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Not all things are black and broken

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This is my new story, its really different from the other one, im also getting bored with the other one so i need to start a new one. Its not all drama, it has alot in it, but theres also a new kin...

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"Get you fat ass out of bed" you mother screamed at you as usual. You hated her with a passion, She was the biggest bitch that you had ever met. And she was always drunk. You looked at the clock to realize that you only had 10 minutes to get ready for school. You got up, no time to take a shower. You changed into a black baggy slipknot t-shirt that mick gave you, he was nice but you and him barly talked, hell you barly talked at all. You stoped talking and you shut your self out from everyone at your 15 birthday party. (by the way, you are still 15). You put on a pair of dark blue flair jeans and brushed your black stright hair with the random red streaks in it. You lined your green eyes with a thin line of black eyeliner. You were naturally pale but in the summer you did tan a little bit. You grabbed your bag and walked into the living room to see Corey,Joey and Mick all sitting on the couch watching TV. Corey looked at you and smiled but you showed no expression, you just walked passed him and out the door just in time to catch the bus. You got on the bus and sat in the very back seat. You got to school and headed stright to room 119. Math. You hated math, you wernt bad it at, it just bored the shit out of you. You walked in and tool your usual seat in the back right hand corner of the classroom. The rest of the day went as usual. You got the dirty looks and the typical 'freak' comments and shit like that. You decided not to take the bus home so you just walked. You walked up the pathway, you opened the front door and waled into the livingroom to see joey corey and mick all watching porn. You give them all dirty looks and walk to your room. You shut the door behind you and you drop your bag on the floor. You go over and sit on your bed thats agenst the wall next to your window. You look out and bring you knees up to your chin. You feel a silent tear fall down your cheek as the memories of your 15th birthday party flood into your head. "why me, why did that have to happen to me?" you think to yourself when you hear a knock at the door. You get up and open it to reveal corey. "Can I talk to you a sec?" he asks and you nod. You go back on you bed and sit in the position that you were in. Corey shuts the door behind him and sits next to you. He goes to put his hand on your shoulder but you give him a terrified look and pull away. He puts his hand down. "whats on your mind" he says actually sounding like he cares. You dont say anything. "do you ever talk?" he asks. You shake your head. "why do you do that to yourself?" he asks. You give him a confused look. "that" he says pointing to your wrist. You feel a tear brimming your eye. You cant tell him, you know you cant, he wont believe you. You just turn away and look out the window. "You can tell me, its ok, but you dont have to if you really dont want to", "I cant you wont understand" you say "she speaks" he says adding a smile, which makes you smile 'hes kinda cute' you think to yourself (by the way corey is 30 and joey is 26). "So hows life before your mom started dating mick?" he says "it sucked" "have you always been this way?" "no, i used to be really happy but i dont know" "oh well can you promise me something?" "whats that" "not to cut anymore" "i cant make a promise i cant keep, but i can try not to" "why cant you promise" "cuz its like an addiction, its something that i really cant help" "oh". then there was a silence. "Like Oh My God, we should so like go shopping" he says randomly in a high pitch girly voice. "Shopping for what, I dont have any money" you say trying not to laugh. For some reason you felt comfortable around corey, like he wouldent judge you no matter what you did. "dont worry hun, ill pay, and if im paying for you, this means you have to do what i say." he says. You smile "and i got her to smile as well" he says proudly. "ok so when do you wanna leave" you ask "now" he says and grabs your hand pulling you out of your room and dragging you out into his BMW. You feel as if you can really trust corey. So you decide to test and see if its true. "hey corey can i tell you something and have you not tell anybody else?" "yeah sure what is it hun?" he says sweetly "well I......."

ha-ha now im gonna leave you here!!!
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