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+One jewel in the music box+

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--Reviews Please-- The keeper smiled while staring down into the little box and at the agate coloured gem. the dim pale light blue light sparkled down upon it softly, leaving reflections of gleam i...

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+One jewel in the music box+

She thrashed about as he tied her down to the bedpost and her screams were muffled out by the leather gloved hand covering her mouth. "You're gonna be a lovely mark above my bedpost," she heard a male voice rasp as a pair of rough lips touch her neck.

No. Don't do it.. Leave my body alone!! she was now stuck.

No where to run. No where to hide.

His laughing filled filled her mind. "You're such a lil' hottie. ." his voice came out drunkly as he swifty ripped away her clothing.

She screamed.

Awaking a sweet music box, she thrusted herself up. The wind. Yes. Just the wind. The wind made her windows burst open and startle her out of her rest. .their endless cluttering. . . no. Smiling softly, she slipped out of her comfortable bed, rushed to her balcony, and locked them up. There. Better. Before returning to bed, she stopped. Looking outside upon the darkness. She could catch the faint glimmer of bat wings scattering across the way.

The end.


You're my ending.

Who are you?

Can you not see? We were meant for each other. Deep, passionate, everlasting.

Shut up.

I've stopped your breathing. . .

I said shut up.

. . . your breathing. All by the power of my hand.

What are you talking about?

Stop it.


Wake up. Stop playing dead. Open your eyes.

You're crazy.

No! You're the one's going crazy.

Chursh bells? . . .why do I hear church bells?

I only gave her a little love.

. . . I only gae her a little love.

. . .gave her a little love.

. . a little love.

Stop it.

Stop it.

No more. Stop the church bells.


"Wake up,"

She awaoke with a start. With her now focused eyes, she looked around the room. "You,"


A gaunt, yet attractive man stood before her. He was dressed to perfection; dark purple suit made of crushed velvet, a deep red satin shirt for an undershirt, and at the end of his sleeves, the cuffs were lined in white. Not only were his clothes lovely, but his complexion was pale, yet hauntingly beautiful.

"Who are you? Why are you here?"

"You don't need to know my name," he replied. "We have yet to watch the ending of our fun little play?"


He snatched her up tight in his arms. "Don't trip," he said cooly. "If you trip I'll devour you." gently guiding his right hand to hers, and then placing his left hand into the small of her banck, he began.

Her heart thumped in her chest as she desperately tried to mimic his moves. With him being a little too tall, she was forced to be balanced onto the tips on her flat heeled boots as he gracefully guided her allong the marble floor.

He dipped her down. He spun her about. They both were graceful, though the girl's role soon ended.

the music. The song that drummed through her ears distracted her. As she listened to the final chorus, she stumbled over her own shoes.

"Ah. . ." the man gasped, watching her. "You slipped!"

She was decending as the song began to end. The urge to scream flowed through her body until he caught her.

"You're an inch from the ground," he told her, gawking into her pretty dark eyes. "But, you still tripped, thus I will devour you."

"Devour me?"

He moved to hand he caught her with from the center of her back to inbetween her shoulderblades. He watched as her stragith hair cascaded down behind her, revealing her neck.

"How can you devour me?"

He smirked and bared his long fangs. "Don't struggle, baby."and he ate her.

Did you end me?

Why do you talk such nonsense?

You tore my flesh.

Nothing is better then the first.

Stop trying to confuse me.

I like it.

What are you?

The keeper.

Who are you?

Your protector.

Why did you devour me?

Your play will soon end.

She lay upon the marble floor, just barely alive. "What have you done to me?"

The gaunt looking man slowly reappeared before her. "You still take in air?" he asked. "Surprising."

I'm fading "Answer me. What happened?"

"You were delicious."

She watched, the man leaned into her slowly. her body was weak as he lifted her to sit up. "What have you done?" she asked him.

"Do you wish to live?"

She did not reply. Her body would not allow it. She could only heave out a dry groan of discomfort, and then she fainted.

Something hot and moist touched the back of her neck, bringing her out of her pass out. She gave a squeak, and feeling rather confused, she looked at her new surroundings. A green-golden light dimly beamed down upon her and the grey marble floor. My clothes!? she paniced. "What's is this?"

