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I don't feel like dancin'

by Honeybee 5 Reviews

Odie and the gang go to a dance, and unexpected people go with and the Titans meet someone who can help them with their 'Cronus problem' *lol* k you guys know by now that I totally suck at summarie...

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters:  - Published: 2007/04/17 - Updated: 2007/04/17 - 5318 words - Complete


  • I don't feel like dancin'

    (#) jade_kwl_name_eva 2007-04-17 07:06:52 AM

    Yay, you used our songs! 'Grow Up' is mine and C.J's favourite song right now 'cause we found while searching for stuff on our favourite TV programe. You're not the only one with exams soon, mine are also in a months time! Gasp, so worried 'bout them 'cause this is the second time I'll be doing them, my primary school only gave us exams when you're in 7th grade. Uh, right, the story. It's was super! It was so good and I loved everything, especially the fight with Atlanta and Archie! Now, who are you doing next? There's only Atlanta and Archie left and I think you should leave Atlanta for last, but you get to decide! Hope to see the next story soon when you get enough time during your studies and stuff, plus update your other story as soon as you can as well, but only if you get enough time between studying and stuff. luv ya!

    Author's response

    Hey T.J.! of course I used your songs! ;P They were pretty perfect for Odie, so yeah...Hey don't stress about exams, they not sooo bad, you just really have to study for them! (",) lol Hmmmm I'm still trying to decide who to do first, Archie or Atlanta? Atlanta or Archie! ;P lmao yeah oookayy Honey! Hmmm also just a little info on the sly.... There is going to be one more story after those two..... kinda like a little ending to the whole series... lol Yeah I've hit a bit of a snag with 'The Key' I know what the next chappie is gonna be about, but I can't think of how to open it, ya know? Anyway, glad you liked the story chat soon 'k?
    Love Honey
  • I don't feel like dancin'

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-04-17 01:14:34 PM

    Hey there girlfriend? Waz up? Now, before my rambling gets too out of control, I want to say I LUV IT!!!! (take note of capitalization - don't think that's a word, oh my, already starting to blabble - and exclamtion points.) It was gorogeous. And no, I don't know how gorgeous describes it, but it sounds right. Reading it "Was a pleasure". LOL. No wait- it was better! Oh yah! WOOT! Hehe... Akiera (did I spell that right? Oh well...) rocks! hands out hug to Winter- Ray Yeh! Meanwhile "photogenis memory - just without the film!" LMAO... I could pull that one off!

    Anywasy, back to point number one, I luved it! I'm gonna rate it something, but I don't know what yet. This one is gonna take some pondering hmmms..... thinks and pondering might take awhile. I don't think i have a brain. Actually, that's a lie. The doctor said he thinks I have a lil' one, but that just might have been a cloud passing through. Hehe....LMAO! WOOT!

    Wow, amazing how one can get off topic so fast! Hey, over here I am smiling so much has mass grin on face =D Thats because it was so gr8!!!! does crazy little dance around computer and yes, there are still traces of sugar high. LOL! Now I'll leave you in peace and shut my trap you sigh in realif LOL.... Awesome job and LUV YA!!!!!!


    Author's response

    Hey CSC! lmao I'm laughing so hard in the computer center of my university, and people are looking at me as if I should be locked up! ;P Anyway, thanks so much for the absolutely awesome review.... I was having a bit of a bad day and you made it so much better! (",) So thanks sweetie! Yes you spelt Akiera right.... lol Have you read any of Winter's stories??? They are excellent... lol Too bad she doesn't put them up on ficwad as well.... hahahahaaaa Yeah I also have a photographic memory without film ;P One of my lecturers said that to us in a lec a couple of weeks ago, and well I just loved it! Definately still sugar in your system, but that's ok, cuz I still have like a HUGE easter egg to eat.... yeah I've still got easter eggs lmao (That's how many the nice easter bunny left for me! yay easter bunny) Oookkay... so maybe I haven't got the sugar outta my system either yet!!! So I'm gonna say bye now with my reallly loong reply to you!;)

    Love Honey P.S. Thanks for rating it!!! Your such a star! hugs
  • I don't feel like dancin'

    (#) CompetiveSwimmaChick 2007-04-17 03:30:19 PM

    Hey ya, just FYI, I rated it smokin' HOT! WOOT! Just wanted to tell ya that, anyways, LUV YA!
  • I don't feel like dancin'

    (#) HotChocolate 2007-04-19 09:25:02 AM

    That was terific. That might have even been the best one yet!the setting and the eventing was just mind blowing. It just leaves you hanging, making you want more and more. Keep it up

    Luv KiKi

    Author's response

    Hey kiki! Thanks for the awesome review... and to you and Shan for the great names!!! love ya and can't wait for you to start writing as well!!! ;P
    Chat soon sweetie love me
  • I don't feel like dancin'

    (#) story_master 2007-04-20 07:27:10 PM

    Hey Honey Bee!
    Just have to say awsome story! I loved it! Definitely a favourite! Whooo! Someone for Odie to love. It's about damn time someone wrote a story for him. lol- wait... I'm doing that... ahaha. ;P Whoo! Neil and Akiera forever! Yes, Winter does rock. And, so do you! I loved this so much. And no, Akiera didn't seem OOC. I think you got her character just right. There were a few things though (srry)- just a few run on sentences and such. But don't worry, your story rocks the way it is! Am I babbling? I feel like I am. Srry if I am. I just can't say how much I LOVED this story! Keep up the awsome work. You rock! :D I can't wait to read more of your stories. Oh and good luck with your exams. I'm sure you'll do awsome :D Cheers!

    Author's response

    Hey Tory... lol Thanks for the awesome review! lmao I know that there were a few run-on sentences, but well I was really tired as I wrote the last part of this story! :) Lmao it was one in the morning... thanks for the good luck... I'm starting the next fic on the 'songs' one so yeah! hugs back Love ya

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