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Frank reveals why this all happened

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Hours passed, they were all becoming restless and just wanted to know what was going on. Suddenly a doctor approached them. He looked old.
"Now, I'm sure you all want to know whats going on" He said. They all nodded staring at him, and the doctor knew everything he was about to tell them depended on whether they would break or not...
"Now, first off, just so you can all calm down, Frank is alive" Renn gave a loud cry and she then grabbed Gerard, and began crying with happiness into his shoulder, they all smiled, and Gee patted Renns back calmly.
"But...his condition is un - stable." The doc continued. Renn looked up, worry once again taking over.
"He suffered a very slight coma...thankfully, like I say it was only a slight one, easily taken out of. Thankfully when you gave him CPR and caused him to wake, you saved his life. Now, he is alive, but we dont know what caused the coma, sometimes these things just happen, if your feeling stressed or depressed. But I have been informed nothing like that has been affecting him."
Gee nodded his head to show he was right.
"So...maybe his body just shut down for no reason. But that is extremely rare, so we will be running a few tests to make sure he doesnt have any life threatening illness, but dont worry, he is quite safe, you may all go see him if you like" Renn didnt need telling twice she was up straight away, and after being what room she began to run, full speed down the indicated corridor.
She burst into the room, Frank lay in a bed, wires running in and out of his arms. A heart monitor was at the side of the bed, beeping with each heart beat.
Renn and the guys sat down, facing Frank. He opened his eyes and looked round at them all, he gave them a weak smile.
"Heya dude, how you feeling?" Asked Mikey brightly. Frank yawned.
"Hey you guys, Im ok" He said, his voice barely audible, nothing more than a rasp of air.
"Frank..." Renn leaned forward and took his hand. He smiled at her, but there was pain behind it.
"Im sorry..." He whispered.
"What for?" Asked Renn, Frank pulled his hand away and rolled up the sleeves of the hospital gown he had to wear, revealing many scars, one of them long and red, going down the lengh of his arm, from his wrist to his elbow joint. Renn gasped and Gerard went pale.
"I went deeper than usual...I guess I hit a vein" Frank murmered.
"Frank...why?" Asked Ray, his voice calming them all. Frank took a deep, shuddering, breath.
"Depression...I didnt want to drink or anything, I knew how it affected Gee...I thought it would get better, but I cut becuase it made me feel better. It numbed the pain" He said.
"We've got to tell the doctor. He doesnt know about this and thinks you might have an illness. That one scar looks nasty" Said Bob. Frank touched the long scar.
"Thats the last one I did, whilst Renn and me were on the sofa... I went in the bathroom and did it...I went really deep...too deep, but it felt good, made me feel like I was going to pass out." Renn had almost forgot about the movie, just as they were falling asleep, Frank had got up for the loo, Renn realised when he came back, he had seemed to fall straight to sleep, but she had barely remembered it because she had been tired.
"Is it because of me?" She asked quietly. Frank looked shocked.
"God no!" He insisted. "I dont know what it is...I just felt so depressed after the last tour...its not you...dont you ever think that it was you, your perfect!" He said. Bob got up.
"We've got to let the doc know, sorry if you dont want us to Frank. But its for your own good" He said. Frank nodded.
"I dont mind, I need therapy" He said, the word stung Gerard, who had had to go through therapy when he was depressed.
"But Frank, you've always been so happy!" Said Ray. Frank nodded.
"Well, I didnt want anyone to know" He said.
"Frank you should have told us, we could have helped you. But now look what youve got yourself into" Said Gerard. Frank nodded sadly.
"I know...I guess Im gonna make a bad name for the band" Said Frank. Gerard shook his head.
"I dont care about that, no one outside our family and friends need know about this until its over, like with me, right now I care about my best friends safety" He said. Frank smiled, then yawned.
"Im tired...can I go to sleep?" He asked quietly. They all nodded.
"Are you mad?" He asked sleepily.
"No" They all said together. Frank leaned back into the pillows and fell asleep. Mikey looked at Gee.
"Your not mad are you?" He asked. Gerard shook his head.
"Just dissapointed, after everything I went through, I would have thought he could tell us" He said.
"Yeah, but it took a lot of guts for him to show us those scars, and to let Bob go tell the doctor. I think he regrets not telling us in the first place. But Gee, you of all people should know how he feels. You've been through it, and yeah, so now you know you tell people, but you've got to remember how hard it is" Said Mikey. Gerard nodded, Mikey was right.
"And Renn, Frank means it when he says its not your fault. He loves you, believe me, he's always raving on about you whenever anyone will listen, I think I know your entire life history thanks to Frank" Said Mikey. Renn smiled.
"I...I believe him" She said, but she felt bad. Did she believe him? Why else would he be depressed? Renn always felt like this when something was perfect and started to go bad, she felt it was always her fault becuase she didnt deserve anything perfect, she was just Renn. Simple, boring, Renn.
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