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christmas time

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everyone goes to camryn and ryan's for christmas :)

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the boys were on a month break to get ready for the next tour with boys like girls, saosin, and some others. me and ryan went back to las vegas and bought a house. it's feels so weird but so right to be married to someone...espeically ryan. today is christmas eve. i'm now almost 6 months pregnant. i was convinced i was bigger than a blimp but ryan assured me i wasn't. i think he's only saying that to shut me up. we haven't gotten anything from travis lately but i'm not complaining. everyone was coming over tonight to exchange presents and watch the nightmare before christma. combining two holidays into one...that's how we roll. haha. they would be here any minute. ryan hadn't let me done anything the past week since we got home. i tried to tell him i could help but he insisted saying "you can''re pregnant" ugh...the doorbell rang. ryan was upstairs so i took that as my chance to do something, even if it was as simple as opening the door. "what are you doing" DANNNG! caught..."umm nothing" i said smiling. "i'll get the door" ryan said. "ryan ross. it's just the door. i'm not gonna pop or do any other body harm just by turning a little brass knob" i said pushing him away. pete and danny were the first to arrive. then spencer and kk, andy and jamie, patrick and ashleigh (they hooked up after the wedding), brendon and erika came with jon and cassie. joe and sarah were the last ones to arrive. derek went back home after the tour ended. he said he might join us back on the tour if he doesn't have a girlfriend by then. he'll probably be with us. haha

"so camryn, how has your week been" jamie asked me from andy's lap. "hmm...boring. ryan wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. he said i might pop" i fake cried. "i didn't, i just said you might hurt yourself or the twins" he said. " said that after i got mad at you for saying i might pop" i said. "well, you know i was just kidding babe" he said kissing me. we opened presents. we got some stuff for the babies and us. stuff for the house, etc. when we were done with presents the boys cleaned up the mess while us girls got food. i sat on the couch next to my boo :) with danny and pete. the others were spread out on the floor and random chairs. when the movie was over evreyone left to go home. they'd all be back tomorrow for christmas day dinner. me and ryan headed upstairs. i was sitting on the bed about to go to sleep when ryan walked in. "hey..i have one more present for you camryn" he said pulling a baby pug from behind his back. "OMG! ryan it's adorable!" i said taking the puppy from his hands. "yeah he is" he said laughing. "aww you know i love pugs. thanks baby" i said kissing him passionately. i heard a whimpering. "aww i'm sorry. were we squishing you." i said to the pug. "what are you gonna name him" ryan asked laying next to me. "hmmm i think i'll name him....rebel" i said kissing rebel. "well welcome to the family rebel" ryan said hugging me and rebel. i put rebel in the little doggy bed ryan had gotten for him and laid him on the floor next to my side of the bed. "these past 6 or 7 months have been the greatest ever" i said laying down next to ryan. "oh and why's that" he asked. "because i finally got a pug" i said excitedly. "so it's not because you got married to the hottest guitarist ever and are about to have his babies" ryan asked. "well...yeah i guess that too" i said laughing. "fine be that way" he said pouting. "haha aww don't be sad ry. i loooooove you so much" i kissed him and turned off the light. i woke up and looked at the clock. it said 11:30. everyone was gonna be there at 12. ryan came into the room in just his boxers with a toothbrush in his mouth and his hair everywhere. "i was just about to come wake you up" is what i got out of the mumbled speech. i took a quick shower and got dressed. i had just finished putting my hair up when i heard the doorbell ring. i went downstairs to see spencer, kk, and ryan standing at the door. spencer was handing a brown box to ryan. "oooo another present" i asked excitedly. "no. wrong address. i'll take it back later" ryan said hiding it behind his back. something wasn't right but i just shrugged it off.

(ryan pov)

me and spencer told the girls we'd get the table and everything else set up. "who do you think it's from" spencer asked me about the box. "probably travis" i said putting the box somewhere camryn wouldn't find it. i would deal with it later. "it's been almost 3 months since you got anything from him" spencer said. "i know. i knew that wasn't the end but i don't know what to expect anymore" i said sighing. everyone else finally arrived and we ate. we were all stuffed afterwards so we just watchd some movies like we usually do. they all decided to stay at our house for the night. after everyone was settled in their rooms i went into mine and camryn's. that's when i noticed the box on the bed. it had been opened and i could hear camryn crying in the bathroom.

yeah gotta leave you hanging. can't give all the juicyness away in one chapter :)
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