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furry truth

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Not telling!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now I got a wide various selections of what Atlanta is but at the end of thee story( don't want to ruin it)

Now on with the story.............


Atlanta watched as the sparkles on her hands faded off. Then she was looking at two long furry arms with dipped-white paws. "oh my god, oh my god, oh my ggggggod" she muttered as she ran towards the door to lock it. She struggled hard because she had no thumbs.

Soon her legs started to grow fur and two more white-dipped paws replaced her feet. Then as she grabbed the nearest mirror she saw that on her head were two red ears, pointed straight up.

Then her nose became wet and damp. When suddenly her heart pounded 3 times faster than normal. BAM BAM BAM the pain was too much. Sickly and painfully she looked down as the rest of her body turned red, fury and hot.

She looked in the mirror to find that in her reflection, it wasn't her, it wast her at all.

Then with her extra-keen ears she heard a knock at the door. "Hey Atlanta, you there? Open the door!" she heard Archie yell.

She knew she couldn't open the door and let him because 1.: he couldn't see her like this and 2: with no thumbs she really couldn't open the lock.

She heard him hitting his vista gains the door. "Sssssssttttttttttooooooppppppp!!!" she screamed before realising what she just did. Then Archie ran down stars yelling to jay something muffled.

"god what am I going to do???" she said to herself.

Atlanta's POV

Oh my god!! I can hear them coming up the stairs. What am I going to do??? Wait a minute. Look at that window.

That might be my way out. Time to jump, 5, 4,3,2,1!!!!!!!!!! JUMP!

Atlanta's POV End

She jumped out of the window. The air blew through her hair as she came closer and closer to the ground. BAM she landed on her tail. When she looked down to see if her aching behind was ok, only to see that her tail was also dipped in white.

She had landed in a garbage bin. Smelly and rotten "ew" she said

"God life is hard, wait a minute I AM A FOX AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh.................." Then she fainted.


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