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Chapter 10

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Ray looked over at Frank and sighed. The black-haired teen had his arms folded on top of the desk, using them as a pillow. His breathing was slow and even. He was completely unconscious. Gerard sat behind him, leaning back in his chair slightly. His hair was in front of his face; Ray couldn't tell if he was asleep or not.


The ruler landed on Frank's desk with a sound like a gunshot, startling Gerard awake. Ray smirked. He had been asleep after all. Frank slowly opened his eyes and sat up straight, yawning obnoxiously.

"No sleeping in detention, Frank. It's not warm in here, you're not hungry, and it's not that boring," the teacher said, sounding annoyed.

"What if I'm just tired?" he asked, hiding a yawn behind one hand.

The teacher glared at him. "Get more sleep."

"If you insist," Frank said with a shrug, folding his arms across his desk yet again and resuming his former state. Ray sighed, blowing a piece of hair out of his face, and continued trying to do his homework. 'We're going to be here for another hour,' he thought to himself, glancing over at his friends again. 'I might as well get some of this done.'

Frank started snoring.
"Where's your brother today?" Bob asked. "Don't you usually go home with him?" Mikey nodded.

"He got detention from the peanut butter thing. He won't be home for at least two hours." Bob frowned.

"Why two?"

"I don't know, he'll probably go over to Frank's or Ray's, and they'll wander around disturbing the peace until he gets bored. Then he'll come home."


"Hi Mikey!" Mikey looked around upon hearing his name. When he saw who had called him, though, he tried to hide behind Bob.

"What is it?" Bob asked, looking back at Mikey with confusion.

"Don't let her see me!" he cried. "Gerard would kill me if he found out."

"Found out what? What's going on?" Bob looked at the girl on the other side of the street. She had shoulder-length black hair and a kind smile, and was waving at Mikey. He tentatively looked up and waved back shyly.

"See you tomorrow!" she called, continuing down the sidewalk. Mikey sighed.

"Gerard said I'm not allowed to have a girlfriend."

"Really?" Mikey stopped and shook his head slowly.

"Well, not specifically. I'm just not supposed to have any friends other than his." Bob frowned.

"That doesn't seem fair. Why don't you say something?" Mikey's eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me? I don't want to die."

"Well, think of it this way. He didn't say you couldn't have a girlfriend, right? All he said was no /friends/, so having a girlfriend should be fine," Bob said decisively.

"Aren't you my friend?" Mikey asked in confusion. This wasn't making any sense to him. Bob nodded.

"He doesn't have to know." Mikey stared down at his feet as they continued walking.

"He's not stupid, you know," he muttered sadly. "He has rules."

"You can't let him rule your life, Mike," said Bob, face turning serious. "You're his brother, not his slave."

"He's just looking out for me."

"If he was looking out for you, don't you think he'd let you have your own friends?" Mikey stopped walking and sat on the curb, dropping his back pack next to him. Bob joined him.

"It's easier said than done," he said with a sigh. "He's going through a lot of hard stuff right now; he doesn't need to deal with me, too." Bob shrugged.

"Then don't make it so he needs to. Just stay away from him." Mikey glared at him.

"He's my /brother/. We share a house. I can't exactly stay away from him. And even if I could...I wouldn't. He's a good brother, even if no one else seems to think so."

"I don't doubt it. I just think you should have a little more freedom. And like I said, he doesn't have to know." Mikey smiled and stood. He and Bob continued down the sidewalk.


"Don't mention it." Mikey saw that they had reached his house and started walking up the front steps, then stopped and turned around.

"You wanna play video games or something?" Bob smiled and bounded up the steps, almost reaching the door before Mikey. The younger Way brother laughed. It was good having friends.
", I can't leave, I've got three boys in detention right now..." Gerard stared up at the ceiling as the teacher's voice droned on into the phone. They would be stuck there for another half hour doing absolutely nothing. He was bored out of his mind.

The teacher sighed. "Fine, I'll just have them make up the time tomorrow." Gerard brought his gaze back down to earth as he heard the phone snap shut. Could this really be happening?

"Look, I have to leave, so you'll just have to find a way to make up the time," the teacher said, packing up her stuff. Gerard took his feet off of the desk in front of him and stood, roughly hitting Frank on the back.

"Get up. We're leaving," Gerard said in a low voice. His friend continued sleeping, so he nodded at Ray. The curly-haired teen nodded and stood from his desk, approaching Frank. The teacher left the room in a hurry, not even stopping to see if they would leave. Gerard smirked, evil glinting in his hazel eyes. Ray picked up Frank's backpack and placed it in the path of the open door, preventing it from closing. They cleared a path and unceremoniously dragged Frank - desk and all - out the door and into the hallway, snickering the whole time.

"One," said Gerard.

"Two," said Ray.

"Three!" They picked up Frank's desk and turned it sideways, dumping him on the floor. He sluggishly woke up.

"...Where am I?" he slurred. Gerard and Ray were laughing insanely. Frank glanced around and realized what had happened, frowning as he stood and brushed himself off.

"Very funny, guys. Reminds me of the time you turned all the lights off and acted like you'd gone home without me." Gerard's eyes were watering, but he managed to compose himself.

"That was priceless. Well, I'd better get home. Later," he said with a wave, walking down the hallway at a leisurely pace. Ray was still laughing. Frank scowled at him.

"I will get you for this," he said darkly. Ray stopped laughing. He knew what Frank was capable of.
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