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How They Met

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Lilly Callaghan has a crush on a boy but One of Lilly's freinds has a crush on her who will she choose

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Chapter One How They Met
Lilly's Pov
It was like another day I would get up and go to school. Meet up with my best friends T. J. Jackson and Mara Halden. "Hey"I said as I walked up to my locker which they were waiting at.
"Hey"T.J said as I started to get my books out of my locker like any of day
"So. Are we doing anything this weekend" Mara asked me
"Um. Well, we could "I said as I shut my locker then started to walk away with T. J and Mara following me.
"What do you want to do?" I turned around to ask them. Since there seem like no way we were going to get threw the popular people who were just standing there like idiots.
"Okay you know what come Hey"T.J said as she made her way threw the crowd of popular. Once on the other side of the group she answered my question.
"we could go bowling"She said before she ran into a couple people and knocked them down.
"Watch where your going!"T.J yelled as she kept on walking but I stopped to help them up.
"Sorry about her"I told the two boys that got knocked down as I helped them pick up there books.
"Why did she do that"The one boy asked
"Because she is just like that I can't explain it." I told them handing them the last book
"Thanks Lilly right?"Camron asked
"Welcome and yeah I was in your English class last year"I told him
"That's right"Camron said
"Didn't you play the alto saxophone in band?"Josh asked just as T. j came back
"Yeah I did and T. J say your sorry"I told T. J
"Hey and why?"T.J asked confused
"You only knocked Camron and Josh Kinsley down"I told her
"And it's polite to do"I told her again giving her a look saying don't say anything if you don't want me to kill you here and now
"Sorry"T.J said to them
"It's okay and where are you headed to?"Josh asked me
"Bio room 232"I told him "Well lets go I have Bio 232 also and Camron has Basic Algebra room 202"Josh replied as we started to walk in the direction of are classes.
"So..Lilly are we doing anything this weekend?"T.j asked
"I told you if you guys want to I mean I'm up for anything we could go bowling or we could go to the mall."I told T. J
"I say bowling"T.J said
"I say the mall"Mara said
"No bowling"T.J agueged
"No the mall"Mara argued back
Josh and Camron just looked at them while I was ready to bang their heads into the nearest locker.
"Guys quite fighting we can do both"I said to them
"Fine"T.J and Mara said at the same time
Just as Bill Hull walked by "Hey Lilly"Bill said as we got in between me and Josh
"Hey and I was talking to Josh"I said to Bill meanly.
"So"Bill said
"So it was rude of you to cut in between me and Josh"I raised my voice to him.
"So who cares"Bill said
"Lilly I'll see you in class"Josh said then walked into room 232
"Yeah I'll see you in lunch"Camron said then walked away
"Camron...Josh wait"I said angry that Bill had to go and ruin me talking to Camron and Josh Kinsley.
Josh and Camron kept on walking away
"So like I was saying"Bill said
"Save it"I snapped at him then walked away with Adie, T. j and Mara behind me
"He likes you"Mara said plainly
"I don't like him"I told her
"Well better get to class"T.J said
"Yeah see you guys later t j wait for me after class so we can walk to English together"I told her
"Okay seeya"T.J said then walked to her class
"See you in lunch"Mara said
"Okay later"I told them then they left
I walked into Bio and took my seat.
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