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Chains of The Heart

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While infiltrating a hide out of a possible enemy, Gaara and his siblings discover that the one enemy they're after was taking care of a little girl. After killing the girl's master, Gaara becomes ...

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Gaara, Kankurou, Kazekage, Temari - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007/04/11 - Updated: 2007/04/11 - 1633 words

A scream met her ears, causing the little girl to open her eyes. The scream of agony continued. Usually a child as young as her would be scared, but she wasn't. She slowly sat up, causing the thin blanket to slip off her small body. The room was dark, but the little girl easily made her way to the door.

Her badly worn dress reached to her ankles as her small hand grabbed the door knob and opened it. She stepped out into a dimly hallway. She followed the series of screams through the hallway until she arrived at the far end. Her jade colored eyes looked up, staring at the door. The agonizing screams were coming from behind it.

Curiosity filled her entire being as she stood before the door. She reached for the door, opening it. The door opened with a quiet groan and what she found surprised her. Standing around a table were three youths, two boys and a girl. The older girl had sand colored hair that was in four ponytails.

What looked like a giant fan hung on her back. The little girl remained quiet for a second before speaking.


The only one to hear her was the sand haired girl and the boy dressed in black. The last youth was in a trance.

The older girl's eyes narrowed, "What in the world...?"
"Who's the kid?" The boy looked at the older girl until his gaze rested on the little girl before them.

The little girl looked up at him. Purple markings adorned his face and a black catlike hood was on his head.

"Kankuro, keep Gaara busy, while I distract the girl." Temari said to her brother.

Kankuro nodded and turned back to their brother as his sister left his side. The black haired girl tilted her head slightly, staring at the one called Gaara. Gaara had pale skin and his green eyes were circled with black. His red hair frayed in different directions. Hiding behind a single lock of hair was a red symbol. A gourd hung off his back, glowing faintly.

"So who are you, little girl?" Temari knelt next to the younger girl.

Not getting an answer, a sigh escaped her lips and she crossed her arms. Her eyes studied the child carefully. Whoever took care of her isn't doing a good job.

"Is he the one that killed my master?" whispered a voice.

It was the little girl. Temari's face lit up and she stared at her.

"Master?" She repeated.

Her eyes traveled to her youngest brother and the table in front of him. Temari and the little girl watched as Gaara slowly came out of the trance. A heavy silence formed as Gaara now stared at them. His green eyes narrowed at seeing them.

"Temari..." The cursed boy replied, "Who is that..."

"This is...uh...Well, Gaara, this girl is the one who..."

"Gaara-sama." The little girl walked up to him, "Ayari."

"Huh?" The three siblings felt puzzled at the girl's short answer.

"Ayari is my name." She repeated, "Ay-ar-i."

"Kid, we can understand that!" Kankuro said irritably, "But what the hell are you doing here?"

"I live here; at least I did when my last master was alive." Ayari answered.

She walked up to the youngest sibling and looked up at him. Pale green eyes locked with light green eyes. Gaara's expressionless face remained emotionless as she spoke.

"Gaara-sama, you're my new master." The little girl said.

Her words made Gaara's eyes widen. The twelve year old boy stared at her in surprise.

" is that..."

"You killed my last master and now you are my master." She explained.

"So, what does that make you? His...servant?" Kankuro raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"No, his...follower." Ayari's face broke out into concentration as she went into thought, " last master had another long word for it..."

'But how is it possible?' Gaara thought to himself.

Feeling something tugging his shirt, his pale green eyes looked down into forest green ones.

"Gaara-sama, can we eat?" Ayari asked, looking at him.

A pleading looked passed onto her face. The redhead groaned. He really didn't know what to do with her. He glanced at his brother and sister before his gaze rested on Ayari.

"We'll eat when we get back to the village." was his answer as they walked out.

----(Temari's POV)----


Hearing the quiet whimper outside of my bedroom door, I got off my bed. I made my way to the door, stepping out silently across the room. As quietly as I could, I opened it and peeked out. My dark blue gaze traveled to a few feet down the hall. They rested on the door that led to my youngest brother, Gaara's room. Sitting in front of the door was a small girl, wearing a tattered dress. Her midnight black hair framed a dirty, but cute face, which also had forest green eyes staring at her feet. It was the girl we found this morning, Ayari.

