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Higher Spirits

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Rebecca and Lowen are finally getting married, and Wil's feeling a little sad about losing his best friend, until a certain green-haired nomad decides to cheer him up... RathWil, implied RebeccaLow...

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Higher Spirits


Dedicated to my good friend, "Michael" (ha, I'm never gonna stop calling you that now), who got me into the fandom and pairing because of that story I had to proofread for her. And because she drew me pretty RathWil art when I was sick.

All characters © Nintendo; I'm just using them for entertainment purposes.

Wil sat on the damp grass at the bottom of the hill, back against a tree, enjoying the warm summer night air. It was a beautiful night, with a new moon and bright stars to light it up, and laughter and merriment could be heard in the distance. There was a sudden eruption of loud laughter, which was probably attributed to Matthew's and Guy's antics. Despite the light-hearted atmosphere not far off, Wil was feeling unusually melancholy.

Rebecca was getting married. He never thought he'd see the day. Of course, he had figured he would've never seen her again, too, when he left home. But after he had found her again, he'd just figured they stay together forever. They were best friends, after all; she was like an older sister to him (even though she was younger). He had never really thought about Rebecca getting married, even when she started dating Lowen, because she'd never really seemed the type to settle down. Of course, she had matured from when she was 10, so Wil guessed it wasn't so improbable after all.

Not that he really minded Rebecca getting married. It was obvious her and Lowen were in love, and Lowen seemed like a nice guy; they'd be happy together. But even though Wil knew this, he still felt a little depressed. He'd be all alone again, like when Dan had left when they ran away from home together. Though I do deserve it a little, Wil told himself. He had run off with Rebecca's brother because they had thought they could make their families fortunes, and in the end left Rebecca all alone. But things had worked out, with him meeting Rebecca again, so they were together for a while. But now he would really be all alone, because now Rebecca had Lowen and he had no one.

Wil sighed and stood, contemplating going back. But he just wasn't in the mood. Everyone would ask him what was wrong if he went back, too, and he didn't want to ruin Rebecca's special day. He stretched before walking away from the tree, heading to the top of the hill to get a better view of the landscape below. He reached the top and looked out, staring up at the night sky, then to the bottom of the hill, where the wind blew through the tall green grass, swaying in the breeze. It really was a beautiful night, the moon was full and pale, and the stars were shining bright. Rebecca chose a good day for the wedding, Wil thought. He crouched down, idly fiddling with the grass for lack of anything better to do. He flopped down on the ground, staring up into the tree overhead. I wonder how many leaves there are? Wil wondered mindlessly and started counting the leaves out of pure boredom.


"501... 502... 503..." Wil counted lazily, eyes half-lidded with sleep. Counting the leaves, coupled with the warm night and his boredom, was starting to make Wil quite tired. He yawned loudly and stretched, and was just about to continue counting (or go to sleep), when he heard a branch crack.

He titled his head back to see who the intruder was, but could only see the feet. He squinted, but since it was getting somewhat late, even though it was a bright night, he could only make out a pair of plain brown boots. The boots quietly walked over to him, the footsteps muffled by the grass, and stopped at next to his head. He looked up and found him staring into the face of the green-haired nomad, Rath.

"...Can I... sit next to you?" Rath asked, peering at Wil from behind his bangs. Wil gave a small smile, happy to know that Rath hadn't changed since the last time he saw him [1], still as quiet and calm as ever.

"Of course," Wil answered, still smiling. Rath sat down next to hiss head, arms wrapped around his legs. There was a comfortable silence between, and that was one of the things Wil liked about Rath. There could be long periods of silence between them, when Wil just didn't feel like talking, even though that was incredibly rare, and Rath... well... Rath was just being Rath, and it never felt awkward or anything. That was another thing Wil liked about Rath: he was always so calm; just being around Rath made Wil feel calmer. Happier, too.

"...Is something wrong?" Rath asked, effectively breaking the comfortable silence from before. Wil thought a moment before responding, not sure whether to go with "no, everything's fine." or actually telling Rath the truth, but then decided on going with latter, because talking with Rath always made him feel better, because Rath always listened.

Wil sat up and turned to look at Rath, who was giving him his usual intense stare. "Well... it's Rebecca's marriage. Now, don't get the wrong idea. I'm really happy for her; Lowen's a great guy, but... I kind of don't want it to happen. I mean, I'm gonna be all alone again. Though, I kind of deserve it, since I did take her brother away from her, and she was left alone for all that time, but Dan left after only a month, so then I was alone, and I just found her again after what; five years? So I thought that we'd be together forever, like we said when we were little, when it was just me and Dan and her. We used to spend a lot of time together. She was my next door neighbor, and I was good friends with her brother, and she would always tag along, no matter where we went. At first I found it kind of annoying, but then it turned out Rebecca was fun to be around, and..." Wil stopped, slightly embarrassed that he had been talking for so long. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm rambling. I kind of have a tendency to do that..." Wil trailed off, not sure what to say.

Rath was quite for a moment, processing all the information Wil just gave him, before speaking. "Well... I think... it's alright for you to be a little upset about Rebecca's leaving, because she's your good friend, and you'll miss her. And it you really have no one like you say, it'll make sense if you're lonely and don't want her to leave."

