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I Have Been Waiting For Someone Like You

by Geets 9 Reviews

Party time! WOOHOO!

Category: Panic! At The Disco - Rating: R - Genres: Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2007/04/09 - Updated: 2007/04/09 - 3706 words


  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) meeniemoe 2007-04-09 07:53:31 PM

    DAMN it, girl!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your first LONGEST chapter!! :) that was SO amazing, indeed. i think that chapter just covered about everything from pervertedness, hilarity, touching moments, to complete idiocy. (sp?) lol. it was GREAT. no, it was SUPERB. i cant use any better words to describe it. :) i suddenly remembered while reading this chapter that i told you a long time ago that if you tried some american slang, it would make your fic a little better...and it actually makes a large difference. i'm really enjoying this story; it makes me happy whenever you update (and makes me grumpy whenever my mom tells me to go do something while i'm in the middle of reading
    one moment i just HAVE to say i LAUGHED SO HARD on was when you wrote, 'Well Brendon, if you ever want a change, just give me a call," Josh said casually.

    Brendon looked like he had almost been hit by a bus. "Er... thanks... I'll keep that in mind..." '

    brendon, hit by a bus? that was the funny bit for me
    keep it up, girl! (shoot, now i feel inclined to write a chapter for you...garh.)

    Author's response

    oh my god, I dont know what to say! you are so fucking amazing, thankyou so so so so much!!!!! I love you!! I am so happy right now! woohoo - you liked the slang and the crazy mix of everything!! I found that quite funny too, haha. I hate it when my mom asks me to do something when I'm reading your story too!! yes, you should go update :D it will put an even BIGGER smile on my face (I dont actually think thats possible though!) Geets xx
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) xCamisadox 2007-04-10 01:48:52 AM

    that was amazing
    Brendon and Vicky are so cute
    and longest chapter!
    go you :)

    Author's response

    aww, thanks! I think they're cute too, hehe xx
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) xxlaurenxx 2007-04-10 01:23:25 PM

    again i love it. hope to see the next chapter up sometime soon.

    now wheres my chocolate

    Author's response

    thankyou!!! soon... yes... its right here!! lol gives chocolate enjoy!
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) rainbowsprinkles08 2007-04-10 03:12:57 PM

    I love this story and the previous one also. Your a fantastic writer.

    Author's response

    you really think so?! omg, thankyou!!!
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) Rebecca_at_the_disco 2007-04-10 07:45:47 PM

    I love this story! brendon is a jelouse one :p rawwrr. Now that you mentioned that song new shoes, ive got to hear it. gahhh. and congrats on the new chapter. i'd like some chocolate now.. perhaps a peanutbuttercup, or a crunch bar :D

    Author's response

    aww, thankyou!! :D he is, haha. lol, its a BRILLIANT song!! I can gladly give you some chocolate, but i have no idea what the hell a "peanutbuttercup" or a "crunch bar" is :P i am British, sue me :D take some anyways! thankyou!!!
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) Gangsta_Girl 2007-04-11 08:18:14 AM

    smiles like Brendon after he's drank way too many Red Bulls Yay! You know how Truth or Dare with Brendon always makes me grin. :D Hehe. I LOOOOOOVE it! And yes, all those o's were necessary. LMAO. I see that a lot of people are loving this story as much as I am. But not MORE than me of course. :) More soon PLZ! mwah

    Author's response

    omg, for lack of a better thing to say, THANKYOU!!! I still think its crazy that people actually LIKE my story! you're amazing, and I really appreciate all of ur reviews!! I LOOOOOOOVE ur story too!!! hehe :D xx
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) meeniemoe 2007-04-20 12:16:05 AM

    Woman, where is the updated CHAPTER? D:< Imma kick you if you don't update...grr. lol. George Ryan Ross...Grr...get it? Okay, I'm done. xD

    Author's response

    okay, okay, IM SORRY!!! i know, but its up now :D dont kick me, and please dont go all Ryan Ross angry with me! xx
  • Why Can't You See How Much I Love You?

    (#) purplelightbulbs 2007-04-21 11:49:12 AM

    Yay next chapter!
    Bahh I'm sorry I have reviewed lately, I've been busy with school and crap.
    But good chapter! I loved it and I can't wait for more!

    Author's response

    thanks! and no problem, ive had the same :D i still love your reviews all the same!

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