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The strange man

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I turned my head and saw a car heading straight for me the next thing I felt was a whack on my side as the car hit me I screamed.

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Hey people how are you people. If you want to no Lostprophets Ruled and so did taking back Sunday.

Kitty's Pov
Ok kitty, why the fuck is he on the floor. Emma asked looking down.
Whaaa? I looked down and saw Gerard lying on the floor his head leaning against the wall his mouth slightly open and his eyes were closed he was breathing heavily. He was unmistakeably asleep.
Gerard? I said softly
Gerard wake up! I said poking him. He didn't wake up he just shifted and muttered something I couldn't hear.
I looked up at Emma who just looked shocked and tired.
Emz what should we do?
Her eyes widened
Kitty Gerard way is fallen asleep outside you flat and you are asking ME what to do How should I NO! She looked quite worried
Ok emzy calm down urm could we try and like pick him up or something?
Uhh ok. She bent down and grabbed his arms and I grabbed his legs.
1...2...3, I pulled up but emz wasn't ready so she tripped over and fell backwards. I burst out laughing as she lay on the floor looking very annoyed.
Fuck owww, she said rubbing her back.
Aww soz emzy.
You should be, she got up and grabbed his arms again.
Ok you ready now
1...2...3...Now, we both picked up at the same time he wasn't that heavy. We both stumbled into my flat and placed him on my sofa.
Urm blanket, Emma asked
Oh yeah one moment. I walked to the other end of the sitting room where there where 4 doors.
1 to my bedroom one to the bathroom one to the kitchen and the one I walked up to lead to the airing cupboard. I grabbed a clean duvet and pillow and strode back to the sitting room where emma was sitting awkwardly in a chair. I moved Gerard into a comfortable position and laid the duvet over him I then lifted up his head and laid his head on the pillow.
Wow those antibiotics must have had a very large affect, I said thinking out load.
Antibiotics what?
Oh yeah you no how you guys pushed HIM and his coffee went over his arm well you guys BURNT him really badly.
Oh kitty we are all really sorry if we had known it was Gerard way then we wouldn't have done it but as remi said he kept looking at you and as amsy said he could have been a sewer dwelling hobo we just wanted to help you.
I no but still.
You no we love you
I no I love u guys to but seriously his burn is like EWW. We had to go to hospital and everything.
Seriously omg Gerard I no you are asleep but I am very very very very very sorry. She said in a slow voice this made me laugh. I yawned.
I am so tired,
Think of me I was woken up by your darn buzzer.
Kitty I just have one very important question
Why is Gerard way lying on you sofa fast asleep?
Hum well after I walked out on you guys I went down the street and found him I apologized then some fat lady did something can't remember what. And then we went to the loo and I looked at his arm and it was like all red and blue and yellow and stuff so we ran to hospital and then the nurse lady gave him antibiotics and then we went up the London eye and then we ate went shopping, I pointed to my new look bags, and then ate again.
Yep it's fantabulous but I am so tired I wana sleep.
Yeah same
We walked into my room. Emma got into bed while I went into the bathroom and got changed. I walked out and stepping over my friends sleeping profiles I got into bed
Night kit Kat
Night emz pemzy wemzy pie
She laughed
Nice new nick name
I no
Anyhu night
Night I said yawning. I looked up at the ceiling and started thinking that last night I was wondering if Gerard way was thinking about but tonight I was wondering if Gerard way is comfortable sleeping in my sitting room on my sofa in my house. Creepy I am now officially creped out. Wait a minuet the person who kept calling us last night was someone called mikey wikey and the phone was gerards so that means. I gasped out loud and sat up.
Kitty are you ok, emma's sleepy voice
Yep but I have just realised something you no mikey wikey
Little bugger
No don't say that cause remi will kill you
What why remi hates mikey wikey too
Oh she might think she does but she really loves him.
What are you talking about?
I have concluded because I am so amazing that Mikey wikey is......
Michel James Way!!!dun dun daa
Omg that could very well be true
I no
Well done kit kat u rule
Well der
Now night
I lay back down and instantly felt my eyes close. Just before sleep took over my body I swear I heard remi say in her sleep
I love you too mikey pie!
Then it all faded and I was in dream land.

