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Another of my better off stories, which is in a full out series. This story is all about Lola and her few months at Stage School! Lola also has a mega crush on a certain PCA member! This all happen...

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Acting up

Chap 1

A/n: OMG! I had this amazing idea at my auntie's while out in her huge yard! This story is set in the months before Lola comes back to PCA at her stage school! If you've read 'Love Hurts And I Can Prove It' chap 1, then you'll know that Lola didn't fit in! This is what really happened! Oh and by the way Lola has a little sister in this called Dizzy! That's who she was on the phone to in her first episode!


"Mom, hurry up!" Lola yelled, from her family's yellow Volkswagen Beatle. (I don't know why I picked that type of car, but I've always thought they're cute!)

"Yeah, I wanna get there quick!" Dizzy, Lola's younger sister cried.

"Dizzy, that doesn't make much sense!" Lola admitted.

"It does so!" Dizzy protested.

"You two, stop fighting, right now!" their mom ordered, "I have to check you have everything!"

"Mom, we checked last night!" Dizzy moaned.

"And I'm gonna check again!" their mom commanded, "Suitcases!"

"Mom, can we go now?" Dizzy moaned, as she grabbed her lilac suitcase and backpack and flung in the boot of the car.

"Yeah, please Mom?" Lola asked, also throwing her lime suitcase into the boot, but keeping her backpack to check that everything she would need for stage school was safely tucked inside.

"OK, I give in this once!" their mom sighed.

Then they all jumped into the car and drove to the airport.

"Lola, look after Dizzy in Boston for me!" their said, struggling to hold back tears.

"I will Mom! I don't expect to be there long 'coz they'll whisk me off to Hollywood after the first hour!" Lola replied confidently.

Dizzy looked up at her admiringly and their mom laughed at her self-confidence.

"Don't worry, I'll demand to take Dizzy with me and call for you as soon as my feet touch Hollywood ground!" Lola laughed at her sister as she said it.

"You would, you really would!" Dizzy shouted excitedly.

"Of course, you numpty! That's if I do get sent to Hollywood, I bet these other kids are much better than me!" Lola exclaimed.

"Is that possible?" Dizzy asked idiotically.

"Yes, people as great as Marylyn Monroe!" Lola sighed.

"There'll be none like her there I'm sure!" their mom reassured Lola, "Well you better go or you'll miss your flight! Oh and here's something for you both, don't open them until your get through the barrier! OK?"

They nodded their heads, hugged their mom and took a small parcel each. Dizzy snatched the lilac wrapped parcel, leaving Lola with the lime parcel. They kissed their one last time, and then bounded towards the safety barrier. When they got to the end of the queue, they turned and waved at their Mom.

When they eventually got to the other side they had to rush to their gate. They had to run quickly, or they would miss boarding. As Lola was running her backpack was banging off her back uncomfortably, fortunately being an actress Lola could mask her pain.

"Lola, are we there yet?" Dizzy whined.

"I think so!" panted Lola, as they rounded the fifth bend.

Then they saw a sign which read 'Gate 8'.

"We found it Lola! We found it!" Dizzy roared excitedly.

Lola rolled her eyes, now she knew how Zoey felt with her and Nicole. Lola and Dizzy walked towards the gate with the boarding cards and passports. Two smiley ladies looked at their passports and boarding cards and nodded their cheerful heads.

"Are they acting?" Dizzy asked.

"Mmhm!" Lola replied.

They had the seats right at the front of the plane, so they had plenty of leg space and they were near the toilets.

"Lola, I'm bored!" Dizzy whined, they had just sat down.

"Dizzy, it's a half hour flight; we can just play 'Would You Rather'." Lola said calmly.

"What's 'Would You Rather'?" Dizzy asked puzzled.

"You ask another person a question with two options! They then give you the answer and then it's their turn to ask someone a question!" Lola explained.

"That's pointless!" Dizzy exclaimed.

"I know, but......." Lola let her voice trail off.

"It reminds you of that Chase guy, doesn't it?" Dizzy asked curiously.

"Have you been reading my diary?" Lola asked accusingly.

"Don't need to!" Dizzy admitted, "You talk about him in your sleep! Do you like him?"

"Uh huh!" Lola mumbled.

"What does he look like?" Dizzy asked hopefully.

"Well, he's got the most amazing bushy hair, soft cheeks and I suppose his body isn't muscley, but I really like him!" Lola sighed.

"And what's he like?" Dizzy asked in total awe.

"He's so clumsy and shy, but really loveable! I know I like him 'coz I get that floaty feeling whenever I'm around him, like people describe in books or you see in plays, movies or TV shows. It's so nice! I've never felt like this before!" Lola replied dreamily.

"Why don't you ask him out?" Dizzy asked curiously.

"I did, but....." Lola let her voice trail away.

"But he turned you down?" Dizzy suggested.

"On the contrary! He went out with me for like a day, and then he announced there was someone else he liked and we broke up." Lola said airily.

"Lola, do you know who it was? I mean was he still single when you last saw him?" Dizzy asked curiously.

"I have a feeling I know who it is! But he is still single!" Lola said flatly.

"Who? Lola, who?" Dizzy asked excitedly, Lola's revenge plans were always exciting.

"Zoey Brooks! I mean, she was so jealous when Chase and I were dating and Chase wasn't very happy when she got mad at him!" Lola exclaimed.

"But, is that enough to work on, Lola? I think you need more!" Dizzy asked reasonably.

"Well, I know it for a fact! That girl has hated me since I came! She'd even prefer to have Dana with her, than me!" Lola announced, "I don't wanna talk about PCA anymore let's talk about EBSA!" (East Boston Stage Academy)

When they arrived at their destination exactly twenty-six minutes later, they ran all the way to customs then to the conveyor belt to collect their suitcases. They had completely forgotten about heir small parcels tucked in their backpacks. When they had caught their suitcases, they went through to the arrival court. There waiting for them with a sign which read 'Dizzy and Lola Camacho' was a very laid back man. They waved to him and started walking faster.

"Are you two Dizzy and Lola?" the man asked kindly.

The girls nodded their heads.

"I'm Jimbo Jones!" the man laughed, "Only joking! I'm Bertie Jones, pleased to meet you. Now if you two would just follow me back to he bus, then we can get to EBSA as quickly as possible!"

"Cool, Mr. Jones!" Dizzy said cheerfully, but Mr. Jones shuddered, "Mr. Jones, are you cold?"

"No I just don't like being called Mr. Jones, call me Bertie!" Mr. Jones admitted.

"OK, Bertie how far is EBSA from the airport?" Lola asked inquiringly.

"Oh, just a mile down the road!" Bertie answered Lola happily.

Lola had a feeling this was gonna be another busy year at boarding school.

As they drove into the campus both the girls' faces dropped, it was ginormous. The views and scenery was absolutely beautiful. There were miles and miles of lush green grass to one side and to the other loads of different shops. Bertie saw the girls astonished faces and chuckled.

"Is this all on campus?" Dizzy asked excitedly.

"Yup!" Bertie answered slowly.

"Wow! It's huge!" Lola stated.

"It su-r-e is!" Bertie sighed.

The bus drew up in front of a huge building and parked. Bertie jumped out his door and opened the boot. He heaved both cases onto the sidewalk, whilst Lola and Dizzy both hopped out the bus. They grabbed their cases and followed Bertie into a huge entrance hall. Sitting behind a tall desk was a very strict looking lady.

"More new arrivals?" she asked sternly.

A/n: Thx for reading! This chap is for OJO, known to all you people as Will hater WITCH lover!
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