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Follow frank to victory

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It gets dramatic soon I promise - just not yet

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Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob and Melissa all walked into Starbucks, they looked around. Renn and Frank werent there yet, Gerard looked at his watch.
"Thier not here but we're already half an hour late..." He said.
"Maybe they left" Said Mikey.
"Nah, Frank wouldnt just leave" Said Ray walking over to a table and sitting down.
"They may have forgot the time, Renns been distant lately" Said Melissa.
"She seemed fine last night" Said Bob. Melissa shrugged.
"It might have been becuase she missed you guys...I know I did" Melissa snuggled into Bob and Gerard pretended to puke.

"We are so late!" Cried Renn glancing at the clock as she walked into the bedroom. Frank walked out of the bathroom, a towel round his waist, he was grinning.
"Now that is what I call a wake - up call!" He said. Renn sighed.
"Frank! Dont go scaring the guys when we get there, just tell them we fell asleep after you put the phone down or something" Said Renn pulling on some jeans. Frank sat down on the bed watching her.
"No no no! I think I might let them in on all the gory details!" He said. Renn glared at him.
"Frank, seriously!" She said. Frank laughed.
"I'm only joking!" He assured her. Renn walked over after putting on a black T-shirt with smiley face on the front, and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"Good. Now get dressed, before they wonder where we are!" She said. Frank got up and stretched, almost causing the towel to fall.
"They'll be wondering where we are already" He replied, but he began to get dressed anyway.

Half an hour later Renn and Frank walked into starbucks.
"At last!" Said Gerard and they all pretended to clap.
"Funny!" Said Frank punching Gerard lightly on the arm.
"What took you so long?" Asked Mikey.
"Well -" Began Renn.
"Oooooh! Let me guess, you two got to know eachother better wink wink nudge nudge!" Said Melissa, the guys spluttered with laughter, Frank tried hard to look astonished at such an aqcusation.
"For your information, we fell asleep" He said.
"After doing what?" Asked Bob, they all burst out laughing again.
"After talking to Gee on the phone, now scooch over and let me sit down!" Said Renn, they all moved round and Renn and Frank sat down.
"So, what are we all doing today?" Asked Mikey, drinking some coffee.
"Whatever we want" Said Gerard.
"Ok, I want a mansion, a porsche, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, a theme park, a water park, the entire chain of pizza huts in the entire world, a brand new fancy tour bus, a nintendo gamecube, the planet Mars, and...that dudes hat" Said Frank, ending by pointing at a boy wearing a cap with 'FCUK CHAVS!" Written on it.
"God Frank, you dont want much do you?" Said Ray.
"Nope" Replied Frank drinking some of Renns coffee.
"I was referring to what we were gonna do" Said Gerard.
"Awww...ok, but can I still have that hat? I WANT that hat!" Frank said. Renn rolled her eyes.
"No Frank, you cant have the hat!" She said. Frank gave her the best puppy dog eyes he could, Renn couldnt bear to look at him.
"Dont Frank!" She cried.
"I want the hat...PWEASE!" He begged.
"Its not my hat to give!" She said.
"But - " Began Frank.
"ANYWAY! What are we gonna do?" Asked Gerard, cutting Frank off, who scowled.
"Erm....I know! How about a theme park?" Asked Melissa. There was a murmer of agreement.
"Ok then, to a theme park!" Said Gerard. They stood up.
"By the way, does any one actually know how to get to a theme park?" He asked.
"I DO!" Cried Frank, so they all left and got into thier cars, Ray,Gee and Mikey in one, Bob and Melissa in another and Frank and Renn in another.
"FOLLOW ME! TO VICTORY!" Yelled Frank, leaning out of the window, before driving off, the others following him.
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