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Chapter 03

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Who's this mystery guy Frank likes?

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You did this to me. You caused me to do this. But in a way I'm thankful. Now I know how to get rid of my pain. And oh boy, it's a great way.
Watching your blood run out of your arm, it's relaxing really. The way it runs so smoothly, and it slowly oozes out. Then the way you start to feel lightheaded, and how nothing left in the world really matters anymore. Like it's all just one big blur.

Frank got out of bed and went down to the kitchen, grabbing and unopened bottle of vodka, a new jar of peanut butter and a spoon. He walked into the living room and turned the TV on, the VCR read that it ws 6:26 am.

He sat there watching re runs of Friends, drinking and eating spoonfuls of peanut butter, crying and laughing at the same time.

By the time it was 9 o'clock Frank had drunk the bottle of vodka, two cans of beer and half a bottle of Jacks and eater 2 jars of peanut butter. It was fair to say that Frank was off his face. His vision was blurry through tears and his drunken state that he didn't even see Gerard leaning on the door frame, watching him drink away his sorrows.
"Frank?" Gerard wispered, walking into the room. Frank looked up and his eyes went wide.
"Y-yes?" He chocked out.
"Why are you doing this to yourself?" Gerard asked, upset that Frank would even think to try and drown all hi problems with alcohol. He knew what it did to Gerard. "You know what it did to me Frank. It ruined my life." Gerard said calmly.
Frank just looked up at Gerard as tears poured out or his eyes and down his cheeks.
"I-I-I can't say"
"Why not Frankie? You can tell me anything. You know that" Gerard placed his hands on Franks knee, rubbing it.
"N-not this Gerard. Not this."
"Okay, you're not going to tell me. But can we at least get you cleaned up? You look a mess"
"Mmhm." Gerard hoisted Frank up from the sofa and Frank stumbled a bit due to the state he was in. Gerard had to guide him to the bathroom so he could wash his face.
While Frank was in the bathroom, probably puking his guts up now, Gerard went back to tidy up the empty cans and bottles.
'Jesus Frank, you know what this shit did to me. Why would you put yourself at risk? Fucking hell Frank' Gerard thought to himself as he picked up Franks mess.

Half an hour later Frank came stumbling back out of the bathroom, wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his hoodie.
"Sit down Frank" Gerard said, gesturing towards the sofa. "Now, we're going to a party tonight. If I had my was we wouldn't be going after seeing you like this. But I had already said yes so we kinda have to now."
Frank just nodded and started playing with his thumbs "I'm sorry Gerard" He slurred.
"It's okay Frankie, but you know what this shit can do to you. You've seen what it did to me."
"I'm sorry."
"You want some coffee?"
"Please" Frank grumbled.

When Gerard returned with their coffee, Frank immediately took a big gulp, allowing the steemy liquid to soothe his raw throat from crying.
The two of them sat there in silence as they both drank their coffees, once they had both finished Gerard stood up from the sofa and took his and Franks mug into the kitchen to be washed.

"C'mon Frank, we're going out for lunch." Gerard proposed and went of to get his jacket and wallet.

"Car or walk?" Gerard asked as they stepped out of their appartment.
"Walk" Frank replied.
"Sure thing."
The two of them set off into town, only making small talk on the way there.

They reached a small diner on the edge of their town and sat down at one of the boothes. Almost immediately a waitress in a bright red apron can over to them
"What can I get you?" She asked in an annoyed voice.
"I'll have a burged and fries with a coke please" Gerard said to the waitress
"Same, but a veggie burger instead" Frank grumbled.
With their orders in mind the grouchy waitress walked back over to the kitchen to give the chef their orders.
"What a bitch" Gerard mumbled to himself, then looked up at Frank. "So Frank, how are you? Wait, that was a stupid question.."
"Gee, I think you know I'm not doing so good. I think we both know that I'm an emotional wreck right now."
"Why Frankie? I'm worried"
"You really want to know?" Frank asked.
Gerard nodded and said "Of course."
"I'm in love." Those three words crushed Gerard. Frank was in love. His best friend. The love of his life, was in love. And he was straight.
"I-I see" Gerard replied, trying so hard not to let his tears flow "Who is it?"
"That I love?" Frank asked "Can't say."
"Well whoever she is is an idiot for not feeling the same way with such an amazing guy" He was shocked at how anyone could not love Frank. It was insane! The boy was fucking stunning, and he was the kindest person you would ever meet. Everything about him made Gerard smile.
"It's not a she, Gerard"
"What? You mean- You mean you're-"
"Gay?" Frank sighed "Yes, shocking isn't it?"
"Well, yeah. Just a little. I never really expected it."
"OF COURSE IT'S NOT WHAT YOU EXPECTED!" Frank shrieked, rising from his chair and gainding attention from the rest of the diner "WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT FRANK FUCKING IERO WOULD BE A FAG? AND FOLLOW IN GERARD FUCKING WAY'S FOOTSTEPS IN HOMO-FUCKING-SEXUALITY. HIH? NOT ME!" He slumped back down and immediately burst into tears.
"Shh, Shh, Hey now Frankie. It's okay" Gerard said, scooting over to Frank and resting his arm around his shoulder, hugging him.
"I'm scared though Gerard." Frank wimpered.
"I know, I was too. But it's exactly the same as being straight in the end. Appart from the sexual preferences.."
"Tell me about him. What's he like?" Gerard really didn't want to know. He didn't want to know how much better this guy was than him. He didn't want to know that Frank was in love with some other man.
"O-okay" Frank sniffed. "Well, he's got the most amazing eyes, you could get lost in them, and his nose, his cute little nose. His lips are perfect, slightly chapped, but perfect none the less. And he's the most caring man ever.."
Gerard sat there for hours listening to Frank ramble on about how great this man was. Their food had been and gone, but the only thing worth Gerard putting up with Frank talk about this man, was the was his eyes lit up as he talked about him, and how he smiled.

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