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a note from travis

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we changed into our pj's and laid on the bed. i grabbed the box and started to open it. "i wonder who it's from" ryan said as he flipped through tv channels. inside was a picture of me and ryan but it had been torn down the middle splitting us apart and a note. the note said:

dear ryan and camryn. congrats on the wedding and the baby. enjoy it while it lasts because it won't last long. you may have put me in jail but there's thing called bail. i'm watching your every move so watch your backs. i'll get you when you least expect. i WILL get what i want. you won't know when or where i'll strike but you'll get whats coming to you....and watch that baby of yours also when it's born. again, enjoy it. this fairytale is about to end.


'no...this can't be happening again' i thought. tears came to my eyes and i dropped the note on the bed. ryan picked it up and read it. "i'll be right back" he said getting up and walking out of the room. 5 minutes later kk, danny, ashleigh, and jamie came running in the room. "we're not gonna let him get to you, ryan, or the baby" danny said sitting next to me on the bed. "if that bastard even tries to do anything i will personally kill him myself" kk said holding my hand. i wiped away my tears. "thanks guys. i just wish we could put him in jail for good" i said. "i don't want to upset you or anything but who's travis" jamie asked. kk told jamie and ashleigh the story about travis. after she was done, those two were mad. "we only met you like a couple of days ago but we'll be here to protect you too" ashleigh said as her and jamie gave me hugs. ryan came back a half hour later and the girls said they would see me in the morning. "ok well we called the police and they're gonna come by tomorrow to see the note and box" ryan said laying down next to me. "i really thought this was over ry. i guess it was just the beginning. and now he's putting our baby in danger" i said, tears coming to my eyes again. "don't worry about it babe. we'll get him this time and he won't see daylight again. i promise" ryan said kissing the top of my head. we fell asleep trying to put the note out of our minds but deep inside i couldn't stop thinking about it.

the next day the police came to our room to talk to us. i had to tell the whole story about travis so they could understand why this was so much more upsetting. they took the note and box as evidence and said they would call us later. everybody wanted to go to the movies to try and cheer me up but i didn't want to leave the hotel. travis said he was watching our every move. what if he tried to do something when we left. so we ordered pizzas and had a movie marathon in mine and ryan's room. we were in the middle of The Perfect Score when i got up to go to the bathroom.

(ryan pov)

camryn got up to the bathroom. she's still shaken from that note we got last night. i just wish there was something i could do or say to reassure (sp?) her that everything would be ok. i was staring off into space when i heard pete trying to talk to me. "ryan. earth to ryan" pete said. "sorry, i was just thinking" i said coming back to reality. "look i know you're worried. we all are. we just gotta go on with our lives and try to keep a positive outlook on this situation. for camryn mostly. she doesn't need this extra stress" pete said, everyone else nodding in agreement. "yeah i know. but she's gonna think about it no matter what we say. you know what he did to her. he's pretty much scarred her for life" i said as camryn came back into the room.

(camryn pov)

i heard them talking about me. i didn't really have to go to the bathroom. i just needed to think in peace. and i happened to overhear their conversation. i walked back into the room. "look...i don't need your sympathy. i didn't need it back then and i sure as hell don't need it now. got it" i snapped. everyone just stared at me then nodded. with that i grabbed my phone and walked to the door. "where are you going" ryan asked running over to me. "i just need to get out of here. i didn't think i wanted to leave but i can't stay here. not right now." i said grabbing the handle. "hold on. let me get my shoes and i'll go with you" he said turning around. "no. i need to be alone" i said. "i'm not letting you go out there by yourself" he said but i was already gone. i saw him running out the hotel door yelling my name but the elevator doors had closed. i walked into the lobby and was about to walk out the doors when i felt someone grab my arm.

sorry this is kinda short. i don't want to give everything away in one chapter. i was thinking today i don't know how long this is gonna last...but it might come to an end soon. depending on how i end it will depend on if there's a sequel. hope you enjoyed this one :)
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