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Spontaneous behavior.

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Brendon does something spontaneous.

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'Hey Brendon, I'm taking Thomas to the doctor, we'll be back in a couple of hours.' Chelsea yelled through the apartment as Brendon continued to pack boxes in Thomas' room.

'Alright,' Brendon started as he walked out of the nursery carrying a box of Thomas' clothes, 'I'm going to go for a late lunch with Ryan in a little while.'

'Okay, I think I might take Thomas shopping with me, I need some new jeans and I need to shop for a certain Christmas present for someone.'

'Ohh does that present involve lingerie and candles?'

'Don't get to excited there babe.' Chelsea laughed, 'We're going to be able to get everything decorated before Christmas right?'

'Oh yeah, I think we can get everything packed tonight and starting moving tomorrow.'

'Good, okay we're leaving, love you.' Chelsea said as Brendon took Thomas from her.

'Mmm, love you.' Brendon said as he gave her a sweet open mouthed kiss before kissing Thomas and then Chelsea again.

'Come on babe, let's go to the doctor.' Chelsea said carrying Thomas out of the apartment and towards the elevator.

'Hi, I have an appointment with Dr. DeMotto at three.' Chelsea said softly as Thomas laid his head on his mother's shoulder.

'Thomas Urie?'


'Alright, if you'll have a seat right over there, I'll let her know you're here.' The receptionist smiled as Chelsea thanked her and turned around to sit down. She sat Thomas down on her lap as he held her finger, slowly pulling it up his mouth where he gnawed on it to relieve the pressure from his teeth.

'I wonder what kind of trouble your daddy is getting into right now.' Chelsea said as Thomas hit his other hand onto Chelsea's leg.

'Mrs. Urie?' a nurse called. Chelsea looked up and stood up picking up her bag before following the nurse back.

'How are you doing?' she asked sweetly as she held the door open for Chelsea and her son who was still chewing on her finger.


'The doctor should be in, in a few minutes.' She smiled.

Chelsea smiled back and set Thomas on the table as she soothed his hair back, 'You're beautiful.' She said kissing the top of his head as he held onto her and began to fuss.

'I'm not going to leave you sweetheart.' She smiled as she picked him up as the door opened.

'Good morning Chelsea.' Thomas' doctor smiled.

'Morning Jennifer.' Chelsea replied.

'How are you doing?'

'Pretty good.'

'How is Brendon?'

'Insane.' Chelsea laughed.

'How about this little man, how is he?'

'Not so good, he's been very fussy lately, he hasn't been sleeping, and nothing we do seem to calm him own.' Chelsea said as the doctor took Thomas away from his mother as he began to cry harder, 'See.'

'Well let's see what's causing this.' The doctor said handing Thomas back to his mom.

After an hour of Thomas crying and running tests, the doctor finally handed Thomas back to Chelsea where she comforted him and held him closer to her, 'So looks like he has a double ear infection, strep throat, and he's teething.' The doctor said.

'Oh my gosh, poor thing.' Chelsea said kissing the top of his head as he clung to her.

'I'm going to put him on an anti-biotic and it should clear it up fairly quickly. It needs to be quiet and he needs to rest a lot, lots of fluids and lots of cuddling.' She smiled.

'Thank you Jennifer.'

'You're welcome Chelsea anytime. I'm going to go a head and call it in so you can just pick it up on your way home.'

'Sounds good.' She smiled, 'Let's go see daddy.' Chelsea said as she cradled Thomas and began towards her car.

Meanwhile with daddy...

'What do you want to do today?' Ryan asked as he and Brendon sat on the couch with Spencer and Eric.

'I want to do something spontaneous.' Brendon said standing up.

'Chelsea doesn't like spontaneous.' Ryan said.

'So what? I'm tired of planning everything out; I want something to not be planned.' Brendon said picking up his car keys.

'Where are you going?'

'To get a tattoo.' Brendon said walking out of the house. The remaining three boys looked at each other before chasing after Brendon.

'Brendon, spontaneous is one thing, stupid is another.' Ryan said.

'Nothing you two say is going to talk me out of it, I'm doing it.' Brendon said as he got into his car.