Remi's pov
I love you remi
I love you too mikey pie
I love you more
No I love you more
No I love you more
NO I love you more
Fine you win but I still love you more
You so don't
I so Do
Then mikey kicked my leg
Ouch mikey what was that for?
He didn't answer me but kicked me again harder
I jerked awake as I was kicked for the 3rd time.
I looked over to see that Charlie was kicking my leg.
I hate you Charlie, I said, I was having a fabby dream humpf
She was asleep so she couldn't hear me but she was still a bitch.
I suddenly realized I was very thirsty.
I got up it was quite light outside i looked at my friends sleeping forms yey kitty was back in her bed they were all there sleeping peacefully. I slowly walked over them and strode to the kitchen as I walked I noticed a figure on the sofa sleeping as well awww probably Emma. One I had got my glass of water I walked back through and looked at the sleeping form again. I froze Wait a minuet I had seen all my friends asleep in kitty's room so who the fuck Is this. I quickly ran into the bedroom and checked my friends were all there. Yep they are so who is that. I am freaked out now. I will wake someone urm not kitty cause she just got back not emma cause she will kill me if I wake her up not amsy cause she will go and talk to them and ask them how they are like she did to that random guy on the bus when no one else would go and see him. Turned out he had just escaped from prison. That leaves Charlie.
CHARLIE I said louder poking her
Huh waaa?
What is it remi?
There is a random person in the living room.
Huh a what
A random person, all 5 of us are in here but there is someone sleeping on the sofa.
What are you serious.
Yeah look around us and you see everyone right
She looked around and nodded
Yeah I see everyone
Ok now go out into the sitting room.
Urm ok, she got up and walked to the bed room door and looked out.
Omg there is someone there.
We both stood at the door watching the person sleep.
Urm what do we do
I dono, we were both whispering
Shall we call the police?
Or wake it up
Well we don't know if it's a man or a woman
Urm well by the looks of it it's a man
Ok then shall we wake him up?
Urm no I don't think so
Ok urm shall we go look at him
We have no idea who that is so I dono
Shall I go and speak to him? She asked
NO, i said in a loud whisper
Urm what should we do, I asked again
I think we should wake up amsy, i said slowly
Hum I think that would be good, Charlie said looking at me
We walked into the room and I watched as Charlie tried to wake amsy up.
After a while she was awake
What is it? Amsy asked sleepily
Urm there is a random man in the flat, I said in one breath
Omg where, I pointed to the sitting room amsy quickly grabbed a lamp and creeped out
Where, she whispered to me, I pointed towards the couch she walked slowly over and started looking around the couch lamp raised.
Look on the couch.
There's no one here
Omg, Charlie said she walked over and pointed right at the man.
Charlie then poked him
This person here the one I am poking you plonker, she said quite loudly
Charlie didn't realize the person she was poking was stirring.
He groaned making Charlie scream an jump
Huh waa? He said in a sleepy voice.
Omg omg omg, guys just back away, I said slowly
He slowly sat up
I ran behind Charlie and amsy behind me.
He looked in our direction
Please don't hurt us? Amsy said shakily
Please just don't hurt us, Charlie said
What on earth, he said looking really confused
I have a lamp, amsy said stepping out and brandishing it at him
Urm good for you, where am i?
In someone's flat
Why am I hear, did you kidnap me just leave me alone I don't have anything you want, he said looking quite scared
Huh? I asked now I was confused
Amsy took a step forward with the lamp
Urm do you want money I have money he said reaching for his hoddie?
No I don't want money
What do you want? He asked worriedly
Urm for you to get the FUCK out of this house.
Gladly, he said jumping up and grabbing his hoddie.
He was about to leave when I felt someone fall onto me.
OWWWW EMMA YOU PLONKER, I yelled as I shoved emma off me and got up.
Opps soz I tripped over a pillow.
Gee where are you going, I heard kitty say quietly
The man looked around
Kitty is that you? He asked looking confused
Yeah it's me.
Urm where am I? He asked as kitty stepped past me she walked up to him.
My flat.
Yep you like passed out/fell asleep and I had to like drag you in hear. I heard Emma cough behind me.
Oh and Emma helped a bit.
Oh right He said who the fuck is this man I asked Charlie quietly so no one else could hear. She didn't answer I looked at her but she was looking over at kitty and the man with wide eyes. I poked her. She jumped and looked at me still with wide eyed.
I said who the fuck Is that
Omg remi you are so stupid.
What why
Look closely at him does he remind you of anyone.
Urm not really, I say looking at him but is face is in shadow
Oh for god sake remi that is Gerard way
WAAA? I say loudly everyone looks at me.
Sorry, I say quietly I look closely at the man who is talking to kitty Omg Charlie is right it is Gerard but WHAT is he doing in kitty's flat.
What's the time? He asked
Urm 8............OMFG ITS 8 GUYS WE ARE GOING TO BE SO LATE!! Kitty yelled

