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Teenagers scare the living shit out of me!!!

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Urm yh gee runs kitty follows!!!!

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Bonjour people reading this I am in a French mood because....umm...well I don't know why but I am.Au revoir

Kitty's Pov
We all walked out of my flat and down the road and across the park to starbucks.
I loble starbucks, Charlie said as she walked.
When we got to the park Amsy started skipping and wouldn't stop until she skipped into a tree and fell over. Emma then tripped over amsy and remi tripped over Emma. Me and Charlie just stood there laughing as they all grumbled. When they were all up we started walking again.....until amsy spotted the swings she ran over sat on it and started yelling PUSH ME PUSH ME!!!!! We all groaned and I walked over and started pushing her. I swear amsy is not 17 nearly 18 I think she is around about 4. After about 5mins we all got bored and amsy had to get off, we then AGAIN walked off to starbucks. When we were just out side starbucks I heard someone yell YES I looked around and saw a man dressed in black with his hood up and big glasses on but I am sure I recognized his voice and that hoddie I swear Gerard way had worn that exact hoddie in a interview I watched. Omg it could be Gerard (wishful thinking) he then saw us looking at him and he ran off. We FINALLY got there and ordered our coffee, tea and for me a lemonade because I hate hot drinks. But I was still thinking about the very strange man. I heard the others talking about it to and then I heard amsy saying that he was probably a sewer dwelling hobo. I laughed and then I saw the man I thought was Gerard sitting at the back. I lead the others to the table next to him.
I swear I just saw Gerard way, I said loudly so he could hear and I don't know if Imagined it but he seemed to slouch and hide his face.
Yeah right kitty, you see Gerard way everywhere. Remi said sniggering. I gave her a death glare.
Yeah, remember you saw him at parent's day last year. Charlie said looking at me and laughing.
Omg yer I remember that but I was kidding then, I am not kidding now I swear I saw him! I said also laughing. After a while I felt like I was being watched I looked around and saw that the Gerard/sewer dwelling hobo man/probably just a normal person was looking at me. I saw that He had a tanned face and mahoosive glasses on. Gerard has glasses like that oh shut up brain it is not Gerard way. Anyway his lips were a bit chapped and his nose was quite big (lol amsy so is his but, he is still gorgy!!)and the rest of him was covered by his bug glasses(lol remi).I frowned thinking and he must have realized I was looking back at him cause his tanned cheeks flushed and he turned away. I kept looking at him for a while after until.........THE BLOODY PHONE WENT OFF. I jumped so did everyone on our table.
AHH its following us, amsy yelled she then jumped under the table.
I think amsy it right for once in her life. Emma said looking freaked
Oy, amsy yelled from under the table.
I laughed and reached into my bag and pulled out the phone. I quickly glanced over to see the guy staring at our table. I then noticed something he was drawing quickly but didn't seem to no that he was it was strange his hand was moving with the pencil but he was concentrating on us. Strange very strange. I looked at the phone and saw that the caller was someone called bobby. I lifted the phone properly out of the bag and saw the Gerard/sewer dwelling hobo man/probably just a normal person person frown at the phone and then look down again.
Why did you bring it here, Charlie asked glaring at it.
Because I didn't want to leave it at home. I said simply.
Ok the caller is called bobby. I looked over to see the man freeze and look up from
his coffee.
And there are texts from Rayp and Hobbit.
I saw the man move slightly.
Rayp nice name. Charlie said
That is quite cool because when you say it, it sounds like rape but its spelt r..a..y..p.I said thinking
What ever. Emma said
OOO nice screen pic. I said while looking at it thinking of Gerard and if the strange man was Gerard I doubt it though. I like him even though I have never properly seen him or spoken to him.
What is it? Charlie asked
It's Gerard and mikey. I said grinning
I hate that phone, Remi grumbled.
But didn't you hear remi the screen pic is of mikey.
Really! She grabbed the phone and looked at it, you no what I have changed my mind I love this phone. Wow there are loads of pics of mcr on here.
Really, we all looked at the phone
Emma there's even one of Pete Wentz.
Where, Emma grabbed the phone and sighed.
Be careful you no what Pete does with picture phones, amsy said who was still under the table.
Yep but I doubt that Pete ever got hold of this phone
True True but I still love him. Emma said.
I then took the phone back. And looked at the man he looked like he was thinking fast because he had stopped drawing. What the hell why I am thinking about this random guys who could be as amsy said a sewer dwelling hobo. I was then surprised as the man got up and walked towards our table he then stood in front of our table.
Yes, remi asked
He stood there for a minuet.
YES, remi said louder he jumped.
Oh urm hi. He said with an American accent
Hi, remi said frowning
That I think its mine. He stumbled
Sure it is. Remi seemed to be doing all the talking
It is I swear. He said looking socked that we didn't believe him.
What ever. Remi said and turned back to emma.
I looked at him he seemed to be nervous maybe that mcr song was Right Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.
Please that is my phone.
I looked at him and thought of an idea if it was his phone he could tell us about it.
Prove it. i said
What? He looked even more intimidated
Prove that it's your phone. I said as kindly as I could
Urm ok........well the ring tone is what I've done um on the back it says: Hobbit this is not your phone it is my phone so don't use it because it's not your phone so fuck off and also on the back is the name Bloodredreject.
I was stunned so was the others. I guess this is his phone
You've been listening to our convocation I saw you staring at kitty, remi said. He blushed and turned away. What but in our convocation we didn't talk about what it said on the phone. I thought to myself.
Just give me my phone, he said with gritted teeth
NO, Charlie and emma said together
Give me my fucking phone .he said looking angry
NO and don't swear, emma said even though she swears all the time
Omfg GIVE ME MY PHONE, he yelled
NO, emma yelled
I kept on thinking should I give the phone to him or not. I then met his gaze and he blushed again. I think I will give it to him and even if its not his at least we wont have the annoying thing going off all the time
Just give it to me. He said
NO just fuck off and stop trying to chat up kitty. Remi yelled
What? Now he looked as confused as I was
You won't stop staring at her. Remi yelled I blushed but I don't think he saw
Fuck you, he was literally shaking now he was so angry.
He looked at me and I decided that I would give it to him I held out my hand with the phone in and heard remi gasp. He reached out towards it and as he did so I saw that his nails were painted black I love black nail polish I always wear it OK SHUT UP BRAIN.
He was just about to take it when remi, emma and Charlie all pushed and he slammed into the table I gasped and got up. His coffee went flying as did his glasses and his hood fell off the coffee then landed on his arm and he gasped. He then looked up and we all gasped. Looking at us from watering eyes was Gerard way. OMG I had seen him and by the looks of it the coffee that we knocked on to him was causing him pain because he was wincing and his eyes had gone watery. All the mcr fans and people who just new him because he was so gorgeous started looking.
Fuck Fuck Fuck.
He said as he put his hood up with his non coffee covered arm/hand/thing u pick stuff up with.
Thanks a lot bitches, he snarled he then grabbed his phone out of my still outstretched hand looked into my eyes and I swear I saw him smile a little but when I looked back he just looked hurt, angry and scared. He then walked over to the table he was sitting at grabbed his wallet and sketch pad and ran out. I looked at my friends and then I started to get angry.
WHY DID YOU PUSH HIM, I yelled at them
They looked stunned I never yelled at anyone let alone my best friends. But I was realy angry.
WHY? I asked again still yelling
Kitty ..we..urm, remi said looking frightened.
Then I heard amsy's voice from under the table.
I didn't do anything I am just a poor table dwelling hobo.
INO BUT YOU GUYS OMFG I CANT BELIVE YOU, I got up I was really annoyed I looked over to the table where Gerard was sitting and saw the pencil he was drawing with and the box it box belong in I grabbed them both and stormed out of the coffee shop not realizing that most of the people in starbucks had been listening to our argument. I looked at the pencil thinking it would just be a normal WHSmith one but it wasn't. It was a special make it was black and had red swirls up and down it and the pencil box was also black but had red writing on it saying.

