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A Priceless Gift

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Mystique recruits Rogue before the Xmen and gets caught up in the growing conflict. But everything changes when she starts falling for their leader, Scott Summers. Scott/Rogue.

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Chapter 5: A Priceless Gift


Throughout the rest of the week, Scott stayed in close contact with Forge. The mutant inventor gave him constant updates on the progress of the device Scott specified for him. Forge was enthusiastic about repaying the X-men. He owed them after they freed him from a pocket dimension. And thanks to his knack for invention along with resources generously lent to him by the Professor, he had everything he needed to construct the means Rogue needed to control her powers.

Scott didn't tell Rogue about his deal with Forge. He didn't want to get her hopes up if it didn't work. Besides, they had enough issues just finding time to see each other. They still hung out and Scott put on a casual demeanor. However, Rogue suspected something was up. Since befriending him, Rogue learned that Scott was terrible at keeping secrets. But she didn't question him about it.

Scott's mood did not go unnoticed by the others either. Jean in particular was suspicious as to why he was so distant. She had a feeling that her comments about his growing feelings for Rogue really got to him. Now he was completely silent on the subject. Whenever she questioned him, he just made excuses. It was really frustrating, but whatever the reason she was determined to confront her friend about this.

Then late Friday afternoon, Scott received the visit from Forge he had been waiting for. He arrived at the mansion in high spirits, bearing a gift for his new friends.

"So you're saying this will really allow Rogue to control her powers?" said Scott as he looked down at the small device in his hand.

"Yep, as long as she's wearing this special bracelet, her powers will be suppressed," affirmed Forge, "She can turn it off whenever she wants. Plus, I added a special lifetime lithium cell so she never has to charge it."

Scott looked at the small object in awe. Here in his hands was the key to breaking Rogue free from her prison. It looked like a regular, metal bracelet. Given Rogue's gothic fashion sense, it would blend right in with her persona. But still, he had mixed feelings.

"So is this it?" said Forge, "Is this what you wanted?"

"Yeah," said Scott in a monotone, "Thanks Forge. I really owe you one."

"Consider us even," he smiled, "Just out of curiosity, who's this thing for anyways?"

"A friend," said Scott, not taking his eyes off the bracelet.

Forge didn't know Scott that well, but based on his body language it was obvious this wasn't just a friend. But he didn't pry. From the looks of it, Scott was in no mood to talk about it.

"Groovy-I mean, cool," he shrugged, "Let me know if you need any help with it."

"Sure thing," said Scott, chuckling at Forge's attempt at slang.

As the mutant inventor made his leave, Scott debated with himself over what to do now. Rogue deserved to experience touch. Nobody should have to live isolated like that. But at the same time, he couldn't help but wonder. If Rogue could touch, what would that change? Would she be different? Would their friendship be different?

He had been arguing with himself about this for weeks. That night they almost kissed still hung strongly. Scott didn't know what he was feeling for this girl. But since she couldn't touch, there was nowhere it could go. This would definitely change all that. And he wouldn't know until he put it in Rogue's hands.

Pocketing the bracelet, Scott ran back to his room and grabbed his keys. It was past six, so he had plenty of time. But just as he descended the stairs, he ran into Jean.

"Hey Scott, what's the rush?" she asked him.

"Nothing," he said innocently, "Just going out for a burger."

"A burger? Why do you have to rush for that?" she questioned.

"I don't. I just...want to get back in time to finish my English homework. I've been falling behind lately."

Scott was lying. Jean didn't need to read his mind for that. But he had this urgent look on his face. He definitely had somewhere else he wanted to be.

"English huh?" she said in a low tone, "Yeah, I'm behind too. Maybe I should catch up as well."

Scott rubbed the back of his neck. Normally Jean wouldn't let him get away with something like this. She'd be the first to call him out and make him confront whatever it was that was bothering him. But lately, she had been doing it less.

"Look Jean, I'm sorry, but..."

"You've got nothing to be sorry for, Scott," she muttered, turning away, "You didn't do anything."

"So why are looking at me like I just slapped your mom?"

"I..." began Jean, "Forget it, it's nothing. It's not my business where you go or what you're do. You're a grown boy. Have fun."

Shaking her head, Jean walked away. Scott was tempted to pursue, but he couldn't forget about his mission for Rogue. He hated it whenever there was distance between him and Jean. She meant a lot to him and he didn't like it when things were bitter between them. But he had other issues to tend to.

