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Stupid phone and stupid mikey wikey !!

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The phone wont stut up will they let Remi smash it with a lamp??

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Gee's Pov (Gerard Arthur Way)
Where the fuck is my phone? I yelled. It was after the concert and I had just got back to the tour bus after searching most of the concert hall for my mobile. Maybe one of my band members had it. I thought for a minuet.
HOBBIT, I yelled
Stop calling me that, I heard Frankie's voice call from his bunk. I walked over and pulled back the curtains to find Frankie playing on his Nintendo.
Frankie where did you put my phone?
What I haven't touched your phone, he moaned ,this evening, I heard him mutter under his breath.
Sure you haven't
I haven't
Pinkie swear.
Pinkie swear!!
Fine have you seen it around?
Nope soz mate
Where has it gone? I asked myself. I sighed and walked off to find the others. I found them on the play station playing a racing game. Mikey and Ray where playing and Bob was watching and laughing at Ray's swearing. Mikey was winning by about 10 laps.
Guys, I asked no one paid the slightest bit of attention to me.
Guys, still no answer
GUYS, they all jumped and looked around.
What? They all asked at the same time.
Have any of you people seen my phone?
Are you sure
YES GEE, they all yelled
Fine I was only asking I said quietly. I slowly walked out and started searching the bus.

Hours later

Everybody had gone to bed except me and Mikey we were watching a film but I was to worried about my phone to pay attention. What if it had been stolen by a crazed fan it had all the band members' numbers on and my families and other celebrities.
Bugger, I said out loud
Mikey looked up at me.
Still worried about your phone? He asked looking concerned
Yeah what if its been stolen its got loads of numbers and stuff on that shouldn't be displayed to the public.
Mikey laughed.
OO gee have you got any naughty pics on it?
I laughed
Urm no I don't think so, but I let Pete Wentz borrow it so you never no.
We both laughed remembering what happened with Pete.
He was really stupid.
You can say that again
We sat there for a while until Mikey yelled.
I HAVE AN IDEA, I jumped
Is it to give me a heart attack because it worked.
Mikey grinned "it wasn't but that is a good idea.
Shut it
So tell me you amazing idea.
Well you ring your phone and see if we can hear it and if not then we are screwed! He said in one breath
Ok can I use your phone then?
NO use your own
I looked at him my eyebrows raised it took him about a minuet for him to figure out that I didn't have my phone.
OOO right here you go. He handed me his phone and I quickly rang my phone.
We listened out for "what I've done" the new linkin park song but we heard nothing.
OH FUCK I yelled, its not here.
Sorry mate Mikey said patting my shoulder and then he went to bed.
I stayed up and rang my phone over an over again.

Kitty's Pov (listen to this song ) I woke to my friends voices and the tune of linkin parks new song "what I've done"
I heard Emma say.
Damn the phone wont shut up how long has it been ringing for.
I don't know but I am in the mood to smash it. I heard remi's voice say.
Kitty's so lucky she sleeps through everything, Charlie moaned
Guys I need to pee!!
Oh for god sake amsy GO TO THE LOO THEN they all said together I heard amsy get up and the door close to my bathroom. The tune then stopped and I heard everyone hold there breath.
Is it finished, Charlie said barely moving her lips
I think so, Emma whispered
And then the tune started again.
I decided to get up I sat up and my three friends looked over at me.
What's happening, I said while yawning so it ended up sounding more like whaaahapin but they understood.
The phone won't stop ringing I swear I am going to shot someone soon, remi wined
Same, Emma and Charlie said in unison
Amsy soon came back in smiling.
Hey kitty did the evil phone of doom wake you up?
Stop calling it that!! Emma moaned yawning
Yep it woke me but I do like this song.
Not if you've heard it over 50 times. Charlie stated
You've been counting I said raising my eyebrows
No...Maybe....Sort of, she said stumbling
We all started laughing and then the phone stopped ...........and then started again we all had to grab remi to prevent her from smashing it with a lamp.
Should we answer it, I asked
We didn't because we thought you should be with us and decide.
Do you guys want to answer it?
Kind of but we don't know who could be on the other end we already called that number that prevents tracking of the phone but should we answer it.
I don't think you should, amsy squeaked
We all looked at her
Why? I asked
Because .....Because.......the person on the other end could be a SEWER DWELLING HOBO she screamed and jumped under the covers.
We all looked at each other and burst out laughing as the phone stopped ...........and started again.
OH FOR FUCK SAKE, remi screamed she lunged at the phone and started biting it.
We all laughed again and I took the phone off remi. I looked at who was calling the screen read "Mikey Wikey"
Who the fuck is Mikey Wikey?
Everyone started laughing.
What? Charlie said coming up to me and looking over my shoulder.
HAHA it really says Mikey Wikey who would call their son that if my mum called me that I would have disowned them. She said still laughing
Maybe it's a nick name his name is probably Mikey or Mike.
Did somebody say Mikey said remi running up to us.
So is his brother, I said grinning and soon me and remi were talking non stop about the Way brothers.
FOCUS GIRLS, Emma yelled sounding a lot like our GAY chemistry teacher Mrs Creswell (kill her)
We all started laughing, as the phone went off again remi's eye twitched.
I then grabbed it and walked into the sitting room and shoved it under the sofa where the sound was muffled I walked back in the room to cheering. I smiled and waved.............and I then tripped over a pillow. The cheering turned to laughter as I got up cursing. I glared at them all and got into my bed they all laid down and I turned off the light I looked at the clock it read 3am.God Mikey Wikey is a very persistent caller I said to my friends as we faintly heard the phone go off again.
Stupid bloody phone, remi said sleepily
Stupid Mikey Wikey, I corrected her
Gay person great name Mikey I wonder if Mikey or Gerard are thinking about us now? Remi said thinking.
Remi I don't want to burst your bubble but neither Gerard nor Mikey are thinking about us at this very moment.

Oh how wrong kitty was. As Gerard cursed his phone. He thought about who had stolen his phone and what they were doing at that moment in time. And as Mikey lay awake in bed listening to his brother ring his phone again and again. . He thought about who had stolen his brother's phone and what they were doing at that moment in time.

As I lay in bed I thought about how cool it would be if Gerard was thinking about me right now. I slowly drifted off to sleep with Chester Bennington singing the chorus of his bands song "what I've done."

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