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Post OotP: A story of Harry, his escape from the Dursleys', and his journeys. Told in songfiction form to the songs of the amazing band Everclear. Rated for some mild lyrics.

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Part One: Smile

Five miles outside of Vegas when we broke down

Threw my keys inside the window and we never looked back

Got all drunk and sloppy on a Greyhound bus

We passed out, all them losers they were laughing at us.

The boy sighed and looked out the window of Dudley's second bedroom, the strains of melody from a neighbor's window reaching him through the open portal to the outside- his only freedom. His only way to see the sky.

I will never let them break your heart

No I will never let them break me.

He looked back at his desk, the quill in his hand dripping ink onto the wood, and the almost-blank page staring eerily at him. Dear Lupin...

We got lost in Phoenix seemed like such a long time

Seven months of livin' swimming on those thin white lines

Did some time for sellin' acid to the wrong guy

Life just keeps on getting' smaller and we never ask why.

So what did he write next? Oh, by the way Remus, the Dursley's put bars on my window again, but they put them in a cross and did them on all the windows so it wouldn't look suspicious. And oh, I'm starving too! I reckon that by now I've gone down to a hundered and seven pounds! Yipee! No, somehow he didn't think that would work.

Why there is no perfect place, yes I know this is true

I'm just learnin' how to smile, that's not easy to do

I know that there will come a day

When we can leave and just go runnin' away.

He paused in his letter writing to listen to the song. Somehow, that described him... and he knew exactly how. Ever since the Department of Mysteries, when Sirius had fallen... it had seemed like everyone had been trying to rush him along, when he wasn't ready to recover yet... He just wanted to run away.

We was broke outside of Philly when the storms came

I was workin' in New Jersey, hitchin' rides in the rain

You was happy talkin' dirty at that phone sex place

Life just keeps on getting' weirder for us everyday.

Looking out of the window once more, he glanced to where the song on the radio was coming from. There was a young man of about twenty-one a few houses down, shoveling in the backyard and bobbing his head to the beat while the woman Harry could only assume was his girlfriend laughed and pretended to hit him in the head from the other side of the yard where she was potting plants. He sighed. He wondered if he would ever be a part of a normal, loving scene like that one. Not bloody likely.

You say there is no perfect place, I say I know this is true

We're just learnin' how to smile, and that's not easy to do

We both live for the day

When we can run away.

There was laughter at the park across the street. He remembered that park. He had used to play there when he was small. Dudley would push him down the slide and into the sandbox, and the other children would laugh. He had wondered why it was always him. There was no point in wondering any more.

Oh baby we can leave and run away

Yes we can leave this place and run away

We can leave it all behind like we do every time

Yes we both live for the day

When we can leave and just go runnin' away.

Sometimes he wished that he could change one thing in his life, but he didn't know what it would be. He had once thought it would be his parents dying... but hadn't that stoopped years of Voldemort's reign, and saved so many lives? Hermione was right- he did have a saving people thing.

No I will never let them break your heart

No I will never let them break me!

He figured that he would save Sirius. No- he would Petrify Pettigrew before leaving the Shack- that way Sirius would be free, and he would be able to reach him easier. That way, the Department of Mysteries wouldn't happen in the first place.

Five miles outside of Vegas, five years down the line

We got married in the desert and the sunshine

I can't handle how the hell it happens everyday

When you smile and touch my face

You make it all just go away.

The Order. Weren't they supposed to protect him? And yet they let his relatives treat him this way? Frankly, he would rather face Death Eaters and get something to eat than continue to hunger for a nice cold chicken sandwich in here. With something to drink too. Lord, it's hot.

Yes I know there ain't no finish line, I know this never ends

I'm just learnin' how to fall, get back up again

I know there is nothing perfect, I know there's nothing new

We're just learnin' how to live together, me and you

You know I live for the day

When you say "Baby let's just run away."

Oh baby we can leave and run away

Yes we can leave this place and run away

Baby we can leave and run away

We can leave this place and run away...

Harry James Potter strained to hear the last few bars of melody before the song had completely faded out. He was just learning how smile. It wasn't easy to do.

He wanted to run away.

A/N: First part in a songfic series I never got a chance to finish after FF.N banned songfics.

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