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Make It Out Alive

by JokeMeKisses 5 Reviews

Tensions between friends finally comes to a head.

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: R - Genres: Drama - Characters:  - Published: 2007/04/25 - Updated: 2007/04/26 - 1161 words - Complete


  • Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

    (#) LOVELA 2007-04-25 09:58:19 PM

    Alrighty. I thought this chapter was a really good insight into what anyone's friends would probably say. They do have a point to be worried about a girl coming in and trampling over Andy, but I also find it very compelling that Andy is defending her. I hope the boys do give Lindsey a chance just as I hope she gives them one too! Good Chappie!

    Author's response

    I think I like how Andy defends her most about this chapter too. That's one thing with his character I don't think I focus on enough even though I do try to include it a lot more later. A certain character, who I believe is still unnamed at this point, can be responsible for the fact Andy can't bear to lose another girl he's fallen for. This character is a heartbreaker to say the least. haha. Well, I think that's the end of my foreshadowing for tonight. It was a lovely review as always. Thank you for your continued support.
  • Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

    (#) KatieLove 2007-04-26 03:35:13 PM

    I loved it.
    Andy really wants to just take care of her. :-) How... sweet.

    You're amazing.

    Author's response

    oops. repeat.
  • Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

    (#) KatieLove 2007-04-26 04:03:21 PM

    I loved it.
    Andy really wants to just take care of her. :-) How... sweet.

    You're amazing.

    Author's response

    Thank you very much. I'm glad the cute factor of the story is finally coming together. I'm a sucker for romantic relationships...this one with take off eventually, I'm sure of it.
  • Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

    (#) riaryder 2007-04-27 01:18:27 PM

    I am sorry, lady. I read this yesterday and didn't review. Ashamed of myself.
    But hey-ho, here goes.
    I totally get why all Andy's friends are getting at him about Lyndsay. I mean, she is hugely un-hinged and what good friends wouldn't be wary.
    But at the same time, I feel kind of protective of her. And I want them to get off her back.
    It's because your characters have so many dimensions that your readers actually give a shit about them.
    Lovely writing, as always. And points to you as always xx

    Author's response

    It's crazy how much I love the characters of this story. I think that's why it's taking me so long to move the story forward (I've been stuck writing chapter 20 for the past two weeks). I'm constantly worried of misstepping the dialogue or the description of a place or a time. I knew immediately how Pete, Patrick, and Joe would react. Patrick with his misforunate choice of words, Pete with his straightfoward approach, and Joe who'd rather keep his distance than get involved with Lindsey's ...insanity. But anyway, I'm not sure what's caused all this rambling tonight. I don't mind late reviews at all, no need for apologies, not when it's been almost a week since my last update. I'm going to work on fixing that in the morning. I swear I'm done talking now. Thank you for the amazing review!
  • Throwing Stones At A Glass Moon

    (#) XxIceCreamHeadachexX 2008-01-16 04:05:29 PM

    I love the characters.
    They just seem so....
    I adore this story. =D
    Next chappy----->

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