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For everything you've given me

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The future

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Part Eighteen: for everything you've given me

You walked by in the nick of time
Looking like an answered prayer
You know I'm truly blessed

Destiny found herself driving down an empty LA highway (how unusual) four years later, smiling contently to herself. Patrick had taken his car into the garage earlier that morning and she was on her way to pick him up from work. Fall Out Boy had disbanded two years earlier, music had evolved and unfortunately, they were no longer on the hot list, but luckily for Patrick, he had made himself known well enough that he was in demand as a producer, and also in demand as a father and husband. Destiny became pregnant one year after she had finally decided that Patrick was all she needed and all she wanted, and gave birth to their first child, a little girl with light red hair who went by the name Morgan and had an innate knack for music, she loved watching her daddy lounge around and strum his guitar.

Patrick and Destiny moved too fast for their parents' taste, having a child before they got married, but they felt that ultimately it was the right decision for them. After Morgan turned one, they finally decided that the time was right to tie the knot and had a small wedding, only close family and close friends, which of course included the old gang. Destiny kept herself determined to stay in touch with Pete, despite the creative differences that ultimately forced the band apart and forced space between him and Patrick. She and Marie were still good friends, she and Joe would visit the couple every so often, both of them concentrating on making a life for themselves as well.

Patrick kept himself pretty busy, juggling his professional life with his home one, but easily kept it all in perspective, always considering himself very lucky to have the career he did and the family he made. Destiny continued each day to surprise him, sometimes not always positively, but she never kept him bored and he thanked her every chance he got for giving him a child that he longed for for so long.

Destiny grinned at the car seat through the rearview mirror at Morgan; their little girl became the light of Patrick's life. He would come home everyday for dinner and spend a few hours each night letting her be a princess or whatever fantasy she wished that day. It made Destiny sometimes feel foolish for everything she had put him through so that they were able to get to the plateau they were currently on. It was true that with a two year old and a booming career, things sometimes got rough, especially for a pair of newlyweds who were still trying to figure each other out and to figure out how life worked best for their family.

Today, Destiny was especially excited to see Patrick again. She had news to share with him and couldn't wait to see his reaction. She pulled up and parked, walking to the backseat, getting Morgan out of her car seat. The little girl sleepily wiped at her eyes, carefully peering around, before beginning to bop excitedly, she knew where she was.

Patrick walked down the hallway, readjusting his hat and glasses before pushing open the door, stepping out into the parking lot.

"Daddy!" Morgan yelled, as she squirmed her way out of Destiny's grip and tore off across the parking lot. Destiny sighed and threw Morgan's jacket over her arm and watched Patrick bend down to pick her up and place a kiss on her cheek.

"You know better than to run across the parking lot with out Mommy, Morgan," he said, as he approached the SUV Destiny was leaning on and grinning at him. Morgan turned to stare at Destiny, then back at Patrick before shrugging and placing her head on his shoulder. Patrick shrugged as well, taking the jacket from Destiny and setting Morgan down before struggling with the tot to put it on. He picked her back up and placed her in the car seat once more, as she whined accordingly in her broken English, upset that she had to endure the torture once more. Patrick smoothed her hair down as Morgan quieted and backed off to shut the door. Destiny walked toward him and placed her hand on his arm as he looked at her and sighed.

"Long day?" she asked. He nodded before leaning forward and kissing her softly, pulling her to him and hugging her tightly. Seeing Morgan always made him feel fuzzy inside and it always made him want to be closer to Destiny. At this point, it was hard to imagine how they even wasted the time being mad at each over Andy and Anna, but Patrick knew that everything happened for a reason and all the negative events only made them stronger in the end.

Destiny dropped Patrick off to pick up his car and took Morgan home for a nap, she was whining and being cranky the whole way home and Destiny was about to pull her hair out. Morgan was definitely Daddy's little girl and basically only listened to Patrick. After she carried the screaming child into the house and tried in vain to get her to take a nap, Patrick came home with some take out and sighed as he heard Morgan screaming at the top of her lungs. He sat the food on the counter and trudged up the stairs to her bedroom to see her sitting in her crib, binky in hand, bawling. He looked around quickly for Destiny and assumed she had given up on getting her to quiet down.

