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7th track.

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Chapter Seven: Money:

Friday floated in warmly. Everybody was busy getting ready for the spring festival. So far, I was reasonably stable. No voices, no hallucinations, no out-of-body experiences. So far, all was normal. But I didn't get my hopes up. These moments were like accidents. They were all just unpredictable.

To keep it off my mind, I kept myself active for most on the day. I arranged the flowers, Set up the games, put up the decorations, I even helped out in the kitchen. As I worked hard, I noticed something interesting. I wasn't worried about losing it again. In fact, I was my normal eccentric upbeat self. But for how long?

Tonight was the real test. The campus was packed with festival people. Fireworks were going off like bombs. Music was blaring loudly. I was working in the udon booth. The snobs placed me here at my request. I figured if I could be occupied, I'd manage. Soon, that would be a challenge in itself.

I was fine at first. Then the rush picked up. So did my "universal mind" as Seb called it.

First customer was a girl about nine or ten years old. No problems so far. She only wanted tempera udon. I gave the cook her order and waited to deliver her food. Whe she had her meal, the real trouble began. Eric, the guy at the cash register, rang up the girl's meal. All would have been fine if that sound hadn't lingered heavily in my ears. I tried to ignore it but the next customer arrived.

Soon, the sounds of money kept jingling in my head. Business or not. That only meant one thing. I had to get away quickly. But where to? I looked around quickly. At last, I saw the Tiger Building in the distance. An escape. Now to get away.

"Uh Eric," I spoke up. He turned to me lightly. "Yeah, Noiz," he spoke up. I tried to stand up without falling down. "I don't feel too well," I said softly. "I'm going to get rest in the Tiger Building. Can you get someone else to cover for me?" "Sure." Eric replied. I smiled in relief. "Cheers man." I said softly. Then, I quickly walked away.

Every step I took the sounds of money grew louder and louder. My head began to ache again. Thoughts of greed and wealth flooded my mind. I tried to speed but to no avail. My legs were too weak.

I made it to the heavy hunter green doors of the Tiger Building. With my remaining strength, I managed to push the doors open wide. A cool breeze greeted me with open arms. But it didn't help me this time. I didn't even feel a thing. It was as if my brain was disconnected from my body. I was there, but then I wasn't. It all seemed fake.

I walked in as if I was in a dream. I couldn't even feel the floor under my feet. I seemed to be walking on clouds. People were everywhere. Even though my vision was blurry, I knew they were there.

I had to force myself to keep going. I was in a "universal" limbo. Too out it to focus, too level to lose it. But the storm was on its way. I can feel it.

I finally made it to the girl's bathroom. I turned the faucet on high. I used the remainder of my strength to slide my wrist under the running water. Relief came moments later. I still heard money in my head but it wasn't as bad as before.

I stood to my feet and stared hard in the mirror. So far, I had won the first battle but how many more before the night was over? How many more before this kitty broke down? Is there any end to this mind war? Of will it go on forever?

Damn, this dress is too tight on me. But then again, security is good. But.... Damn, I'm hot again. I splashed more water on my face and wrists. The relief was slow to arrive.

I figured I'd try to stay inside near the open window. My only problem was that the Tiger building was packed! I had to fight my way through the crowd just to leave the bathroom. Once that was finished, I looked around for a spare wall. I had to stand on my tiptoes to get a better view around the room. At last, I saw an available open window. But with relief came the sounds of money came louder and violently. The pain in my head picked up again. I had to move fast or the worst would hold me hostage. I battle my way through the vigorous crowd to save myself. The pounding music wasn't helping either. Pain kept beating against every nerve in my small body. I felt like a pincushion being stabbed with pins repeatedly. My steps became heavier and heavier. My legs felt like wet paper. But my feet felt like blocks of lead. I don't even think I was even moving anymore. My limbs were as stiff as a board. But I had to have been because I found myself inches away from the open window. I leaned against the wall next to it like a rag doll roughly handled by hyperactive children.

The sounds in my head had increased for the worse. The outside sounds seemed muzzled as if my ears were stopped up during flu season. Only the sounds in my head were loud and sharp. My palms felt hot again. Damn, I knew I should have brought some cold water with me!

My vision was watery but I could see a little bit. People were acting causally. I wondered how Eric was doing at the udon booth. I felt like a ship in a rough storm. I couldn't even stand up straight anymore. My breath even became heavy.

I looked and thought I saw Lus Gilbert in the distance. I battled my pain to get a better look. It was Lus! I didn't dare to move from my place. My body felt heavy already and I didn't want to worry her with my problems. She's got enough on her plate with that controlling bastard boyfriend of hers. I don't know with it is with that girl. She is stupid to stay with him. I just want to give her a painless yet much needed smack.

I kept watching Lus in silent pain. Then, I noticed something peculiar. She was talking to another guy. Concern managed to push its way through my pain to my head. Dodge, Lus's beau, won't let her even look at another man. Had things gotten so worse that she's thinking about defying Dodge at last? This can't be good.

Then, it started up again. This time, more cruel and violently than before. Money and that damn cash register made me visit new levels of pain I never dreamed of. I wanted to scream but couldn't. My voice was lost yet again. I felt as if someone was crushing the life out of me. The money sounds grew louder and louder. Psychotic laughter joined in my head. I was too stiff to move. I became dizzy again. Then, they came again. Those evil voices. They kept echoing heartlessly. This time, they were talking about the last time they were violent. They all said that they when perfectly in the right. I didn't know how much I could bear any longer. I couldn't even breathe. This force was choking me that badly.

But then, a saint rescued me just in time. I was inches from the pit of a breakdown when I felt something vibrating against my right thigh. It slowly drew me back to life. I looked down and drew out my black and pink cell phone from my thigh phone carrier. I whipped it around quickly. There was a text message for me. My vision was still watery. I couldn't see the screen but I got the message quickly. Here's what it read:

You want to get out of here?

I stared at it. Finally, a way out of this raven sea of misery. I didn't care if it was a trap or not. I just wanted relief. So I typed in for a reply:

Yes please!!!

I hit reply quickly. This is what I received:

Meet me on the roof.

That was it then. The night air would by my solution. So I exited the message and put my phone back into my carrier sash. I had to fight my way through the festival crowd with the remainder of my strength. I was nearly washed away by the sea of people. But I hung on, I had to. My mind and body depended on it.

I finally made it to the stairs. I felt dizzy all over again. The voices had picked up in volume in my head. I had to force myself to keep moving or I would be screwed. Time felt as if it was dragging. I wasn't even sure if I was moving again. My legs were stiff and heavy. I was being dragged back into an inescapable breakdown.
At long last, I made it to the door to the roof. I must have climbed four or five flights of stairs to get here. But that didn't matter anymore. I was here now. My hand rested on the cold heavy door before me. I shut my eyes and pushed the door open with the declining remainder of my strength.

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