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Altered Understandings

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Sometimes, adults are strange. Sometimes, they see things that aren't there. A story of Rufus and Sephiroth, childhood friends torn apart prematurely and thrown into a world of dog eat dog. Yet thi...

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Drama, Humor - Characters: Aeris Gainsborough, Cloud Strife, Hojo, Kadaj, Reno, Rude, Rufus Shinra, Sephiroth, Tseng - Warnings: [!!] [?] - Published: 2007-04-11 - Updated: 2007-04-11 - 946 words

Chapter One - Are we in trouble?

"Professor, if the boy's going to go in that direction, it's best that he be made to keep it secret. Repress it even if you can. I don't want word getting out about this. We're lucky the Turks caught him before the wandering eye of the media could. Maybe the boy should start training earlier than we planned."
"I agree whole heartedly sir. He shall be punished severely and I shall have him start his training immediately."
Rufus eyed his partner worriedly through his thick dark lashes, the headset pressed tight against his ear. The white-blond youth next to him leaned in to try and make sense of the staticy garble of words issuing forth from the mangled ear piece.
"What are they saying?"
"The Turks fallowed us last night. Dad's not too happy... something about the media... must be talking about me. He says something should be kept secret... wait I can't tell what they're talking about now. The connection on this thing is getting shaky."
"Shit." The long haired youth bit his lip harshly.
"Hush! The professor's agreeing... about something.... Fuck." Rufus put down the headset and flicked the switch off on the tiny black machine resting between them.
"Moo, all we did was sneak out to the damn carnival. Nobody recognized either of us, not that they'd-
"Yeah Seph, I know; but for some reason, Dad's pissed about it. He never cared in the past. Why would he care now and why would he be talking with Hojo?"
"Maybe he thinks the man can scare you into behaving?" A small, bitter grin surfaced on Sephiroth's childish visage, darkening it suddenly. Rufus rolled his murky blue eyes.
"Hah, like that'd ever happen. The only thing that man could ever convince me of
doing would be to die young. He looks damn near prehistoric."
The two boys laughed quietly.
"Yeah, but what's the big deal? You've done worse stuff before haven't you?"
"Tell me about it...."
Unexpectedly a cell phone went off in the dimly lit space. Rufus jumped suddenly, banging his head against a support beam as he reached into his pocket and checked the screen.
"Let me guess, daddy?"
"Hush! Hey Dad.... No.... nope, I haven't seen him all day. Maybe he's in his room or at the employee's gym.... Umm, dinner at six? Yeah, okay.... No problem Dad, yeah, love you too, bye."
"So?" Seph shifted to sit Indian style on the dusty floor, his chin coming to rest on his palm. The other sighed.
"He wanted to know if I knew where you were... I think you might be in trouble too."
"Heh, great. Another reason for Hojo to throw me into a mako tank again...." He shivered.
"Well, he also wanted me to 'come to dinner' tonight. He's having some of the upper executives over and what not. Honestly, I wish he'd stop trying to pretend that we have a working family relationship. It's fucking pointless." Rufus plopped back down next to the older boy and stretched out, pushing the listening device aside and resting his head on his friend's knee.
"What time is it, Moo?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Just wondering."
Sephiroth looked up from his meal as he heard the door to his living quarters open and shut.
"Sephiroth, I need to speak with you...."Sephiroth turned and expected to see the professor with a solid frown etched into his heavily lined face, but was surprised to find him accompanied by two stern looking Turks.
"Professor, what do I owe the-
"These pictures were taken last night while you were off... gallivanting in public."
A pile of photos were placed next to his dinner plate. Sephiroth looked down at them and then glanced coldly at the two impassive Turks.
"I believe we both know what these pictures contain boy. We cannot afford to have you sneaking around off the premises and dallying with young men! While I honestly care nothing about your sexual preferences, I have no other solution as your parental figure and guardian, but to enact disciplinary actions upon you. As of tomorrow, you shall be enrolled in our Soldier training program and all civilian privileges are to be confiscated."
Sephiroth said nothing; his hands clenched at the photos tightly and he turned his enraged gaze towards their contents.
There! Clear as day, standing by a food vendor, were Rufus and he, laughing and holding drinks. Rufus' back was to the camera and Sephiroth's silver hued hair could be seen sneaking out of the dark green hoodie he was wearing.
Another one.
Both boys had their backs to the camera. Rufus was leaning up over an arcade game and Sephiroth, once again with his silver hair slipping past the confines of his hood, was leaning over the other, eagerly watching the game. Many more of the pictures were like this. They showed nothing to him except two kids having a fun time at the carnival. He looked up at the old man, slightly confused and highly offended. His thoughts ranged on berserker mode.
"Sexual preferences? Sir, these pictures show nothing out of the ordinary. I was socializing with a comrade. You've told me more than once that it is wise to interact with others!"
"That is enough! Whoever this 'friend' is, I strongly recommend that you cease any and all interactions with him. You are fast becoming an adult. Act like one."
Like clockwork, the professor turned on his heel and marched out the door, the ominous Turks fallowing suit, but not before one could add his own bit.
"Have your belongings packed and ready by seven thirty tomorrow morning."
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