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Black Party, Black dress

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Summer Kylie Moore is all about her art& friends,but then there is this boy G.W.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2007-04-18 - Updated: 2007-04-18 - 770 words

She glared at both of us walking back over to the open window disappearing out of it. Gerard walked over to me hugging me, we didn't say any words we stood there crying. Obviously he had been through the same thing before, quietly we slipped back into bed. I laid with him, listening to his unsteady breathing.


I woke up to Gerard gently tugging at my shirt, he was trying to wake me up. After both of us groggily got out of bed we peeped in at Mikey and Frankie but they weren't in bed. We both rushed downstairs only to be stopped by Donna.

" Looking for someone?", she smirked.

" Uh of course not..." Gerard spoke nervously. We weren't sure how Donna would take it; Frankie being here.

" Gerard! I know Frank is here, I fixed Mikey and him breakfast. Your not in trouble, but I'm not so sure how Frank's mother is going to take this."

" Thanks mom." he grasped her in a quick hug then walked to the kitchen, I followed behind.

Mikey was reading one of his comics at the table while Frankie was shoving stick controls in his mouth. I sat down next to Mikey making a attempt to annoy him while Gerard fixed a bowl of cereal for both of us.

" Summer do you mind? It is kind of annoying to have someone staring at you while your trying to read.", I gave him a smirk.

" So what ya reading?"

" Justice League. Not that you would know who they are."

" No shit! I read comics all the time Mr. Cranky face. Not only that but I have all the old spider-man comics, my dad passed them on to me!"

He slammed his comic down and looked at me in awe.

" Your shittin me!"

" No not at all, you can come over and look at them later if you want..."

" Fuck yeah!", I giggled at him. Gerard sat the bowl down in front of me spoon included.

" Um, thanks. Sorry to tell ya but I'm vegan, I don't drink milk unless its soy..."

Frankie looked over at me with wide eyes.

" No wonder you are so small, don't you ever feel like eating a big heap of greasy bacon?"

" My point exactly. It doesn't sound appetizing."

" Oh well, there are some granola in the cabinet over there." Gerard offered sweetly.

" Thanks."

We sat in silence for a while just munching on our food like little rabbits.

" What are we going to do today?"

" There is this party I kind of wanted to check out." Frank said in between bites of food.

"Hmm, sound like summer is going to need a new outfit..." I said thinking out loud.

" I don't want to go to the mall!" Mikey screeched.

" The mall? I don't shop at the mall, there is this thrift store Cheap thrills."

" Fine."

We all got dressed grabbed some cash and we were off in my car. We drove up to the store, it was paint lilac on the outside but hot pink and yellow on the inside with a checkered floor. The guys followed me to the back, I decided to try dresses on; I enlisted Frankie to help me choose one. Trying on a short black on I twirled around trying it out.

" Frankie, how does it look? Too short?"

" You look great!"

After picking my dress out we went to lunch at The Brook. After lunch we went to the movies and saw Ninja Turtles. After all of that it was about time for the party, I let Frankie drive because I didn't know the way.

2 hours later....

The party ahs been going pretty well I guess, but Gerard has been occupied by other girls the whole entire time. After taking a few shots I was feeling a lot looser, I jumped up and started to dance with Frankie. I could feel his hands gracing the sides of my body, it was getting hot so stepped outside.

" You Jersey boys dance good!", I giggled.

" Yea I get that a lot."

" Whatever!" I giggled while giving him a little nudge, we both tumbled gently to the ground playfully. He landed right on top of me, of course me being drunk allowed him to stay in that position. He quickly pressed his mouth into my; crash. We were both entwined in each others kisses that quickly, I pushed him off gently.

" Not here. Lets go to my house."

At this point I didn't care if Gerard was with other girls, all I wanted was to have sex and NOT with him but with Frankie.
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