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Make your best offer...

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"What do you want me to offer you?" Sasuke asked Neji.

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Okay, since I have now been half of a whole year meat free, I've descided that all meat eating described in my fics be ridden of. Appendige or no.
But seriously about the vegetrianism, it's true.
Disclaimer:I do not own Naruto, the series Naruto, or any other character from Naruto.

"Are they here yet?" Sasuke cried over the club music, as Neji hands the Uchiha his drink.
"No, they won't be here for another ten minutes, so slow down on the drinks. Plus I only have a little bit of cash on me." Neji replied.
"Your my date, this is a date and I don't have any money." Sasuke said.
"Well then slow down on the drinks, you're slurring." He countered, giving Sasuke a little side look.
"Fuck, let's dance Neji." He said before gulping the rest of his drink and the rest of Neji's. He pulled on Neji's wrist, His first voluntary movement towards Neji since earlier in the afternoon, as Neji helped him to stand. Sasuke's movements on the dance floor reflected the his moves in the action on the mission field. His body swayed, slowly with the music then faster like the way he liked his sex. A waitress passing by, tray full of half empty drinks. Sasuke took advantage of the waitresses turned back and took all the drinks that remained there. Sloppily drowning downed the drinks, he tossed the cups behind his back him his drink. crowd. As the music slowly melted into the next song, Sasuke slowly closed his eyes and ran his hands up and down his body. Then as the lyrics rang in the club, his eyes opened quickly, and his eyes connected with Nejis. He lured him with the crook of his finger, but as Nejis folded his arms across his chest, Sasuke stepped forward sleekly like a little cat. He pressed his body against Nejis rubbing the inside of his thigh against Neji. Slowly riding his leg. He wrapped his arms around Neji's neck kissing his neck, making sharp nips along the trail.
"Stop it."
"Why? I love it when you're submissive. Giving in to my every move, /lover/." He whispered, licking the outline of his ear as he said it, forgetting for the moment who the uke always was.
Sasuke felt Neji shiver, and smiled as the shivering stopped.
"Why are you doing this?" Neji asked, playing along by running his hands down Sasukes back.
"It's the only thing you want."
"No, it's the only thing you think you can offer." Sasuke chuckled.
"What else can I offer you?" Sasuke shivered as Nejis hand traveled farther down his back, and carressed his butt. At the Uchihas words Nejis hand slowed down and ran his long, thin fingers against Sasukes back. Tracing unknown figures on the Uchihas back. Sasuke shivered and sobered a little, looking up into Nejis eyes. "What do you want me to offer you?" Sasuke said, sobering all the way, at the seriousness in Nejis eyes.
"I want you to offer me, something you'll never offer anyone else again."
"What can I never offer anyone else again?"
"I want you to offer me your heart." Neji looked straight into his eyes, his eyes not holding any signs of joking.
"Ha... are you joking?" Sasukes heart fluttered, his eyes watering.
"No Sasuke, i'm not joking." Neji took Sasukes hand into his own, then told him the words he feared that would end his whole world, his own façade of a lie. "I love you Sasuke."


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