'I should talk to her. But it'll have to wait. I've got to get this to Rogue.'


The Brotherhood Boarding House was no more active than usual. It was a typical night with Mystique off doing whatever she did for the big boss while the rest of them were left to their own devices. Without any supervision, the house was a mess. But nobody seemed to care.

Away from the rotting dump upstairs, Rogue chose to seclude herself in the basement where Mystique had set up a gym. There were some weights, a bench press, and a punching bag. She and the rest of the Brotherhood were supposed to work out regularly, but only Rogue bothered. And since Mystique wasn't there to enforce anything, the rest of the Brotherhood boys just ignored it.

Wearing a pair of sweats and a sports bra, Rogue aggressively punched the punching bag. Grunting with each hit, the southern goth let out her frustrations. Living in a house with four rowdy boys and being stuck in her own prison gave her a lot of pent up emotion to let out. And tonight was no exception.

"Hey Roguey! You still down there?" came a fast paced voice.

In a blurred gust of air, Pietro Maximoff appeared downstairs in the blink of an eye. It was enough to startle Rogue out of her state.

"Dang it, Pietro! Ah told ya not to call me that?!" she spat.

"Whoa, PMS," he said, holding his hands up in defense, "Not my thing. I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me and the guys to the Gut Bomb, but I think we're better off."

Rogue muttered a curse. Ever since he joined, Pietro had been pushing her buttons. He joked about her friendship with Scott, her gothic dress sense, and being Mystique's daughter. He was cocky, arrogant, and self centered. And she had to live with it.

"Just leave meh alone, Quicksilver. Ya've given me enough headaches."

"Whatever," he shrugged, "See you later, Roguey!"

But before Rogue could yell at him again, he was gone in the blink of an eye. Letting out a frustrated grunt, Rogue returned to assaulting the punching bag. This time, she had even more aggression to let out. Living with these boys wasn't her idea of a solid living situation. She wanted to complain to her mother, but she was never around. She was stuck with this whether she liked it or not. It was some life for a girl already cursed.

"God damn it!" she grunted, hitting the bag harder, "Why me?! Why does mah life have to suck?!"

While Rogue was venting her anger, the four Brotherhood boys left in Lance's jeep. But just as they were leaving, Scott pulled up to the boarding house in his car. He had been waiting near a curb a mile or so down the road. If he was going to see Rogue, he didn't want the Brotherhood to stand in his way. He had to talk to her when she was alone. Luckily, they always went out on Fridays, giving Scott the perfect window to do this.

/' goes,' /he thought to himself, parking his car on the curb.

Upon approaching the Brotherhood house, Scott cringed at the state of disrepair it was in. Rogue said it was a wreck, but he had no idea it was this bad. Add to that, she shared it with Lance, Freddy, Todd, and Pietro. If that wasn't hell, it was still close enough. It was a mystery as to how Rogue kept her sanity, but hopefully this little gift would help.

Taking a deep breath, he approached the door. He was about to knock when he realized that Pietro had been careless enough leave it ajar. Shrugging at his luck, Scott entered the house.

"Blegh, when's the last time they cleaned this place?" he muttered, smelling what he thought was expired milk and spoiled meat.

Walking through the jumbled mess, Scott began searching for Rogue. He was about to go upstairs since she told him before that she spent most of her time in her room, hiding from the boys. But just as he was about to walk up, he heard the distinct sound of grunting coming from the basement.

"Doesn't sound like she's in a good mood," mused Scott.

The basement door was wide open and the closer he got, the louder the grunts. Clearly, she was having a stressful evening. Then again, it was hard not to when she lived in a house like this.

"Oh well," he sighed, "Hope this makes her feel better."

Descending the steps, Scott entered dimly lit gym and saw Rogue going at it against the punching bag. She was really focused, hitting hard and grunting with each blow. She worked up quite a sweat, pushing herself harder than usual. Scott had to admit he was impressed. In addition, she looked good in those workout clothes.

"What is it now?" she grunted, "Ah thought Ah told you guys..."

But the second she turned to face the new presence, she cut herself off.

"Scott?" she said in shock, trying to catch her breath.

"Hey," he said with a casual smile, " this a bad time?"

"What? No, Ah just..."

