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A Present

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Troy gets a present too.

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"But I want to go with you!" Cassidy yelled at Troy as he grabbed his keys to go and get the cake for tonight's mini-birthday party for Gabriella.

"But I thought you wanted to help Mommy cook dinner? Remember when you said you would give up those three pieces of cake just to help with the sauce?" Gotta love her, Troy smiled she sat on the stool debating on whether to stay with her beautiful mother who was stirring the sauce in the kitchen or with her father, on his way to pick up her masterpiece.

"Not anymore Daddy. I wanna go Uncle Zeke's!" Cassidy said, as Gabriella picked her up from the stool and set her on the ground to run to Troy. "Is that okay Mommy?" she turned back and gave her a huge smile that Gabriella was still trying to figure out who she got it from.

"It's okay, just hurry because Mommy wants her cake."

"Okie," Cassidy smiled more and headed towards the door again.

Troy spun back around to catch her in time. "Ten minutes, okay?" He called out to his wife.

"Got it. Love you."

"Love you too," he called back out as he opened the door and his daughter literally pulled him out.


Cassidy yelped as her Uncle Chad came at her playfully. Gabriella was always surprised at her daughter's relationship with him. She never expected him to be so protective of her but she was glad. And she knew if anything happened to either her or Troy, God forbid, that Cassidy would be in the best care with Chad and Taylor. Watching Troy chuckle at them and leap for safe ground on the sofa, Gabriella cut off a piece of cake and joined them and Taylor in the family room.

"This is was you get for giving her those three pieces of cake," Gabriella pointed out, taking a bite of the most perfect ice cream cake from Zeke. "Good luck putting her to bed."

"Oh, thanks, and I only gave her one," Troy said defensively, "Zeke gave her a sample."

"And guess who gave her the third?" Taylor pointed to her newlywed husband on the floor in front of the coffee table who had Cassidy pinned down and was tickling her. "Hey Chad, quit it," Taylor pushed him with her foot, "you're gonna make her sick."

Chad looked up to them and smiled big and it was then that Gabriella put two and two together. "That's where she gets it!" She exclaimed. "I knew that smile wasn't from Troy."

"Are you saying I'm not charming?" Troy teased, pulling an arm around his wife and smiling down at her.

"No comment," she joked, making them all laugh out loud while taking another bite of Cassidy's masterpiece.

"Mommy, can I swing?" the three-year old smiled up again at her, showing all her pearly whites that she had. The smile may have come from Chad, but that charm and knowing how to get what she wanted, definitely came from Troy. Looking over to Troy for help, he held up his hands and left it up to her.

"Only if you can get Uncle Chad to go with you," Gabriella instructed, glancing at Taylor.

"I'll go with you too, Cassie," Taylor jumped up out of her sear and dragged both the little girl and her husband outside to the backyard of their suburban Albuquerque home.

"Well, that was odd."

"Yea," Gabriella stopped in before gearing up to tell her husband of six years that he was going to be a father again. "Hey Troy," she called him, shifting herself on the couch to look at him.

"Yes, birthday girl," Troy answered, his arm coming out from behind her and clasping her hand in his.

"What would you do if I got you something on my birthday?"

"What? Why would you get me something on your birthday?"

"I got you something," she said as his confused look went away.

"Why? I mean, not like I don't want it but I have everything I need right in front of me."

Gabriella stared back at him for a moment, now regretting making him watch all those cheesy romantic movies. "You are so corny sometimes." Shaking her head and letting a small giggle escape her, Gabriella leaned over to pull out a thin box from inside the coffee table drawer and handed it to him. "Read the instructions first."

Troy looked down at the thin white box and pushed all worries aside as he glanced at Gabriella's writing on the top: One line - negative. Two Lines - Positive. "Gabby?" troy said her name as soon as he saw what was inside the box. Turning to his side, he looked into her cocoa eyes and asked, "Are you? Are we?"

"Yeah, we are," Gabriella started to smile just as he did but wasn't prepared for the old Troy Bolton pounce as his lips caught hers and she was lying flat on her back.

"I love you," he said in between the rain of kisses on her face, returning to her lips once more.

"Ditto," she laughed into his lips, sweeping them into another; the kind of kiss that was the cause of the second child in the first place.

"Mommy likes Daddy kisses like me!" They both heard Cassidy tell their best friends and laughed into each other's form, her arms snaking up and around Troy's neck. Her giggles echoed in the room as Troy pulled Gabriella up into a sitting position like before.

"Come're Cassie," Troy curled his finger and their daughter leaped over to them. "Wanna go get another cake for Mommy?"
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