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Romance Part 2

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**It's taken me forever to think. Stupid writers block!! Anyway, its spring break and....yeah, I've got the juices flowing!! LOL, ok, read on!!

After the concert, Mikey saw that Alice, was gone. Bella looked at him sadly. "What's wrong?" She shook her head and smiled. "I feel bad, I mean, the thing with you and Alice, then, the thing with me and Frank..." He took her hand and pulled her in close. "I broke up with Alice before the concert started. And, Frank told me not to break you." She looked at him wide eyed. "What?" He smiled and smoothed her hair from her face. "Arabella, Frank wants whats best, and Alice is a bitch. I love you ok?" She smiled sweetly and he kissed her lips softly. Gerard patted him on the back. "This is great!! Its about damn time!" Bella laughed and they all piled on the bus. Mikey looked at her and they sat on the sofa. She leaned into him and put her nose to his neck. "Perfect fit." He nodded and felt as she sighed happily. "I was thinking, and we're gonna sleep in your bunk. Mine is...sorta messy." She laughed a little bit and nodded. "Ok, that sounds reasonable." Mikey laughed as she yawned softly and put his arms around her. Frank looked at the two of them. "Hmm...It looks like your both perfect for eachother.." Bella opened her eyes and looked at him sweetly. "Hmmmm.. I do believe your right sir." They laughed and Mikey noticed all the dimples in her face.He reached out nad touched them all, causing her to blush. She looked at him, soft smile playing on her face. "What? What's on my face?" He shook his head and just, smiled at her. "Nothing, your face is beautiful. You don't know how long, and how many times I wanted to do this." She giggled and placed her hand on top of his. "You don't know how many times I wanted you to touch me."

*Mikey's POV*

The way she looked at me sent me overboard. I couldn't put my finger on it, but, it was special. All too soon, she put her head back on my shoulder and wiggled closer to it. Frank was right, perfect fit. Ray looked at me and threw a pillow at us. "I hate to say this, but, that was really sweet of you today Mikey. Bella deserved it." I couldn't help but laugh. "That was so gay Ray." He laughed at me too and shook his head. "You know what I mean. She has been waiting years for you." I could feel her heart race a little faster against my body and I instinctively pulled her in closer. Bob spoke too. "Yeah, I have to go with Ray on that one. Its kinda rare to find a girl that loves you that much." Bella giggled and looked up at me, biting her lower lip. "I would have waited forever on Mikey." She smiled sweetly and I couldn't help but kiss her lips. They were so damn inviting....!!! I pulled back and noticed that she was looking at me intently. Gerard placed his ass next to me and took me around the shoulders. "Well, I think Mikey here finally grew balls. I mean, it's been since high school, and he's just now telling her they need to go steady." I felt as the blood rushed to my face, and as Bella leaned over and hit Gerard. "Hey! I thought it was Romantic! He had to make up for lost time!" Gerard laughed and messed up her hair. "Hey, I was just kidding. No need to kick my ass for it Doll Face." She giggled and settled back down close to my body. She was so.....unique... Frank looked at us and then at Bella, lastly landing his eyes on me. "I'll be completely honest with you Mikey." Everyone in the room looked at us. "If you hurt her, I'll be on you like white on rice ok?" I nodded and laughed as he spread out in a grin. Bella giggled too and found a way to put her arms around me. We just mostly sat there, talking about he past and everything's that basically happened that night.

*Third Person POV*

They got settled in, and Gerard put in a movie. Mikey and Bella laid out on the sofa. Her head softly laying on his chest and his head resting on top of hers. Gerard sat in another chair, while bob took over the recliner and Frank and Ray sprawled out on the floor. Who knew that in the short time they all spent together, they would be sitting right there, just like always, way back when? Who knew that things, never really changed between the 6 of them.

*Bella's POV*

I laid on Mikey,and felt...amazing. When we all talked, I could just hear the soft beating of his heart, and feel his arms hold me securely, like he never wanted to let me go. It took me years to finally be where I am today. Laying beside Mikey, with him knowing how I felt about him, and him showing that he felt the same way. I snuggled closer to his chest and breathed in deeply. He smelled of Axe, (which ever you like, and if its not Axe, then something you like a guy wearing.) and faintly of me...Again, I could hear his heart beat, and it was beating a little faster than usual. I looked up at him and saw his gorgeous eyes looking back at me. I could feel the blood slowly creeping up to my face. "What?" He smiled and tiltled his head to the side a little bit. "Nothing. You just smell like flowers. I like it. I..." He was at a loss for words, and I found that so cute. His face turned a bright red as I gave him a soft giggle. "Awe, thanks Mikes." I leaned up a little and kissed his lips softly. His free hand found my arm and helped me up a little. I felt as the shivers found its way up my body and pulled back. He had this effect on me that sent me spinning into a new world. I was so inlove with this guy. And by the smile he was giving me, I think he knew it too. The Romance between us, was just beginning....

**Hey, sorry it took so long. I was having a small relationship problem of my own and me and my bf split. I didn't think it was good for me to write with a broken heart so, I took a break. If I would've wrote the rest of this, everyone would have died horribly in a car crash and burn in the flames slowly before the bus actually exploded....But, its ok now!! Me and my Bf are back together and it'll be our 1 yr ann, June 13th... We're getting married and I'm almost a month Pregnant. Yeah, talk about mood swings, LOL, anyway, the story's not over yet. READ ON!!! the next chapter....And, PLEASE REVIEW!! thanks!!
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