."

"Lena's going too?"


Dahlia pauses but shakes her head. "Nu-nooo. I'm going to tell Cheng and we'll keep in contact." She pauses again. "What am I saying, you shouldn't even go."

"Give us five hours."




"Deal," Both say at the same time.

Dahlia runs off the Hyperion just before it leaves, shaking her head and scowling. "I can't believe I let him go."

"Soo," Lena starts tapping her fingers. "We're just going to fly down, fly back up and that's it, right?"

"Nope," Mahad starts flying straight. "I want to see what's down here."

"Getting kind of dark now," Lena looks up. "The clouds are getting thicker as we go down."

"Chillax," He starts shifting his head at the small blocks here and there. "Some of these have houses."

"You're not thinking about landing on one, are you?" Just as she was asking, Mahad was landing the Hyperion to one of the blocks. "Dahlia's wrong, you're insane."

"Aren't you curious?"

"Yes," she starts to follow Mahad. "But curiosity killed the cat, remember?"

Mahad shrugs the fact off his sholder and continues walking until he reaches a door. He slowly opens it. "Hellooo...?"

"Brilliant, Mahad..." Lena follows causiously as he walks inside. "Who would live down here?"

Suddenly, a thump is hurd from down the hall.

Mahad flinched. "What was that?"

A human steps into the hall and turns tward Mahad. "Who's there?"

"I know that voice." Lena takes a step back.

"I think I do too," Mahad starts to quiver. "I knew coming down here was a bad idea!"

Lena pauses and glares at Mahad.

The stranger walks tward them.

"Who are you?" Mahad poses for a fight, but Lena pulls him back.

He becomes visible. "The Sphere named me Alse..."
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