Now she was embarrassed. It was surprising enough Scott had braved a trip to the Brotherhood house, but to catch her at a time like this spoke volumes for her luck in life. There was a heavy silence. Rogue wiped the sweat off her brow, now blushing profusely under the scrutiny of her only friend. Scott tried hard not to laugh, but he couldn't help but smirk at her reaction.

"Ya could've called, ya know?" she scorned with her hands on her hips.

"I wanted to surprise you," said Scott.

"Do Ah look like the kind of gal who enjoys surprises?"

"Well maybe you'll like this one," said Scott, taking a deep breath, "Here, I have something for you."

Rogue looked at the older boy suspiciously. She may not have known Scott long, but she knew he wasn't the spontaneous type. He was the last person she expected to pay a visit to this hell hole. Reaching into his pocket, Scott took out the bracelet and presented it to his friend. At first she didn't take it. If he was giving her a gift, he had horrible instincts when shopping for a girl like her. Nevertheless, she took it.

"What the hell is this?" she said, holding up the metal bracelet.

"It's for you," said Scott with a smile.

"Yeah, Ah gather that. But what for? Did mah birthday suddenly change?"

"No, but I thought waiting to give you this wouldn't be right," said Scott, "Go ahead, try it on."

Rolling her eyes, Rogue put on the bracelet. It fit nicely, blending well with her skin tone and dress sense. Scott may not have been a fashion geek, but at least he knew she hated pink and didn't go for traditional jewelry. His anticipation growing, Scott hoped this thing worked. Rogue would never forgive him if he got her hopes up only to have it turn out to be a dud. But there was only one way to know for sure.

"There, ya happy?" she said indifferently, "Now are ya gonna tell me what it's for?"

"It's a device that allows you to control your powers," said Scott, his smile not waning.

Rogue's eyes widened, her heart skipping a beat. Looking down at the seeming inauspicious bracelet, it seemed ludicrous that something this simple would give her what she thought she had lost. It was too good to be true. There was just no way.

"Yer...yer kidding," she said in shock.

"I would never kid about something like this," he said, taking a step closer, "You know me better than that. I promise you this isn't a joke. This is real."

Rogue was speechless. She had called this boy out, belittled him, and ridiculed his friends to no end. Yet he still reached out and connected with her. He was the only friend she had made since moving to Bayville. And now he was giving her something so precious. She was truly at an utter loss for words.

"Go ahead," said Scott eagerly, "Turn it on and give it a try."

Rogue's hands were shaking. She had never been this nervous before. But this could be her only chance. She couldn't let it pass her by. Turning on the switch, a small light on the bracelet flashed. She didn't feel any different and the small device didn't make any noise. She wasn't even sure it was working, but Scott had faith that Forge knew what he was doing.

"Now take my hand," he said, holding out for her to touch.

Rogue still hesitated. She had already drained him once and he was ready to risk it again. He was a brave man. If this thing failed, he could be put into a coma. But he wanted to know and so did she. Taking a deep breath, she took off her gloves and reached out to him. Closing her eyes, she prepared for the worst and took his hand in hers.

Then, much to her amazement, she felt no rush of life energy. All she felt was the soft, warm grip of Scott Summers.

"Oh God," she said, short of breath, "Oh mah God!"

"It works," said Scott with a triumphant smile.

Rogue could hardly breathe, holding Scott's hand in hers. She was actually touching him. She thought she would never experience this again. Her own mother had told her so. But because of this boy, she was free from her prison. She could now live a life with the same joys and sensations as the rest of the world.

"Scott Ah...Ah don't know what to say," she said, her words choked with emotion.

"You don't have to say anything," he told her, giving her hand a squeeze.

"But...but why? Why would ya do something like this for me?"

Scott rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, trying to put this moment into perspective.

"You once told me that you felt trapped in your own body. And nobody should ever have to live like that...especially someone as nice as you. That's why I'm giving this to you. Call it my way of saying thanks for being the kind of friend who understands what it's like to live with something you can't control."

Tears formed in Rogue's eyes. She, a rebellious goth girl, was on the verge of breaking down. But she didn't care. She just smiled warmly at the boy who had given her this wonderful gift. She hadn't asked for it. She didn't even know if she deserved it. But he did it anyways. It was an act of friendship that had no equals.

"Scott...thank you," she choked out, "Thank you so much."

Letting out a round of sobs, Rogue threw her arms around Scott's neck and pulled him into a close embrace. Scott was shocked by her sudden show of emotion, but smiled and hugged back. It felt good, having her so close. It felt better than he could have imagined.