The rattle of chains suddenly struck her ears and she was yanked sharply. A collar? Please no. . .

A hand touched the underside of her chin to tilt her head up. She saw someone amonst the dimness of the light.

"Y..You?!" she jerked back a bit. "What is going on?!"

"How sweet. You remmebered me." seductively, he leaned in toward he. "This is what you wanted. You tol dme.." he shoved her to the ground, cold elegant hands exploring her body harshly.

Her head crashed against the hard marble, a sharping pain sprung into the back of her head and she gave a small cry. "What are you. . . Wha tthe hell ar you talking about?!"

He kissed her. "Fear not pretty," his voice dripped wityh arousement. "Just lay bakc and take it." and without any mercy, he broke her.

Stop me. Hold me. Shut me up. Break me in. Hurt me.

Shut up, girl. Don't make a sound. Don't worry, I'll kiss your broken hymen and make it better.

You bastard. Tell me what you are. Tell me your name. Tell me your purpose for giving me such torture.

You shuldn't be so rushy, pretty.


Vampire. Tetsu. Watcher of the jewels. . . pretty gems such as yourself.

You lie, I am no gem.

Oh, but I speak the truth.

No. Stop whispering lies into my ear.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the final act.

And the line was cut. A wave of black velvet dropped onto the stage giving note that the show was finally over.The audience began to cheer and clap their hands as the keeper, out of no where, appeared on the stage.

Silence, lovely aduience, hold your cheers and applause for just a little longer. The show is not yet complete. We have yet to witness what has happened to our lovely little gem. Is she well? Did she live? What about the keeper? So many questions, yet almost so little time. Will they ever be answered? But of course they will~

"You're nothing but a precieux gem, my lovely," he said to her.

No," her voice hurt as she twisted away from him shaprly. "Stop. You're lying!"

"Lying?" he questioned. "But my beloved, you are the stone of garnet?" he cooed into her ear softly, tilting her head up slightly. "Garnet is a precieux stone, is it not?"

"Yes. . . yes it is. But I am no stone."

He purred around her ear and toward her neck. "No matter how much you deny it, you'll become a stone just like the last."

The last? Her thoughts were suddenly broken down and a gasp puffed from her mouth as a hot, sticky tongue met the sensitive section of her throat. as his tongue roughly massaged the section, she blurted out a moan. "Te. . .no. .please no. . .don't do it." the licks grew more tougher and she moaned softly again. "Ah. . .please stop, Tetsu."

"Sorry my beloved Garnet," his voice was rough, yet pleasurable to the girls ears. "But the show must continue." he gave a hard suck on the side of her neck, irritating the vain he craved, and then sharply biting into it.

She screamed. The play was over. She could feel him draining her of her life energy until she was nothing. "Tetsu. . ." she gasped for air as her dry lips split slightly.

He released his grip on her vain, blood dripped down the side of his mouth and he licked it away. "Eh? What is it you want?"

"Kiss. . . me? Make all of my pain go away? Please?"

There was a smirk on his blood covered lips and he leaned in close. "Oh? Is that all you want? A kiss?" he teased her lips with his tongue and firmly pressed his mouth to hers.

And as the play ended, the keep smiled upon the dark red gem in the palm of his hand.

"Such a lovely stone, beloved Garnet." he said to the stone with a smirk, placing the gem beside the agate stone. "Only a few more until you are fully complete."

Fully complete.



- - -

Inspired by the song: -various artists-

I was kind of late on bringing this all up. I had posted this in my LiveJournal for fun and just to get some reviews before actually writing this up on here.

Toward the end of this, I got a little stuck. I didn't know what to make for the ending or anything for this wasn't just raw idea like the first one.

Again, "Garnet" wasn't meant to have a name at all. I was going to leave this all a nameless "story", but I suppose it's good to give out SOME kind of name, right? Yeah. I suppose so.

I have another one on the way! And I'm sure that this next one should be a little better then this one ^^;;;;.

I'm sorry this was late, and that this is rather bad X_____x. I still hope you all like it though.
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