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the ending!

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The end people - pretty crap really but oh well

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Renn stood in the apartment, Melissa, hair expert was doing Renns hair, a simple bun, with some hair left loose at the back and a few loose strands to frame her face. Renn was wearing a white dress, tight at the top but it fanned out at the bottom and was so long her feet were hidden beneath it. It had a dark pink sash round the middle tied in a big bow at the back.
Renn was fiddling with her bouquet of white roses and lillies which had been placed in dark pink food dye, causing the edges of the petals to go pink. She was so nervouse, today was the day, the day she and Frank got married, she hadnt been able to eat the toast her mother had made her, she was to nervouse to do anything really and Alicia ended up having to do Renns make - up because she was shaking.
"Come on Renn dear, we have to be off" Said Carol, outside were some wedding cars, Renn, Melissa, Alicia and Carol clambered into them and then they were off, Renn felt like she was going to be sick.

At the church, Gee, who had been stood outside waiting for the cars, smoking a fag, was leaned agaisnt the wall, the cars drove up to him and Carol jumped out.
"Gerard put that ciggarette out now! You are in gods garden! Now get in there and inform them that the bride has arrived - NOW!" Gerard gave a mock salute, put out his ciggarette and rushed inside the church. Alicia,Melissa and Renn were all laughing at the site of Gee in a tuxedo but Renn was quickly overtaken by nerves as she stood infront of the heavy oak doors, her mum faffing around with Renns hair and dress.
"Mum go get your seat!" Ordered Renn, Carol nodded, tears of pride in her eyes as she rushed into the church. Renns dad wasnt able to make it, he didnt make time for Renn and her mother, so Franks father, who Renn considered as a dad, decided to give her away. He linked arms with her and smiled.
"You look beautiful Renn"He said kindly. Renn smiled and jumped as the sound of the organ starting. Renn clasped her bouquet with both hands and Alicia and Melissa stood behind her holding thier bouquets, smiling as the doors opened and they walked in.
Everyone in the church turned and watched them as they walked slowly down the aisle. Renns heart missed a beat as she saw Frank at the alter, wearing a black tux and a red tie, his hair was spiked at the back and his fringe fell into his eyes, he wored red eyeliner, and had a small gold hoop in his ear. He looked amazing.
Frank almost forgot to breathe when he saw Renn, and he wished she would hurry up and get over here so he could hold her hands.Finally she reached the alter and the Franks dad and the bridesmaids walked over to some seats at the front. The vows began.
When it was time for the rings Mikey stood up and held out his hand, Renns ring lay in his palm, Gerard took it and said his vows as he put on her finger, then it was Renns turn to do the same. But Mikey looked worried and held out his empty hands. The room was silent, Frank looked like he was ready to punch Mikey, but Renn just couldnt believe Mikey would be so careless. Thankfully Mikey gave a mischevous grin and he reached in his pocket and pulled out Franks ring. Renn took it off him and Mikey winked at Frank who seemed to be calm now.
After the ceremony pictures were taken, after what felt like for ever Frank and Renn got in a car together, and then they were driven to the hotel where they would have a meal and disco.
Frank kissed Renn sweetly on the cheek and whispered sweet things in her ear. Renn held his hand and returned the kiss.
"You look so beautiful. You take my breath away" Said Frank, Renn smiled.
"If there ever was a man more handsome today, then he would be killed for looking so good" Said Renn. Frank grinned.
"By the way you dont mind the eyeliner do you? Mikey insisted it was too much" Said Frank, Renn laughed and shook her head.
"I love it" She insisted, Frank smiled.
"I thought you would" He said.
The evening went quicker than Renn could believe and soon it was about 2 in the morning and the last people went home. Frank and Renn had a honey moon suite booked in the hotel so they walked happily up to the room and they collapsed on the bed and lay quietly for a while.
"Im so tired" Yawned Renn. Frank looked at her.
"Really?" He asked, Renn grinned.
"Not that tired" She said before leaning forward and kissing Frank deeply. It was the best kiss they'd ever had and also the best night too...

THE END! - Well there you go people, the ending, sorry that it went all crappy and romantic and soppy blah blah blah in the last few chapters. But its really hard to keep updating something you dont have a plot on! But, it is finished now, hope you all liked it!! And hopefully no one found it confusing - it made me confused trying to update it!
I wont be doing a sequel to this but I will put more stories on the site, not sure what of yet though. But if you like the stories i do (This is when you all laugh and say - 'yeah right! keep dreaming') then I shall be adding some soon...hopefully! Thankyou to everyone who reviewed the stories - you guys made me keep writing it! THANKYOU! ^^
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