"You're free now," he said softly.

His soft words triggered a rush of emotions within Rogue. Feeling his warm touch was so sweet, so comforting. It made her feel things she never thought she was capable of feeling. And as she reached up and touched his face, something happened that neither of them expected.

"Scott..." she said in a daze, her face drifting closer to his.

"Rogue?" said Scott, confused by the look on her face.

Then, in a moment that froze time for both of them, Rogue's lips met with his in a deep kiss. At first, Scott was too shocked to respond. But as he savored the intoxicating taste, he began to kiss back.

Warm sensations surged through the two teens as their lips wrestled. Pressing her body against his, Rogue savored his warmth. Every touch was so intense. Having this wondrous gift back, she wanted to embrace it. Tracing her hands down Scott's arms, she couldn't help but feel a little hot. With one hand on her waist and the other caressing her face, Scott was in a daze, kissing a girl who had come into his life so suddenly.

When they finally parted, Scott and Rogue were in shock. Scott was still confused, but Rogue was never more certain of anything in her life. And after feeling his soft touch, she wanted more.

"Rogue...what was that?" said Scott, still holding her close.

"A kiss?" she said with a grin.

"I know, but..."

However, Rogue cut him off, placing a finger over his lips.

"Do yourself a favor, Summers...don't think."

Not giving him a chance to respond, Rogue crashed her lips upon his again. This time, it was more intense. She opened her mouth and wrestled her tongue with his, pulling him in closer and touching his manly flesh with more fervor. Having a beautiful woman act with such passion, Scott couldn't help but be taken. He didn't know where this was going, but if Rogue's moans were any indication he had a pretty good idea.

"Mmf!" said Scott, his voice muffled by the kiss.

" me," she said, caressing his face with her hands.

"What...what do you mean?" said Scott, his face flushed with shock.

"You know what Ah mean," she said, grabbing his hand and placing it on her breast, "Ya gave me something really special. Now let meh return the favor."


"Hey, what did Ah say about thinking?" said Rogue in a seductive tone, "Just stop thinkin' for once in your life and let it happen."

There were countless reasons why Scott should have stopped. They had only known each other for a few weeks. She was a member of the Brotherhood and the adopted daughter of Mystique. His feelings for her were already complicated and doing this would only make it worse. But looking into the beautiful eyes of this southern beauty made every one of them disappear in the blink of an eye. And for the first time in a long while, Scott Summers set aside his ridged system of control and let it all out.

They kissed again, this time with more fervor. Scott slipped his tongue into Rogue's mouth while she hitched a leg up around his waist, grinding against his pelvis. Her sweaty skin felt so good. He carved to feel more and so did she. And now that Rogue was free from her prison, she could embrace it.

Falling into a daze of uncontrolled passion, Rogue grabbed the hem of Scott's shirt and slid it off over his head. He was shocked at how quick this was happening, but set aside every lingering doubt upon feeling Rogue's hands upon his upper body. He moaned in contentment, the beautiful goth eagerly groping his manly flesh. She kissed down his neck, savoring each sensation. It made it all the more difficult to turn away.

"Oh God..." he gasped, loving her sweet lips on his warm skin.

Breathing turned to panting as Rogue traced down the hard contours of his manly flesh. He was very well built. Every muscle was toned to perfection. The area between her legs was getting very hot. Her legs tensed at the rush of sensations, her regained ability to touch intensifying each feeling. She craved to feel his skin against hers. She wanted to feel it so badly, less she lost this chance.

In an aggressive show of desire Rogue slid her sports bra up over her head, exposing her large breasts. Scott's mouth went dry. They were so full and perfect. He never would have guessed with the clothes Rogue wore that she was so well endowed.

"Come on, sugah," she purred, "Touch meh."

Adhering to her wishes, Scott grasped her breasts and and gave them a firm squeeze. A shot of hot sensations surged through her body, pushing her to renew her assault of Scott's upper body. With him gently kneading her breasts and her kissing down his neck and chest, the air around them was thick with sex. Their desires burned with intensity. Nothing was going to stop them.

Rogue could feel a large bulge in Scott's pants. He was so hard and aroused. Moaning in anticipation, she reached down and fondled him. Scott let out a sharp gasp, but Rogue silenced him with a gentle kiss as she began working on his pants.

"Here...let's get these off," she said softly.