'What can I do for you?' a woman asked as Brendon walked into the nearest tattoo parlor.

'I want to get a tattoo.' Brendon smiled.

'I'm sure you do.' The woman said going back to what she was doing.

'No really, I want to get a tattoo.' Brendon said walking to the counter.

'How old are you like seventeen?'

'I'm twenty.' Brendon said pulling out his wallet.

'So what do you want?' the guy asked as Brendon sat in the chair.

'I want the word Chelsea on my wrist in black ink.' Brendon said as he turned his right wrist over.

'Chelsea?' he asked.


'Who is Chelsea?'

'She's my wife.'

'I see, I have one of those.' The guys said as he prepped Brendon's wrist.

'Alright buddy, let's get you home and into bed.' Chelsea said three hours later as she walked out of Victoria secret with two bags and she pushed Thomas around in his stroller.

Chelsea put Thomas into his car seat with his Passy before starting her drive home.

'Brendon?' she called through the box filled apartment.

'Hey babe.' Brendon said walking out from the bedroom.

'Hey honey.' She said as he kissed her before picking Thomas' seat up off the floor and taking out the sleeping baby.

'What did the doctor say?' Brendon asked.

'He has a double ear infection, strep throat, and he's teething.' Chelsea said, 'She gave him some antibiotics and it should clear up in the next week or so.'

'Alright, I'm going to put him to bed.' Brendon whispered as Chelsea noticed the bandage on his wrist.

'Hey honey.' Chelsea said as Brendon walked into their bedroom while she went through what she had bought that day.

'Yeah babe?' he asked as he put some more stuff into boxes.

'What happened to your arm?' she asked walking over in her panties and bra.

'What are you talking about?' Brendon asked back himself against the wall as Chelsea cornered him.

'This.' Chelsea said turning his wrist right side up to see the bandage.

'Oh that, oh it's nothing.' Brendon said as he tried to kiss her.

'Did you hurt yourself baby?'

'No.' Brendon said.

'Then let me see.' She said as she started to take the bandage off.

'Wait.' Brendon said grabbing her hand, 'Before you see it, you have to promise not to get mad at me.'

'Brendon, why would I get mad about this?' she asked taking the band aid off.

Chelsea took it off and saw her name tattooed across his wrist in black lettering; she looked up at him before looking back down at his wrist. Chelsea dropped his hand and walked back over to the bed.


'You got a tattoo?' she asked turning around to look at him. Brendon was having problems taking his eyes off her body.

'Just a little one, I wanted to do something spontaneous.'

'So you got a tattoo?'

'It's not a big deal babe.'

'YOU GOT A TATTOO!' Chelsea yelled.

'It's your name.' Brendon said.

Chelsea chuckled a little as she walked over to look at Brendon's tattoo, 'Brendon you tattooed my name on your wrist, in plain view where everyone can see it.'

'I know.' Brendon smiled proudly.

'You tattooed my name on your wrist.'

'I could have put it on my chest but I thought it would interfere with our sex life.' Chelsea gave him a weird look before pulling out a pair of jeans from behind him.

'So I'm not in trouble?' Brendon asked.

'You got a tattoo, who let you do this?'

'Ryan and Jon, they said it was okay.'

'You're full of it, I'm sure that Ryan tried to talk you out of it.' Chelsea said as she folded her lingerie she had bought for Brendon.

'Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What is this?' Brendon asked walking over to her Victoria secret bag.

'None of your business.' Chelsea said snatching the bag from him.

'Chelsea, did you buy me a present?' Brendon smiled.

'No they are for the man I'm having an affair on the side with.'

'I'm going to beat his ass, I told Jon to stay away from you.' Brendon said picking up his phone. Chelsea laughed and pulled him down onto the bed with her.

'Stop being over dramatic, Of course I bought these for you, maybe one of these nights we'll get a little bit of alone time, I'll model them for you.' She smiled.

'I like the sounds of that.' Brendon said as they heard Thomas start to cry and the phone ring.

'Obviously, that's not going to be tonight.' Chelsea said getting up to answer the phone as Brendon went for Thomas
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