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**So, the last chapter was short in a sense...But, yeah, I'd like to thank...SAFEFROMROBOTSDAMN for HER INPUT. Without her, I WOULDN'T be FINISHING this story....well, yeah I would but she reviewed all of them, and it made me really happy to hear from a person who reads them all....Thanks so much....GIRL I LOVE YOU!!! lol...Read...

Bella sat there, looking at a very sad Frank...It was no lie that she fell inlove with him. He's been so sweet and caring towards her, and that's what wins a girls heart. Mikey looked between the two. "What's wrong Frank?" Frank looked up and shook his head. "Nothing...I'm just....tired." Mikey looked at Bella and saw that she was sorta sad too....

Bella's POV

What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Being inlove with two people isn't easy. But when they both live in the same area as you, its even tougher....I sighed and moved over to Gerard. If I couldn't think on my own, he was always there to help me.."Gee..." He looked at me and for some odd reason, I blushed. I NEVER do that around Gerard... "What's wrong Dollface?" I looked down to avoid his gaze. "What do I do? I mean...Frank...Mikey?" He tilted my chin to look up at him. His eyes, they...OMG, NOT HIM TOO!!! What's wrong with me???!!? All too soon he leaned down to kiss me...I pulled away and...I was on the floor. The floor? I opened my eyes and looked around. Sure enough, I was on the floor, confused...The sun was shining bright and I sighed. I was dreaming...damn. But it felt so real. Just as I was about to move, Mikey ran into the room. "Bella, are you ok?" I nodded. "Yeah, why?" He looked at me, and I noticed he was blushing. "You sorta fainted....after....I..we..." My eyes widened as he spoke. "It was real? We..?" He nodded and I smiled sweetly. "I guess I was a bit overwhelmed. hahaha....hmmm..." He laughed at my laugh and pulled me up. "I'm sorry. Uh, you should go into the living room. Frank's about to have a fit." I nodded and we walked in there. Alice was still foaming at the mouth, and everyone was right where I left them. Frank looked at me and smiled. "Your ok now!! Yay!" I laughed and he pulled me into his lap, sqeezing the life out of me. "FRANK!! Lemme go!!" He laughed harder and dropped me to the floor....I guess your wondering what happened to the sweet affectionate Frank huh? Well, I talked to him for once...Yeah, we talked..He knows that I still love Mikey, and he doesn't want to confuse me any more than I did him...So, we're just friends now...sadly....But, I get a bunk all to myself!! lol.. I looked up at him and I could see nothing short of love. Why does he love me so much? I blushed and looked away. Frank will always be in my heart, even if things do work out...

Mikey's POV...

I looked at her. Her eyes we're shining just like they always do. Then, I looked at Alice. She was still pissed at me, I knew that...but, she's just been...bitchy. I sighed and leaned my head back, waiting for sleep to over take me again, but..sadly it didn't. After a few hrs, we pulled to a stop. Arabella seemed to be beaming. "I'll see you guys later." Everyone, including me, excluding Alice, froze. Gerard cleared his throat. "Your not gonna run again are you?" She smiled sweetly and shook her head. "I'm not gonna run. I'll see you there." I spoke. "That's what you told me.." I watched as her toothy grin softened a little bit. "Don't worry." She then turned and left, the doors closing behind her and us driving away. Frank looked at me. "Uh, Mikey, we need to talk." I nodded and we walked into the bunk room. He locked the door and we sat on oppisite bunks. "What man?" He sighed and looked down. "Don't break her ok?" I looked confused and he gave me his famous smirk."I kinda told Gerard what to do earlier. Just...don't break her." I smiled and nodded my head. "I wont." He sighed again and looked ahead. "Its weird. I'm inlove with her, but, you guys fit better than we ever could. And, I'm not mad..." I looked at him and noticed that his eyes were tearing up. "Frank...If it'll make you even happier, you can have her. I don't...I don't want to take her away from you." He smiled and blinked back the water. "No, take care of her." I wathced as he smiled at me. "I know you'll do what's best man." Then he up and left. I sat there for a moment before going and sitting back in the living area.....