His hands still on her breasts, Scott let Rogue do her thing. Undoing his belt buckle, she reached in and got a firm grip on his erection. It was nice and hard, making Rogue quiver with anticipation. He was also pretty big, making her want it more as she gave his pants a hard tug.

"Dang yer big," she purred as his pants fell to the floor.

Scott couldn't help but smile as she rubbed his hard member. Moaning in delight, he kissed her passionately and gave her nipples a hard pinch. It sent more sensations through the southern beauty's body, pushing her desires to the brink. Her sweatpants were now too much of a burden. She had to get them off.

"Come on, Scotty," she purred playfully, "Let's get naked."

In a show of sassy sexuality, she gripped the side of her sweats and slowly wiggled out of them. She swayed her hips in an enticing show of seduction, drawing Scott further under her spell. He helped get them off the rest of the way, leaving her only in her black panties.

She was so aroused. Her panties were soaked in her juices. All this renewed touching sent her hormones racing. She had to have sex. She needed to be filled by this man who had given her so much.

Still locked in an embrace, Rogue pulled Scott down onto a gym mat. Their lips wrestled as Scott hovered over her, rubbing her breasts with one hand and fondling her pussy through her underwear with another.

"Please...take them off," said Rogue, short of breath.

"Are you sure?" said Scott through his daze.

"Ah'm sure."

Trusting her word, Scott kissed down her neck, giving her tits a quick tease before trailing his lips past her well toned core. He could smell her arousal through her panties. She wanted him so bad. Grabbing both sides of the garment, Rogue lifted her hips so he could slide them down her legs. Once they were off, she was there in her naked glory. And she was such a sight to behold.

"Oh Rogue," gasped Scott, in awe of what he saw.

She looked so good naked. Rogue had a very athletic tone with every muscle looking so shapely and slim. Her breasts were nice and full, perfect for her form. Her hips were nice and curvy, leading down to her sleek, sexy legs. And just below a small crown of plush pubic hair with a white streak in the middle, the soft folds of her vagina were dripping wet with arousal.

"Wow," he said, gently rubbing her breasts, "You're so wet."

Rogue smiled as she laid flat on her back, ready to embrace this moment.

"Let's do it, Scott," she said, reaching up and caressing his face, "Let's have sex."

"But what about..." he began.

"Don't worry. Ah know mah body," she assured him, "Please...Ah want you to be mah first."

Pulling him into a naked embrace, Rogue captured his lips. Scott let out a deep moan, letting his full weight press against her naked body. Her skin felt so good against his. She was already sweaty from her workout. Her alluring feminine scents hung thick around him, drawing him into her aura.

Spreading her legs, Rogue encased Scott in a vice of flesh. With his hands on her hips, his dick was rubbing against her wet entrance. She was nervous, having never had sex with a man before. But she had lost the ability to touch once. She wasn't about to lose her chance and let it happen again.

"That's it! Oh that's it!" she gasped, feeling his member slide into her tight canal, "Oh-oh mah God!"

"Oh Rogue!" moaned Scott, feeling the tight heat around his dick.

Slowly, he thrust his hard penis into her tight vagina. Her walls were tight, so he gave her time to adjust. He went as deep as he could until he hit her cervix. Given how athletic she was, it came as no surprise that she didn't have a hymen. But he still gave her a moment before going any further.

"Are you okay?" he said, holding her hips tight.

"Ah'm okay," she panted, "Just hurts a little. But it's gettin' better. Come on, don't stop!"

Not denying her what she craved, Scott kissed her again and started working his cock in and out of her pussy. They started off slow, rocking their naked bodies together in a strong rhythm. After Rogue's walls stretched to accommodate his length, they worked it harder, savoring the warm sensations that coursed through them with each blissful movement.

"Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Yes! YES!" cried Rogue, "Oh it feels so good!"

"Uh-uh-Rogue! Oh Rogue!"

Scott couldn't believe how great this felt. It was so hot and wet. Her skin felt so great. And now she didn't have to hide it. He loved tasting it, kissing her sweet lips while groping her large breasts. Her legs guided him in his thrusting, her grip around his waist tightening each time he thrust into her. She was pretty aggressive for her first time, but Scott wasn't complaining. Every doubt just melted away as he made love to this girl.

