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Chapter Four

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Scarlet meets Asha for lunch at her work, and is introduced to Asha's newest employee

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Chapter Four
It was only a twenty-minute walk from Scarlet's house to the department store that Asha worked at. Scarlet walked almost everywhere, it gave her a chance to get some fresh air and be alone with her thoughts as well as giving her some form of exercise. She entered the department store and headed straight for the music section where she knew she would find Asha. When she approached the counter she couldn't see Asha, only a tall, skinny, shy looking boy with glasses who seemed to be completely immersed in the book he was reading, he was completely unaware of her presence.

"That's such a good book huh?" Scarlet said slightly raising her voice, making the guy jump about a foot.
"Uh what?" he asked trying to catch his breath.
"Trainspotting. It's a really good book." She repeated. He was cute and awkward and it made Scarlet smile. She remembered the times when she was that way.
"Oh yeah. I love it. I've read it so many times I've lost count. The movie is awesome too." He said softly with a smile.
"Yeah, one of the best movies of all time. I just think Irvine Walsh is a genius." Scarlet replied.
"Yeah, I'm a huge fan of all his stuff. So can I help you with something." He said as he carefully put his bookmark inside the page he was up to and closed the book, putting it down behind the counter.
"Oh yeah I was looking for..." Scarlet began before she was interrupted.
"SCARLET!!!!!!!! I thought you were gunna stand me up" Asha pouted as she came through the door behind the counter which lead to the storeroom.
"Yeah, well I was thinking about it." She laughed.
"As if! So I see you have met my latest victim!" Asha said as she threw her arm around the tall boy's shoulder.
"Scarlet this is Mikey. Mikey this is Scarlet." She motioned.
"Nice to meet you." Mikey said offering her his hand.
"Like wise." Scarlet replied taking his hand and shaking it.
"Alright, enough of that. I'm starving. I'll be back in an hour Mikey, Hold the fort while I'm gone." Asha said making her way around the other side of the counter, wallet in hand. She grabbed Scarlet's hand and began leading her to the exit of the store.
"Yeah right, Ash. An hour if you're lucky. Better make it two!" Scarlet said turning and calling out to Mikey.
Mikey merely chuckled a little and went back to reading his book.

"So how cute is Mikey huh?" Asha said with a mouth full of creamy pasta.
The pair had decided on stopping at a little Italian restaurant on the same street as the department store.
"Yeah he's not so bad. For a shy guy, he's not too hard to talk to. I guess he's just the type who has to warm up to people first." Scarlet said trying to twirl her avocado and fetta pasta around her fork unsuccessfully.
"Yeah. He's been with me for a week now and he's a freakin' whiz kid. He knows so much about music, more then even me and I've been the goddamn manager of that hole for like 3 years! And he has a killer taste in music to top it all off. We just sit and talk about and Morrissey, and The Misfits, and Iron Maiden, slipping in a bit of actual work here and there. He's a blast!" Asha said finishing up the last of her lunch.
"I guess we better get you back to the sweat shop" Scarlet smiled.
"Aren't you gunna finish that?" Asha said motioning towards the small amount of pasta left on Scarlet's plate.
"Nah. Not hungry." She replied.
"Ok, no probs." Asha replied as she wolfed down what was left of Scarlet's meal.
"How the fuck do you eat so much and not gain any weight??" Scarlet said pouting.
"It's called a fast metabolism honey. And thank god I've got one, otherwise I'd be a fucking fat cow by now." Asha replied as she linked arms with her best friend and they made their way back to the store.

As soon as Scarlet returned home, she got straight back into her Pjs and snuggled up on her couch in front of the TV in the living room ready for her afternoon of watching pointless shit on the screen. 3pm meant Doctor Phil, a show she actually enjoyed on the rare occasion. She ran to the back door to let in her dog Misfit, a huge male Great Dane, crossed with a Bull Mastif, before the show began. Misfit was the best dog in the world. He was huge and weighed more then Scarlet did but he was so loving and really dopey at times. He could be really bad sometimes, doing things he wasn't supposed to be doing like eating out of the trash can, but Scarlet and Asha could never stay mad at him for long. He had one of those really sad looking faces and when he was in trouble it looked even sadder, and cuter. The only bad thing about Misfit was that he didn't know his size. Asha and Scarlet swore that he just thought he was the size of a toy poodle when really he was the size of a small horse. He would always jump up on the girls' laps or sit on them, crushing them underneath his weight, but all in all, he was an awesome dog. Scarlet sat and watched the TV, with Misfit on her lap, for what seemed like only a little while (when in fact it had been four straight hours) until her viewing was interrupted by the sound of Asha getting home.
"Honey, I'm home!" she called from the front door giggling slightly. The rustling of shopping bags could be heard from the living room.
"You know, you have said that same fuckin' thing when you get home, everyday for like 2 years and yet you still find it amusing! You're unbelievable, ya know that?" Scarlet said rising from her comfy couch to help her best friend with the groceries.
"Yeah but you still love me!" Asha laughed setting down the numerous bags of groceries on the kitchen bench.
The two girls quickly put away the groceries and then made their way to the living room.

"So, do you mind if we have Mikey and his friends around tonight for some drinks? I just thought it would be nice so we can get to know each other outside of work too. Like I said, he's a cool kid." Asha asked plonking herself down on the couch and putting her feet up on the coffee table.
"That's cool, but I do mind you stealing my seat." Scarlet said with her hands on her hips.
"Oh sorry." Asha said looking at the screen. She didn't budge.
"Move Ash. I was sitting there and I was all comfy!" Scarlet pouted.
"Nah" Asha said casually, eyes locked on the screen.
"That's it!" Scarlet yelled picking up her pillow from underneath Asha. She began to beat her best friend with her pillow. She wanted her seat back and she was going to fight for it.
"Fuck off" Asha laughed trying to dodge Scarlet's blows.
"Get up!" Scarlet yelled continuing to beat Asha over the head.
The beating continued for another good 2 minutes before Asha finally got up.
"Fine! Have your stupid fucking seat back! I'm going for a shower. Mikey and his friends will be here in an hour!" Asha said running up the stairs and into their only bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it behind her.
"YOU BITCH!" Scarlet screamed up the stairs at Asha before throwing herself on the couch and sulking. Asha took really long showers.

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