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marry me

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ryan asks camryn to marry him :)

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ryan and i both called our parents to tell them the wonderful news. they were ecstatic of course. afterwards i called the doctor and they had an opening at 1. so i got ready and me and ryan went to the hospital. they confirmed that i was indeed pregnant. about 2 months along. they said in 2-3 months we'd be able to find out the sex of the baby. i couldn't wait. since we were on tour, they said i could just call the hospital in the town we were at and they would let us come in, appointment or not. we went back to the bus and i decided to take a nap. i only got a couple hours of sleep. i woke up to people talking really loudly. i put on some sweat pants and one of ryan's hoodies and went to see what was going on. "can't anyone take a freaking nap on this bus anymore" i asked, rubbing my eyes. "love you too sis" an all too familiar voice said. i opened my eyes..."DEREK!!" i ran to my twin and gave a big hug. "i didn't know when you were going to get here" "yeah after i talked to you we stayed another week then went home so i could unpack and wash stuff" derek said. "why don't you and derek go get some lunch or something. you know, to catch up and everything" ryan suggested. "are you trying to get rid of me ryan" i asked pouting. "maybe. maybe not" he said pushing me and derek out the door.

we decided to go see a movie. all the movies looked good but we finally chose TMNT. we had to be kids again at least for 2 hours :) me and him were the only two in there so we had a popcorn fight. i felt sorry for the people who had to clean up our mess. we stopped by dairy queen on the way back and i got a strawberry shortcake blizzard. as we walked back eating our ice-cream goodness, we told eachother about the past two months. he told me he took tons of pictures and that he'd get them developed later so i could see them. we finally got back to the bus and it was empty. "looks like everyone left" i said to derek turning around to find him gone. 'great, make me looke stupid, talking to myself' i thought. i walked on the bus and heard something coming from the back. i walked back there but i didn't see anything or anyone. i turned around and there was ryan. "oh geez ryan! give me a heart attack" i said grabbing my heart. "aww babe i didn't mean to" he said hugging me. "where's everyone at" i asked sitting on the couch. "they decided to go out to eat" he said sitting next to me. "and what about derek" "he went with them, duh" "ok, no need to get an attitude" i started to tickle him. "oh no fair camryn! you know i'm ticklish" he said squirming under my touch. "i know, that's why i'm doing it" he somehow got a hold of my arms and held them over my head with one arm while he stroked my sides with the other. "oh kinky. i like the way you think mr. ross" i said winking. "marry me." "what?" i asked shocked. he got off me and got on one knee. "i love you camryn. i want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. i want to have lots of babies with you. i want to grow old with you. will you marry me" he looked like he was gonna be sick. "uhh, umm...OF COURSE I WILL!" i said jumping on him and knocking him flat on his back. "i love you ryan ross. and there's no one else in the world i would rather be with. besides james dean but he's dead" i said laughing. "way to kill the moment cam" he said kissing me, leading to a huuuge make out session.

the others got back a couple of hours later. "what'd she say" brendon asked bounding onto the bus. i held my hand out and showed him the ring. "SHE SAID YES!!" he yelled to others as they got on the bus. "omg camryn, we gotta start planning a wedding!" kk screamed, grabbing mine and danny's hands and dragged us to her laptop. "i can't believe it. my baby sister is getting married and having a baby" pete said. "mom and dad always thought you would first" derek said, earning a punch from pete. "haha very funny little bro" with that, all the guys decided to play mario kart.

(later that night around 2)

"geez those guys just don't know when to stop" ryan said coming to bed. "are they still playing" i asked, snuggling into him. "yeah, they'll be at that for a while" he said putting his arms around me. "so i was thinking. i don't really want a big wedding. just close friends and family. and maybe we could have it towards the end of october. it's the end of july so that would give us about 3 months to plan it" i said, hoping he would say yes. "sure, whatever you want. as long as i get married to you, i don't care what we do" he kissed my lips and we went to sleep.

whoo! chapter 9 is done :)) what'd you think?
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