"You really do need a nap, cranky pants," he said as he leaned down and picked her up, carrying her with him over to the chair in the corner. He took the binky out of her hand and put it back in her mouth as she continued to wail before he started humming softly. Morgan quieted substantially; it seemed she could never be loud when Patrick was singing to her. Only a few minutes later he was halfway through his song when Morgan had finally passed out on his shoulder, humming softly herself.

Destiny took a deep breath when she heard Morgan finally stop screaming, looking at herself in the mirror, examining. She had been excited a few hours ago at her news, but when she couldn't handle the daughter she had, she wondered if it was smart to bring another one into the world. Patrick of course would be happy with the news and Destiny did miss being pregnant, but she was beginning to second guess herself. Finally she had enough lamenting, and walked down the hall to Morgan's room, surprised to find not only Morgan fast asleep, but Patrick too, the pair of them holding onto to each other on the rocking chair in the corner. She quietly approached them and nudged Patrick, who woke up and rubbed his eyes, yawning.

"Opps," he said as he noticed he was still holding onto Morgan. Gently he stood and set her down in her crib, kissing her forehead before leaving the room, his hand in Destiny's. They got to the kitchen and he put the food in the fridge, noticing a large sigh escape Destiny.

"Something wrong?" he asked her. She shook her head. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with her news this time. They were financially secure, married and were already raising a beautiful little girl, but Destiny was still being hard on herself.

"I have some news," she began. Patrick walked up to her and nodded, waiting for her to continue, "I'm pregnant," she said, trying hard to fight her smile.

"Seriously? Already?" Patrick asked, and she nodded, searching in his eyes to see if he really thought two years was too short. "That's fucking amazing," he said finally before reaching over and dragging Destiny to him and hugging her tightly. "It better be a boy this time," he said. Destiny giggled and shook her head.

"I'm not making any promises," she said with a smile. Patrick walked away to the living room as Destiny's smile faded. He sat down on the couch at his laptop and put on his headphones with Destiny following him in a minute later. She stood in front of him before dragging his computer away from his lap and placing herself on him instead. He pulled his headphones off and began kissing her neck, slipping his hands under her shirt as she moaned.

"Patrick, I'm scared," she said finally. He backed away from her and looked her in the eyes. "I can't even stand Morgan sometimes, I'm a shitty mother. How am I supposed to have another child?" she said. Patrick brushed a piece of hair away from her eyes and smiled.

"Destiny, you aren't a shitty mother. Yeah sometimes it can get frustrating when you feel like you can't control her, but that doesn't make you a bad mother. You still love Morgan and I'm always going to be here to help you. That's why we're doing this together. We can do this, okay?" he said. Destiny placed her left hand on his face and stroked his side burn softly before leaning down to kiss him and nodding.

"I love you," she said, in between kisses.

"You know, I heard somewhere that if you have sex while you're pregnant, you are most likely to have a boy."

"Patrick, you know that's not true!" Destiny said with a laugh.

"True, but it's worth a shot," Patrick replied as he trailed his kisses away from her lips and returned them to her neck before they both hastily began ripping each other's clothes off.

If you told Patrick and Destiny four years ago that their life would turn out like this, they would never have been able to comprehend it, but one thing remained true, romances like these were

B) Designed to succeed.



Nine months later, Patrick sat staring through the window at his newborn, shocked that he was right. Destiny had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. He was only joking when he had told Destiny that the outcome of sex while you were pregnant would give you a son, but now he sat, amusing himself to no end.

"Daddy?" Morgan pulled at his pants leg.

"Yeah munchkin?" Patrick looked down at her and picked her up, as she sat looking through the same window. Her face scowled.

"He looks funny."

Patrick laughed. "That's how you looked when you were born too."

"Can we give him back?" Morgan pouted. She was supposed to be the only light in her father's eyes, and this new alien was taking that away.

"I wanted a sister, you know," she said before slipping away from him and bounding off down the hall to her grandparents...


Then I look at what you've given me
I feel like dancing on my tip-toes
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