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Chapter Three

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Stephanie fully transforms and Officer Benson finds he must keep his promise.

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Stephanie could feel her body shifting and changing, she watched in horror as her hands grew long claws. She saw her skin turn yellow, and sprout fur. She tried to scream but all that came out was a howl.
Than all she could think of was the hunger, she needed to feed. Swiftly she ran out of the hospital, slipping past the doctors and nurses as if she was invisible.
She ran to the edge of the woods, sensing rather than seeing the other Wendigo. He ran back into the trees and she followed him.
Together they ran until the came to a dense park. A couple was sitting on one of the benches, the male Wendigo slipped quietly behind them, grabbing the man and snapping his neck. Stephanie, now fully a Wendigo, grabbed the woman as she shrieked. She bit into the woman's neck, severing arteries and sending blood gushing all over.
The only sound than was of the two Wendigo tearing into the mangled corpses of their victims.

Officer Benson ran into Stephanie's hospital room, he found her brother and mother waiting for him. Her mother was in a panic, "she just vanished," Stephanie's mother sobbed frantically. "She took nothing with her, not even her clothes." She grabbed hold of Officer Benson's arm, "you have to find my baby." Stephanie's brother embraced their mother as she collapsed in his arms sobbing.
Officer Benson left the hospital in a hurry, he flipped open his cell phone when he got to the car. "Bernie," he said as he got in the drivers seat, "where could I find a silver stake and axe?" He started the car, and drove to retrieve the instruments of Stephanie's death.

The old man at the shop, quickly gestured for Officer Benson to come in. He locked the door behind him and closed the shades, "yer hunting a Wendigo aren't ya?" He said to Officer Benson he looked at the old man in shock. How did you know? The old man chuckled and winked, "I figured ya needing a silver stake and axe, that it was a Wendigo ya was hunting." He led the way into the back room, and picked a beautiful silver axe off the table. "I'm sure ya know, that first ya have to shatter the beast's heart with a silver stake. Than ya use this to cut it up." He set the axe back down on the table, "it's not a pleasant job, but it has to be done. I'm going with ya, so ya better tell me what we're up against."
Officer Benson sat down at the table, "there are two of them," he began, "one is the original one a male I suspect. He bit a young woman by the name of Stephanie three nights ago." He paused and clenched his eyes shut, pained that she had become a Wendigo. "Last night," he continued, "she disappeared from her hospital room. I think she totally transformed."
Just than Officer Benson's cell phone rang, he shrugged at the old man and moved away to answer it. "This is Officer Benson," he listened in shock, "when? Ok I'll be right there."
He clicked off the cell phone and turned to the old man, "uh Mr.?"he started, the old man shook his head, "no Mr, just call me Gus." "There's been a double homicide Gus," Officer Benson said as he started out of the back room. "They look like they've been torn apart by wild animals," Gus' eyes widened, "Wendigo," he breathed. Officer Benson nodded his head, "I have to go check this out, come if you want." Than he left the store.
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