"Hey...Ayari, what's wrong?" I mustered all of the kindness I could into my voice as I looked down at her.

"Gaara-sama...His door's locked, Tema-chan." Sadness was in her voice as she spoke.

As usual...the same thing. I leaned in close to her and gently ruffled her hair.

"Gaara always locks his door." I said gently.

I couldn't help, but feel sorry for her. Gaara is extremely anti-social and scary.

"His locked door could also only mean one thing." I added.

The little girl's face lit up at my words and her gaze turned to me, "What?" She blinked gently.

"Gaara could be on the roof again." I smiled at her.

"On the roof?" Ayari rose to her feet and she hugged my waist, startling me, "Domo Arigatou, Tema-chan!" She ran off to find Gaara.

I shook my head, staring after her. Ayari is definitely something else. I can't help, but fell as though she might be the one to help Gaara find a purpose in life, besides killing people. It's just a thought. I walked back into my room, shutting the door behind me.

----Gaara's Point of View----
"I found you, Gaara-sama!" said a happy voice.

I glanced over. Ayari was standing there. Her footsteps were quiet and soft as she approached me. I could see her through the darkness as she sat before me.

"How come you're sitting up here by yourself, Gaara-sama?" Her cheerful tone annoyed me.

"Because I don't sleep." Was my answer as I now turned my green gaze to the night sky.

"Oh," she sat beside me in silence.

I could tell she was looking up at the sky like me. How? By what Ayari calls 'a link' that I share with her. I guess this 'link' comes with being her master. Several minutes passed before the girl spoke.

"The moon looks lonely, but's calm and peaceful." she said at last, Does Gaara-sama think the moon is happy being up ion the sky with all of the stars?"

"..." I didn't say a word.

All I did was remain silent. She kept on going.

"I think it's happy." I felt her small body lean against mine as she said that.

Happy? What's so happy about the only source of light at night?

"One can be surrounded by many people and still be lonely." Hearing my words, I felt Ayari's mood shift.

She looked at me with her piercing eyes, "Is Gaara-sama lonely?" she asked.

I just flinched at her words. Lonely was just one of the many words that only begin to describe me. The six-year-old girl's arms slipped around my waist, causing my whole body to grow tense.

"Gaara-sama has Tema-chan, Kan-kun, and Ayari." she said, peeking up at me.

This feeling... I clenched my hands against my lap as the words of my uncle, Yashamaru, rang in my head.

It's called love, Gaara... that what this little girl is showing me? I quickly pulled away, leaving her in a stat of confusion as I stood.

"Why aren't you scared of me?" I asked.

"Because...Gaara-sama is my master and I know he won't kill Ayari." a smile grew on her face.

Kill her? A smirk tugged at my lips and I looked down at her.

"I could easily kill you like I could kill Temari or Kankuro." I replied.

"Does Gaara-sama really wish to kill Ayari? Can he really end Ayari's life just like that?" Her words earned a growl from the back of my throat.



All it took was that one word. That single word...Kill... It's my purpose in life, to kill. The one tailed Shukaku stirred from within me, calling out.

My power surged through as my thirst for blood grew stronger. I kept my gaze on her as sand streamed out of the heavy gourd on my back. The sand lashed out at her, only to be blocked by a small barrier of sand that shielded Atari. Confusion replaced my bloodlust as her shield of stand scattered around her. Her forest colored eyes looked up at me.

Why did Shukaku protect her? Why did my sand shield her from my attack?

"Why?" I whispered.

Ayari just looked at me. She was calm, unafraid. She didn't even flinch when I tried to strike her.

"See? Gaara-sama won't hurt Ayari." Ayari said with a bright smile.

A growl came out of nowhere and I looked at her once more. The growl was from her stomach.


"I know, you're hungry." I cut her off as I walked off.

She trailed behind me as I made my way off the roof. Ayari has only been with me for several hours and I already knew her routine...
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