Their naked flesh slammed together in a mantra of clashing skin. The feeling of Scott's heavy weight against her naked body made Rogue cry in delight. It was amazing. It was ecstasy. It was like a dream she never wanted to awaken from. She was sharing a level of intimacy with someone she never thought possible. And she loved every second of it.

They went at it long and hard for good while, stretching it out for as long as they could. Rogue adjusted her body at times, lifting her hips to supplement each thrust and adjusting her legs, spreading them in a wide V-shape so Scott could do her at a different angle. Scott did the same, adjusting along the way as he explored her inner depths, getting a feel for what she liked. He soon found a few spots that made her moan a great deal and thoroughly attacked them as Rogue drew near her peak.


Digging her nails into Scott's back, Rogue tightened her legs around Scott's torso. Squeezing with all her might, Rogue threw her head back and arched her body. Every muscle in her pussy contracted around Scott's hard dick, tightening hard as waves of orgasmic bliss shot up through her body. Her pleasured moans were music to Scott's ears as he panted hard at the hot feeling around his dick.

As her womanly juices coated Scott's hard cock, Rogue's body went limp. Opening her eyes, she gazed passionately into the face of the man who had given her such wonderful pleasure. He had done so much for her. He went out of his way to give her such a wondrous gift. For that, she could never look at Scott Summers in the same way again.

"Oh Scott," she panted, caressing his face, "You're great."

Scott smiled warmly, enjoying the soft feel of her hands. He was still panting, his sweat now mixing with hers. But he never felt better.

Smiling back, Rogue pulled him into another soft kiss. Rolling to his side, the naked teens made out. Scott gave Rogue a moment to recover from her orgasm, but she didn't take long. As wonderful as her first orgasm had been, she remembered that Scott hadn't gotten his yet. And after everything he gave her, he deserved as such.

"Ready for some more, sugah?" she purred.

"Already?" said Scott with a surprised look.

"Of course," she said, sliding her hand down his chest, "Ya were nice enough to give me such a wonderful experience. It's time Ah do the same. Ah got mine, now it's your turn!"

Hitching her leg along his side, Rogue renewed her fervent kissing. Scott was still hard, getting into it again as he rubbed her breasts. Pulling him on top of her, Rogue spread her legs so he could position his dick at her pussy. Wanting to switch it up a bit, she hitched her legs over his shoulders, showing off her flexibility and allowing Scott to thrust his dick back inside her.

"Mmm...ya like that?" she purred, feeling her walls stretch again.

"Oh yeah!" moaned Scott, working his dick deep into her cunt, "Fuck, it's so tight!"

"Oh yes! Do it harder!" she cried, "Get the reward ya deserve!"

Bending her knees over his shoulder, Rogue held on as Scott rhythmically slammed his dick into her pussy. She was still wet from her orgasm, making it easier to work it inside her. Scott thrust hard, watching Rogue's breasts bounce to each thrust. With her eyes closed, she looked so beautiful with her naked body contorting to each movement. Scott couldn't believe he was doing this. He was having sex with this beautiful woman.

In a sexual daze, he got friskier with the naked Rogue. Grabbing her firm butt, he flipped her over so that she was on her hands and knees so he could fuck her from behind. Her ass was so perfect and shapely, kneading it with his hands as he pumped into her tight folds from behind. Rogue arched her back, bucking her hips as Scott's flesh pounded with hers. Her breasts swayed and a look of raw ecstasy dominated her face.

Their bodies now glistened with sweat. Running his hands over her naked skin, Scott kissed along the contours of her back as he fucked her. Rogue really seemed to enjoy this. He had no idea she could be so sexy. Reaching around, he grabbed her swaying breasts. She let out more moans, pushing Scott to fuck her harder. She was practically screaming, loving every second of this intimate act.

She then felt his hand slid around to her face. Deep in a sexual daze, she sensually licked his fingers. She could feel another orgasm building. She had already had one, but Scott was going to give her another. But this time, she wanted them to have it together.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh God! Oh fuck yeah!" cried Rogue, hot sensations surging through her body.

"Uh-uh-uh-oh Rogue!" moaned Scott.

Ready to finish the job, Rogue rose up off the floor. She turned her head and kissed him passionately while he was still fucking her from behind. Reaching around to touch her breasts, the southern goth purred with sexual hunger as she took over, pinning Scott flat on his back and straddling his waist.

Taking his hard dick, Rogue guided it back into her wet pussy and began riding him for the final rush. Scott's hands were now on her hips, thrust up as she gyrated her hips along his member. She looked as though she was dancing atop him, her naked body shining with sweat in the dim light. She looked nothing short of angelic, helping to send Scott to the brink.