Wil stared incredulously at Rath for a moment, a large grin on his face. "You know," he started, voice filled with mirth, "I think that is the longest string of words I've ever heard you say." Rath attempted to glare at him, but his small smile ruined the effect.

The sat in silence for a moment, both smiling, before Rath, surprisingly enough, decided to break the silence. "But... do you really care for Rebecca, like as more than a friend?" Rath was very serious when he said this, which was a complete turn around from just a few seconds ago.

"Well, yeah, I mean, she's like a sister to me," Wil answered truthfully, staring up at the night sky. It took a few seconds for Rath's true meaning to sink in, and once it did, Wil shot a surprised glance over at the green-haired nomad and quickly amended his statement. "Oh! Well, not like that! She's been my friend since like, forever. It'd just be so... weird. [2]"

Wil looked back down at the grass, rolling some blades around in his fingers again, he had developed the rather odd habit of doing that, completely missing Rath's look of relief. "Good."

Wil looked over at Rath again, and was just about to ask why that was good, when a pair of lips met his own. His eyes opened wide, completely shocked, taking in the sight before him. Rath. With his eyes closed. And his lips on Wil's own. Wil had never expected this. He couldn't even respond, not kissing Rath back or slapping him or pulling away or anything, because he had never, ever, EVER, thought this would happen.

Not that he hadn't ever wanted this. Oh no, he had wanted this for quite some time. When he had first laid eyes on the green-haired nomad, he knew instantly that Rath was cool, and being around Rath had just further proved his point, so Wil had started to really like him. Wil had once dreamt of something like this happening, and made the misfortune about telling it to Rebecca, who had teased him mercilessly about (all in good humor, though), so he was absolutely ecstatic.

But, since this was just so surreal to Wil, he hadn't responded in any sort of manner. So Rath had pulled back, not even bothering to hide the hurt look in his eyes. "I'm... sorry. I just thought - never mind, I'll leave," Rath mumbled, standing up. Wil hadn't heard what he said at first, still in shock of what happened, and numbly placed a hand to his lips, to see if it was real, that this wasn't just some dream. His lips still tingled from where Rath's were. Finally hitting him that this was real, and not some crazy fantasy, Rath's words finally had an impact on him.

Stumbling to get up, he ran over to Rath, who was trying to make his leave as quick and silent as possible. "Wait, Rath!" Wil called, throwing his arms around Rath's waist when he finally reached him. "I - I'm sorry I didn't respond when you kissed me. I just was so surprised..." Wil trailed off, releasing Rath. Rath turned around slowly, and Wil continued on. "Well, um... what I want to say is that..." he took a deep breath, attempting to quash the blush that was spreading over his cheeks right now. He suddenly felt like a 12 year-old schoolgirl admitting her crush for the very first time. Deciding he very much to did NOT want to be a 12 year-old schoolgirl, he looked Rath in the eye, determined to finally tell Rath how he felt and gain his masculinity back. "...I like you. A lot."

Well, he didn't gain his masculinity back, and he was still blushing, but he told Rath how he felt, and that's what counted. And Rath smiled, which made Wil feel all light-headed and like he had butterflies in his stomach. Wil looked down at his feet, then up at Rath, then back down on his feet, deciding how to phrase the next sentence. "Hey, Rath... will you... um... will you kiss me again?"

He barely heard Rath's mumbled "yeah" before he found himself on his back on the ground, Rath hovering over him, their lips pressed together. The kisses were heated and passionate, seeming to suck the breath out of Wil. He gripped Rath's shirt for lack of anything better for his hands to do, hoping Rath was enjoying this as much as he was.
This was also really his first kiss, not including the one Rebecca had given when he was eight. And that had been on his cheek, too, so it didn't really count. He wondered where Rath had learned to kiss like this, and was surprised at the streak of jealousy that ran through him. Throwing his arms around Rath's neck possessively, and kissing back with more force, albeit clumsily, he decided that from then on, he was going to be the only person Rath would be kissing.

The pair broke apart only for the sake of air, panting breathlessly, both smiling with cheeks flushed red (Wil more so than Rath). "That was... wow..." Wil murmured in awe, speechless for once. Rath chuckled, rolling himself off Wil. He stood up, and Wil gave him a confused look wondering why Rath would want to stand up and not do that again.

"...We should head back," Rath explained, noticing Wil's confused, and slightly disappointed, expression. Wil nodded his head; the others would probably be worried about them now, and stood up. He took Rath's hand in his own, sent him a small smile, and made his way down the hill and back to the party, in much higher spirits than previously.

[1] This is supposed to be set post-canon, roughly around five years.
[2] Well, I always thought it'd be odd to fall in love with someone you've been friends with forever.

Okay, end super lame story. Ah, this is the first story I ever finished writing for the FE fandom. I'm working on another, multi-chaptered, one, and I've written two more since I finished this, both of which I'll probably submit later. Well, please R&R, and only flame me if my story sucks, not because I used a guy/guy pairing. Concrit is very much wanted and appreciated. And ignore the lame title, I honestly couldn't think of anything better.
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