3rd POV

After a few more hrs, they were all together. Arabella was sitting on one of the many amps, taking to Gerard. "Geee.." He looked at her and messed with his hair a little. "Yeah Dollface?" She smiled and pulled him into a hug. "Thanks.." He smiled and hugged her back. "Anything for my Doll.." He pulled back and mussed up her hair. She giggled and jumped off. He handed her the mic and smiled. "I need you to hold this and say that I'm the best.." She narrowed her eyes and growled. "Why?" He smiled slyly and tackled her to the floor. She was laughing so hard and the other guys stopped what they were doing to look at them. Then Ray jumped in. "I'll save you!!" He did a superman pose and ran to her with his arms stretched out infront of him, making her laugh harder. He tried to pull Gerard off her, but ended up helping. Mikey unstrapped his guitar and jumped from a small ledge. "HARK! A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!! I'LL SAVE YOU MA'AM!!" He jumped on Ray's back and started beating him like a girl. He spoke in a high pitched voice as he softly, and playfully hit Ray in the back of his head. 'GET...OFF...OF ....HER!! I'll SMITE you!!" Ray laughed and ended up on the floor with Mikey sitting on him, triumphant smile and all. Bob, and Frank decided to join in. Frank held her feet and Bob tried to wrestle Mikey off of Ray. Bob spoke clearly. "I'm Super Evil Villin....Bob! I'LL SAVE YOU RAY!!!" Ray laughed and shook his head. "I'm a good guy remember?" Bob thought for moment and looked at them. "Then why is he sitting on you?" They shurgged and began playing around again. Frank was tickeling her now bare feet. "Say it!!! She shook her head and Frank tickeled her more. Gerard did the same.Arabella put the mic up to her mouth and laughed harder. Her laughed eckoed around the room, making everyone pause for a moment. She smiled sweetly, looking at Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Bob and Ray softly. "You guys are the best." They looked at her and Gerard helped her up. "That's what I thought. You are now, offically, MY BIOTCH!" She laughed hard, and held he sides. "mmmm. sides are starting to hurt." He nodded and everyone stood up. She jumped on Ray's back and kissed his cheek. "I LOVE YOU RAY!!" He spun around and she squealed happily. "I LOVE YOU TO BELLA!!" She got pulled off by Bob who spun her around like a ballerina. "I love you Ara.." She smiled as he dipped her. "I love you too Bob." Frank scratched the back of his head and hugged her tightly, then picked her up bridal style. "I love you Bella, I really..." She put a finger to his lips and smiled sweetly. "I love you too Frank. Always will." He nodded and kissed her forehead as he set her back down. Gerard pulled a cigg from his mouth. "I loves you Dollface. Now, look here... " She giggled and snatched his cig. "I love you too. NO SMOKING IN THE BUILDING!!" They laughed and she bumped into Mikey. He whispered low so Alice wouldn't hear. "I love you Arabella.." She blushed and looked down. "Ditto." He watched as she walked away and put out Gerard's cigg.

Later, when the concert was about to start, Mikey pulled Alice away from the guys. "We need to talk." She looked at him intenly and sighed. "About what?" He sighed and looked down. "We don't belong together...I want to break up with you.." Alice looked at him, shocked. "What? Oh, no, your not breaking up with me..!" Mikey smiled and put a hand to her shoulder. "Yes..I...Am.. And, I'm sorry. You can stay for the concert. But, right after, there should be a taxi waiting outside to take you to the airport.." She went to hit him, but too many people were watching, so she just walked off. Mikey walked on stage and the concert started. During the concert, Mikey looked over and saw that both Bella and Alice were watching him carefully. Then, there was a small break. Mikey took the time to unstrap his guitar, run, and snatch the mic away from Gerard. Gerard and the guys looked at him confused. He smiled and walked up to the front of the stage. "Hey everyone, you've been a wonderful group tonight." The crowd went wild and he laughed a little bit. "Well, your all probably wondering why I'm doing this.." They all went crazy again. "You see, the thing is, there's this girl, that just went on tour with us, and I've known her for a while now. We went to school together." He looked over and saw that Alice's eyes were hopeful, and Bella's eyes, seemed, sad. "I was too shy to talk to her in school, and now seems like the right time to do it...So, enjoy." Just then, all the lights completely shut off, and the crowd was hushed. The screen that was behind them, was the only source of light, and it began to get brighter. Just then, a smile with two missing front teeth could be seen. Bella's eyes went wide as everyone saw a picture of the two of them,when they were younger. It was a small slide show. There were pictures of them growing up. One of them when they were 10, and playing in the dirt, one of when they both started highschool, prom pictures, and lastly the one of her on the front of a Magizine cover. "She grew up and moved away right after prom, and I never saw her again. I couldn't tell her how much I was inlove with her. It wasn't until recently that I found we were getiting a model to tour with us, and little did I knw, that my best friend would be that model. the greatest, and sweetest person that I've ever known. But, I know her as Bella, the girl that stole my heart away. Bella, can you come out here please?" Bella shook her head and the crowd looked on the stage a bit confused. "It looks like she needs a bit of help. Guys?" The crowd went wild as the guys picked her up and placed her infront of him. "Thanks.." They walked off and she looked at him. "Arabella, will you go steady with me?" She laughed and nodded her head. He put his arms around her and kissed her lips softly. In the background on the screen was the picture they did at the photo shoot. The crowd couldn't get any crazier.....

**OMG, they go out now, but, will the story end here? NOPE!!. I've got....plans for these two. It took them 10 chapters to get together!! So, stay tuned..for another chapter of, MEND MY BROKEN HEART...oh, and please review!! Thanks!
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