Holding out for Rogue's climax, Scott reached up and grabbed her breasts. She placed her hands over his, closing her eyes and riding him to the final moment. She could feel his dick twitching inside her tight pussy. They just needed one last push. And with one final sway of her hips, the two teens were rocked with intense orgasms.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH ROGUE!" moaned Scott, his dick exploding in her pussy.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH SCOTT!" cried Rogue, the feeling of his hot cum inside her sending her over the edge.

Rogue's throbbing cunt milked Scott's dick for every last drop, mixing it with her own womanly fluids. Rolling to his side, Rogue collapsed beside her naked lover. Her pussy was dripping with his cum. Every nerve in her body was burning with pleasure. She didn't know such pleasure existed. But as she lay beside Scott, she couldn't help but smile at everything this boy had given him.

It was mind numbingly sweet. She never thought she'd ever get a chance to feel this intimacy. But because of Scott, not only had she felt it, she experienced something so much more. And for that, she gave him one last passionate kiss to show her gratitude.

"You are...a wonderful man, Scott Summers," said Rogue, still gasping for breath.

"You're an amazing woman, Rogue," said Scott, still in a daze as he held her naked body close to his.

Scott's head was spinning. Everything was happening so fast. He had come to give Rogue a gift to help show she could trust him. In the end, he got way more than that. Now as he was lying beside her naked on the floor, his heart was soaring. Looking at this girl, he had never felt so many emotions rushing through his mind. His whole world had been turned upside down by Rogue. And he had no idea where it went from here.

But at the same time, a great deal of confusion set in. He could never look at this girl the same way again. He could never again call her a mere friend. They had just made love in a mind-blowing way. There was no more denying that he felt something for this girl. Now he had to make sense of it all.

"I...better go," said Scott, getting up and gathering his clothes.

"So soon?" said Rogue with a wanting eye.

"I can't be away for too long," he said in a low tone as he put his pants back on, "The others may get worried and I don't think I should be around when the rest of the Brotherhood gets back."

A look of disappointment fell over Rogue. But seeing her still lying on the gym mat in all her naked glory made Scott smile. He wasn't going to just up and leave without letting her know what she had done for him. She deserved so much more.

"Hey, it'll be okay," he said.

"After what we just ya really mean that?" said Rogue seriously.

Scott rubbed the back of his neck. Rogue was facing the same dilemma as him. She felt something for him too. There was no more denying it. Now they both had a lot to make sense of.

"No," he sighed, "I don't think it's possible anymore."

Rogue diverted her gaze for a moment, but Scott wouldn't have that. After what they just did, he wanted to leave this night on a positive note. He didn't think too much about his actions, but Rogue's advice about not thinking still stuck. In one last gesture of his kindness, he kissed her tenderly and smiled.

"This...may change a lot of things," he said, trying to hide his nervousness.

"Ah don't mind," she said, smiling back, "Ah'm willin' to take the ride with ya."

"But we're on separate teams," said Scott, still uncertain.

"Look into mah eyes, Scotty boy," she said with a sexy grin, "Do Ah look like Ah care?"

It was all the answer Scott needed. Smiling at this beautiful girl, Scott put on his shirt and prepared to make his leave. This was a night they were likely to remember for a long time. Where they went from here was anybody's guess.

"You really are something, Rogue," smiled Scott.

"Sugah, you have no idea," she grinned.

Scott was about to make his leave, but before he could disappear from sight Rogue had one more thing to say.

"Hey Scott," she said, stopping him in his tracks, "Thank you...for everything."

With unending gratitude for everything he gave her, Scott smiled back.

"Anytime, Rogue. I'll see you later."

Still in a daze of emotions, Scott Summers left the Brotherhood boarding house. His head was spinning. Everything was happening so fast. But he couldn't keep himself from smiling. This girl had done something for him that no other girl had done before. But as he got into his car and drove off, he would have a lot of things to sort out. One thing was clear though. His life would never be the same because of this girl.

For Rogue, she was equally lost in her own world. Her heart was still soaring after what they had just done. Not only had she regained the ability to touch, but she actually had sex with a man right here on the basement floor. And furthermore, she enjoyed every minute of it.

