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Chapter Two: Evicted

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A little shove from Jordan.

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Pete, Kate and her kids arrived back at their apartment building. Pete insisted that he walk them up to their door so here they were climbing stairs together. They stopped at the first apartment on the second level.

"Well, thank you again." Kate said. "I've already said that at least..."

"A hundred times." Pete said grinning. He then bent down to Jordan and Celeste's level. "See you guys around," He said to the two children. He got a high five from Jordan and he was expecting another poke in the head from Celeste, instead he got the 6 year old wrapped around his neck in a big bear hug.

"Bye Petey," She said unlatching herself and giving him a wave.

"Umm, guys how about you go and watch TV? I'll be in in a bit." Kate said, Jordan shrugged and continued inside along with Celeste. Kate and Pete were the only ones in the hallway.

"If you say thanks again I'll strangle you," Pete joked still a smile plastered on his face. Kate put her hands up as if to say sorry before letting a few laughs slip. "So how are you going to get the kids to school tomorrow?" He asked.

"Pete, one, tomorrow's a Saturday and two, don't worry, we'll be okay now. You can go back to your rock star life." Kate said before giving him a quick hug and hurrying inside.

"Umm, okay..." Pete said a little confused why she had just slammed the door shut in his face. He just shrugged and started down the stairs again.

"Mum, I really like Pete." Jordan said following his mum around the kitchen. "He knows about guitars and stuff." Jordan added. Kate didn't reply as she began to boil water on the stove for their dinner.

"Mum, I know he's a guy and he's around dad's age but you don't have to be scared of him. I don't think his anything like Dad." Jordan said pulling himself up onto the bench. Kate turned off the stove and placed her last ten dollars in her sons hand without looking up.

"Just, um, ring for pizza baby, I'm not feeling well." She mumbled leaving for her bed room. Jordan got off the bench and rummaged around for the phone. He found it under a pile of math homework he had forgotten to take in. He dialed a number, but not the pizza guy's number.

"He said he'd be over in 5 minutes, you have to look scared, okay?" Jordan told his sister once he'd gotten off the phone.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because I said so."

"You're not the boss of me," She replied crossing her arms over her chest. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Just do it," Jordan said hurrying over to the door. "Pete, is that you?" He called since he was still to short to see through the peephole.

"Yeah, Jordan." Pete replied. Jordan jumped up to slide the dead lock off and opened the door. "Are you guys okay?" Pete asked as soon as he got in.

"I'm scared, Mummy's sick..." Celeste said bursting into tears. Pete rushed over and sat next to the crying 6 year old, Jordan gave a thumbs up sign to her before locking the door.

"Its okay," Pete soothed as Celeste lay her head on his chest, sobbing quietly into his hoodie.

"Pete, can I make you over?" Celeste suddenly asked. "I got make-up from mummy last christmas. It would make me feel less scared." She added.

"Umm, okay," Pete said as the 6 year old jumped off the sofa and ran to her room. Jordan came and sat down on the sofa opposite Pete's.

"Good thing you gave me your number, she really was scared." Jordan said, when in actual fact she was never scared. He really wanted his mum to get over their dad, their dad was no good. Celeste came back into the room carrying a box that was half her size. She lay it down on the cluttered coffee table and reached for some pink shadow.

"Shut you eyes, Petey." She ordered opening the plastic casing. She grabbed a brush and began to smother his eyes in pink eye shadow. Jordan couldn't help but laugh.

"What?" Pete asked opening his eyes.

"Shut 'em," Celeste ordered now reaching for the purple shades.

"I don't think you should let Celeste do that," Jordan said still laughing. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, Jordan got up to get it. He unlatched it and opened the door.

"Where's your mother?" A gruff voice asked, or more like demanded. Pete got up from the sofa, his make-over half done. The guy at the door burst into laughter when he saw Pete.

"Come on, just bring your fucking mother to the door," The man ordered getting impatient.

"No, first who are you?" Pete said pushing Jordan behind him for protection. Kate appeared besides Pete, she had come out when she'd heard all the racket.

"Mr. Lowe," Kate greeted. She then looked at Pete, and mouthed, 'what are you doing here?'

"Kate, you're behind two months in pay." The guy said crossing his arms.

"Umm, Jordan can you actually go and call for pizza this time? I'll handle this," She said shutting the door behind her as she stepped out into the hallway.

"Please, no just give me an extenstion." She pleaded to her landlord.

"Kate, you don't have a job. You're already 2 months behind. I'm going to have to evict you." He said.

"No, please. I have no where else to go, just give me two weeks." She begged desperately.

"No, get your stuff out as soon as possible. Tonight would be great and return all keys." He said before turning and leaving down the stairs. Kate ran a hand through her hair before collasping in a heap on the floor. She couldn't stop herself from crying. Suddenly the front door to her apartment opened and Pete came out. He took a seat next to Kate on the floor.

"Is everything...alright?" He asked.

"We're being fucking evicted because I lost my job," She said.

"They can't do that, can they?" Pete asked wiping away a few stray tears off her pale cheeks.

"They can," She said. "God, Pete. I have no where to go. What will I tell the kids?" She said more tears spilling down her cheeks.

"You will tell them you are coming to stay with me until you find your feet again," Pete said getting up and holding his hand out to Kate. She took it this time, without hesitation. As soon as he pulled her up, she wrapped him in a hug. She clutched him tightly and buried her head in his chest.

"Thank you again," She whispered. He softly kissed her on the head.

"Don't worry about it."

Author's Note: New chapter, yay! anyway, maybe you're all asking, what happened to her husband?! hopely the next chapter will tell you. thank you all for the reviews!
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