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Chapter 1

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Mel is a girl who suffers from an abusing father and a mother who cant help it. She wins a trip to meet MCR. will it change her life forever?

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A/N: This is my first story here, and I hope you guys like it :)

Chapter 1

I sat at my bed, reading my book in peace. I heard someone approaching my room. I braced myself. I knew what was going to happen, something that happened every single night as far as I could remember.

The door flew open and in came a man, a man who couldn't keep his balance, and was slurring his words, a drunken man. I can't believe I've got a drunk as a father. Yes, he is my father, well as far as I know. I always think that my mom is hiding something from me, but I just can't seem to find out what it is.

My "father" came to me. He said something which I couldn't understand, due to the fact that he was drunk. He then came to me, and I got ready for the worst. He came to me, pulled me off my bed, and slapped me across the face, which made me fall on the floor.

"You no good daughter of mine, why are you sitting there reading a book when we got enough brainy people destroying our world?" He said to me. I didn't say anything, since I knew what my replies would do, and trust me, it's better being quiet. I just got up and stared at him in the face.

"Answer me you goddamn thing," he said, getting angrier by the second. At last, after he got tired of waiting for an answer, he pushed me to the wall, and blindfolded me. I could feel his hands snaking down to my jeans. I could feel his filthy hand unbuttoning my pants. I couldn't push him off, due to the force he was holding me against the wall. I felt my jeans fall off me, and I felt him messing around with my underwear.

"Now, you will answer me or I shall do this," he threatened. "Why are you reading this goddamn book about World War II?"

"It's for this school thing," I said, feeling a bit scared from what he is going to do.

"Oh, it's for school is it?" He started fiddling with my underwear, pulling it a bit lower. And right then, my mom came in the room.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" she shouted at him, causing him to leave me fall to the ground, and go out of my room. I wore my pants and lay on my bed crying myself to sleep. This happened every single night since my brother moved out. He moved out the day he became 18, legal to live by himself. He has found a nice apartment, while I'm stuck here living with an abusing father and a mother who cant help it. I don't know how much I need to suffer until I get saved from this miserable life...
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