For a while, she just sat there naked on the gym mat. She had never felt so many emotions running through her system before. Scott Summers had given her so much. He made her feel special in a way she couldn't begin to understand. Looking down at the bracelet that he had given her to control her powers she was forever indebted to this man. She could never look at him the same way again.

"Dang," she said to herself, "Ah think mah life just got a lot more interesting."

Gathering her workout clothes, Rogue got dressed and walked up to her room in a daze. It was still early evening, but she was so tired after the emotional and physical rush she had endured. But she had never felt so good before in her life. Nothing could keep her from sleeping peacefully tonight.

Once she was in her room, she collapsed on her bed. Staring at the ceiling in a daze, she couldn't help but smile. Images of her and Scott making love danced across her mind as she slowly nodded off. Growing up, she didn't have a lot of fond memories to dwell on. But now she had something she could truly treasure for the rest of her life. And it was all because of a man named Scott Summers.

She was half asleep by the time footsteps were heard down the hall. Mystique had returned from her little errand for Magneto and was beat. She was relieved to see that the house was quiet and still in once piece, but before she could enjoy it she had to check on her daughter.

"Rogue?" she said, opening her bedroom door.

Walking in, she saw her daughter lying on her bed, still in her workout clothes and covered in sweat.

"Looks like you had a hell of a workout," said the shape shifter.

Forced to hide her smile, Rogue stretched her limbs and tried to put on an indifferent face.

"Yeah, but you know meh," she shrugged in a casual tone, "I like to keep at it until the job is done."

Mystique looked at her oddly. Her motherly instincts were nagging again. Rogue was dedicated when it came to her workout, but something seemed different this time. But she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Right," she said skeptically "Are you okay?"

"Of course, Mama. Why wouldn't Ah be?"

Mystique was still not convinced. But after the day she just had, she chose to set it aside. She had a quiet house for once and she intended to take advantage of it.

"Well don't fall asleep in your workout clothes," said the shape shifter, "I'm going off to take a long, hot bath."

"Yeah, that sounds nice. Take it easy, Mama."

Once she was gone, Rogue couldn't help but smile. Her mother had no idea what she had just done. But it was probably better that way. Chances were she was going to have to do some damage control around her mother. She would definitely not be happy if she knew she was involved with an X-man.

But as she grabbed her towel and made her way to the hall shower, she let her mind dwell on other issues. She had no idea where her life would go from here, but for the first time she was excited to see just where it would lead her.


Scott was in a daze. He didn't even remember driving back to the mansion. His heart was still pounding. His head was swimming, the fresh memories of what he had just done playing out in his mind. He gave Rogue a gift that allowed her to control her powers and she thanked him by having sex with him. It was an amazing experience. Nothing could equate to what he felt right now.

By the time he got back, it was dark out and everybody was settling. Kurt and Evan were watching a movie, Kitty was getting help with her homework from Ororo, and Jean was studying in the library. Logan was probably off on a bike ride again. And that was probably for the better since Scott probably reeked of Rogue's scent.

Scott moved like a zombie, entranced by what had happened. He was in his own little world and nothing else mattered.

"Hey Scott, want some popcorn?" said Kurt as he passed the den, "Ve vere just going to..."

But he didn't even hear them. He just walked by and went straight up to his room.

"Wow, what's with him?" said Evan.

"Beats me," shrugged Kurt, "Must be having some night. Hope he's not grumpy during zhe morning session."

"With him, who can tell?" said Evan.

As Scott ascended the stairs, a smile formed on his face. As the memories played over, he just couldn't help but feel happy. He had made love to a beautiful woman. She did something to him that made his heart soar. It was a wonderful feeling that left him in a daze.

He didn't even notice Jean as he passed by the library. She had been engrossed in her books, but upon sensing Scott's familiar presence she looked up. But something was different. She was getting some strange vibes from him. She was about to greet him, but before she could even get up he was gone and secluded in his room.

'What was that about?' wondered Jean.

Jean was tempted to follow, but Scott's mind was closed for the night. He had a lot going through his mind. Even Jean knew when to back off. But that didn't stop her from being suspicious.

In his room, Scott collapsed on his bed. Staring up at the ceiling, his world was spinning. Images of Rogue danced across his mind. The memory of what they did was seared into his consciousness. This girl had changed his life. He definitely felt something for her now. And nothing would ever be the same.

'I think I'm falling in love with Rogue.'


Up next: The fallout ends one problem, but begets another.
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