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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2007-04-16 - Updated: 2007-04-17 - 223 words

Audrey Kitching has everything she needs to be happy. Except the one boy she's loved since childhood. But her not-so-smart hook-up after one of her bands' shows leads up to the end of their strong, or maybe not, friendship. What she didn't know was he had a secret love for her also. In result, he spreads nasty rumours about the school. After one short weekend and one small hookup she is the whore of the school. But it's the last week of school so it doesn't matter right? Its also one week until her and Evident Fury go off on Warped Tour for the whole summer. Audrey had officially given up on love due to her heart break but has love given up on her? Giving it one more go, she searches the crazy life of Warped Tour. A certain mysterious boy has caught her eye and possibly captured her heart. But will Audrey find a love like Alicia has found or one like Danny's? Or is this just another disaster waiting to happen?

This is a story of sex, drugs, rock 'n roll. Speed, weed, birth control. Gold bras and hooker heels, cigarettes and coffee, addictions and obsessions, dreams and nightmares, the future calling and the past coming back to haunt you. This is the story of Audrey Kitching and her journey.
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