Dearest grandson
Keep going even if I fall and never give up keep trying until you get to
your goal. As others leave you like leaves that fall remember
I will always be with you in your heart
Love grandma

Omg if this was Gerard's then it would be from his dead grandma Elena who he loved so much. I need to find him and give it to him. I turned around and headed back in the direction of the concert hall hoping that he was somewhere near there. I started running thinking that had lost him when up ahead I saw a figure dressed in black with his hood up. I quickly ran up to him.

Gee's pov
My arm is killing me. I heard quick footsteps behind me but I didn't turn or make any movement apart from walking steadily on towards the bus. I was annoyed but I wanted to go back and see the kitty girl again she was so amazing I want to talk to her but I cant. I sighed as the footsteps got louder I moved aside so they could run past me but they didn't. Ok I am confused now. Then I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder I span around ready to punch anyone who wanted to hurt me or something but instead of turning into the face of a man I found myself staring into those silver eyes that were so mesmerizing and creepy at the same time. I looked away to hide the fact that I was blushing. I looked back and she held something out to me I looked at it and realized that it was my box. The one my grandma gave me the day before she died. I reached into my pockets knowing already that the box wouldn't be in there because this girl was holding it close to me. I had the sudden urge to grab the box and then kiss kitty but I just shook my head.
Isn't it yours? She asked
Oh....yeah its mine, I said quietly
She handed it to me and I smiled slightly
Thanks, I said
You're welcome.
She reached out and touched my arm gently I winced it was really sore.
I am so sorry, I heard her say quietly.

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