Gee's Pov
I woke up to a slight tapping on my shoulder.
I opened my eyes someone was poking me.
I groaned making the girl poking me scream
Huh waa? I said in a sleepy voice.
Omg omg omg, guys just back away, a girl said slowly
I slowly sat up
The girl that spoke ran behind another girl and some one else ran behind her
I looked in there direction
Please don't hurt us? The girl at the back said shakily
Please just don't hurt us, the girl at the front said
What on earth, I said feeling really confused
I have a lamp, the girl at the back said stepping out and brandishing it at at me
Urm good for you, where am i? I asked
In someone's flat
What have the kidnapped me damn I hate being famous but then I love it to.
Why am I hear, did you kidnap me just leave me alone I don't have anything you want, I said feeling quite scared
Huh? The middle girl asked
The girl with the lamp took a step forward
Urm do you want money I have money. I said quickly reaching for my hoddie
No I don't want money
What do you want? I asked worriedly
Urm for you to get the FUCK out of this house.
Gladly, isaid jumping up and grabbing my hoddie. I don't know why they were letting me go but I wasn't complaining. I was at the door when I heard I thump I span around to see two people on the floor.
OWWWW EMMA YOU PLONKER, the one of the girls on the floor said
Opps soz I tripped over a pillow, the Emma girl said I recognized her slightly
Gee where are you going, I heard a voice say I recognize that voice I looked over to see who had spoken and I think I recognize the girl.
Kitty is that you? I asked
Yeah it's me. She said I sighed in relief
Urm where am I? I asked as kitty Walked towards me
My flat. She said smiling at me I grinned back
Yep you like passed out/fell asleep and I had to like drag you in hear. I heard Emma cough.
Oh and Emma helped a bit.
Oh right.
Yep so why are you standing up and leaving
Urm well your lovely roommates tried to attack me with a lamp and I didn't no who they were and stuff.
She burst out laughing
Lol well you kind of no them that's emma, she smiled at me I smiled back, Urm amsy she pointed to the girl with curly hair, she waved, Charlie, she had blonde hair and she just stared at me, and remi, she had shortish brown hair with black streaks she was still looking confused.
They were the ones you urm met at breakfast, kitty said grinning.
I grinned and said Hi
Charlie and remi seemed to be talking and then the girl called remi suddenly yelled WAAA? we all looked at her.
Sorry she said quietly and I turned away but I could feel her eyes on me.
What's the time, I asked kitty
Urm 8...........OMFG ITS 8 GUYS WE ARE GOING TO BE SO LATE!! Kitty yelled
OMG, the rest of the girls screamed.
I just stood there as they ran around grabbing stuff and packing black bags. They then all left me and soon came back in white shirts, black, red and white checked skirts, red jumpers and black tights.
Kitty ran past me saying shit shit shit while brushing her hair. Emma was taking off her nail polish, Charlie was putting on a bit of discreet makeup, amsy was polishing her shoes and remi was making toast in record speed. They all grabbed some toast and ate it quickly while switching jobs. Soon they were all ready.
Kitty grabbed my arm and quickly grabbed her black bag. She then opened her front door everyone rushed out she then closed it and locked it.
We ran down the stairs and got outside.
Ok Ok we must hurry we are going to be soo late. Kitty said looking worried
Urm Gee if I take you to the starbucks do you think you will be able to find your way back.
Yeah sure but urm what are you going to be late for.
Gawd your dumb we are wearing uniform so that would mean we are going to be late for?
Urm...........Wait uniform SCHOOL
Well done genius, she said to me grinning
Guys we don't have time for talking we are going to be LATE, Amsy yelled
They all started running again so I followed.
We got to the starbucks.
Here you no the way.
Urm I looked around, YES, I said as I spotted the ally I came through
Cool well this is goodbye I guess, she looked sad and I was about to ask her for he number when Charlie grabbed her hand she looked really worried.
School late hurry, Charlie said to her.
Bye she said waving I waved back. I turned around feeling sad. I don't think I will ever see her again.

Kitty's Pov
I waved to him. I turned around feeling sad. I don't think I will ever see him again. I didn't feel Charlie dragging me along until she squeezed my arm by accident.
I don't really care I am to sad to care. She dragged me across the road not looking to see if there were any cars I didn't care about that either...until I turned my head and saw a car heading straight for me the next thing I felt was a whack on my side as the car hit me I screamed.

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