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Assesment Day Part 1

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Another of my better off stories, which is in a full out series. This story is all about Lola and her few months at Stage School! Lola also has a mega crush on a certain PCA member! This all happen...

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Acting Up

Chap 3

A/n:I know where I wanna end! I know what I wanna include! Now I need to get it down! Oh and in the last chap when I said Rachael I meant Dizzy!

Dear Nicole,

This place is alright, nothing special. There are these two girls that share my dorm. I could swear they were evil versions of you and Little Miss Perfect aka Zoey and one of there friends is like an evil version of Quinn and another is a nice version of that Dana person who used to share your dorm. I met this really cool guy on my first day, his name is Sammy, you'd adore him. The evil version of you is called Alicia and the evil version of Miss Perfect is called Sylvia and Quinn's evil is Fantasia and Diana or something like that's good half is Chris! Oh, by the way is Chase still single? Please let him be!

Missing you, Lola!

Lola sighed over the letter she had just written. She just been there a day and already she had thought of Chase a thousand times. Lola was writing this letter about seven in the morning. She was all ready for her first class, while Sylvia and Alicia were still in bed. Sylvia's alarm clock went off and Alicia started to moan. Sylvia eventually picked up the clock and her fingers fumbled around looking for the switch. Then the sleepy pair got up out of bed and stumbled over to their wardrobes.

"Lola, are you ready for today? Coz life at this stage school isn't just a cup of tea!" Sylvia smirked.

"Yeah, no piece of cake!" Alicia tried to smirk, but it looked and sounded ridiculous.

"Yep! I'm ready!" Lola replied positively, what she didn't know is that she could never have been ready for this.

"Well, you can head down to the cafeteria! Chris'll be there! She always gets up early for a run!" Sylvia rolled her eyes, Lola was getting irritated by this habit.

"OK, bye!" Lola called as she walked out the bright dorm.

Down in the cafeteria Chris was sure enough waiting for someone to talk to her. Cris smiled and waved when she saw Lola walking briskly towards her.

"So why'd ya hang out with the evil twosome?" Lola asked Chris as she flumped down beside her.

"Well...I suppose...Their company!" Chris struggled to find the right answer.

"I'm company! So you don't need to hang out with them so much!" Lola mused.

"Why do I hang out with them at all?" Chris moaned.

"Coz they're popular!" Lola exclaimed.

Chris grimaced and Lola smiled. Chris was cool, definetly someone you'd wanna be around.

"I'm not this reasonable in class!" Chris warned, "But I might be to you!"

"Of course you'll be to me!" Lola cried dramatically.

Chris giggled, "I might be, but I'm warning you I'm a completely different person!"

"I'll take your word for it!" Lola mused.

Everyone was asked to meet in the assembly room at eight am. Lola and Chris were already sitting down gossiping when Sammy strolled over.

"Are you girls ready?" Sammy asked in a friendly way.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" Lola replied.

"Yup! What about you?" Chris answered.

"I was born ready!" Sammy replied thankfully, "So where are the other three?"

"Sylvia and Alicia are applying yet another layer of make-up and Fantasia is...I don't know!" Lola answered kindly.

"Fantasia is fiddling around up in the special effects room!" Chris sighed.

"Oh, right!" Sammy smiled.

A few minutes later everyone was sitting in the assembly room listening to Bertie.

" if you'd all go into your age groups we can get started. I'd like the nine to elevens here. Twelve to fourteens here. Fifteen to seventeen here. And the eighteens here, please." Bertie asked sweetly.

Everyone jumbled around, miling into their age groups. Lola found herself in a group with Chris, Sylvia, Alicia, Fantasia, Sammy, Stuart, Steven, Davie, Danny, Conner and a few other guys and girls.

"Now that everyone's sorted a teacher will come to you. You must follow them to their classroom and they will give you your first assement. For the nine to eleven, Mrs. Stevens. Twelve to fourteen, you'll get Mr. Cansas. Fifteen to seventeen, you'll get Ms. Peters. And eighteens you're getting Miss Jerome." Bertie continued.

A teacher walked towards every group and to Lola's dismay their first teacher was the lady who had greeted her and Dizzy the day before.

"Follow me! Hurry up! Chop chop!" Ms. Peters screeched.

Ms. Peters walked at such a fast pace that all her students had to run to catch up. Ms. Peters led them into a bright classroom filled with beautiful pictures. The walls themselves were works of art and at the back of the class there was a pile of big boards with different scenery on them. Lola smiled, this must be the art room.

"Take a seat!" Ms. Peters ordered.

All the teens took a seat at a desk. Lola sat with Chris, Sylvia with Alicia, Steven with Sammy, Conner with Stuart, Davie with Danny and Fantasia on her own.

"On these sheets are a set of questions! Try and answer all of them in fifteen minutes!" Ms. Peters screeched, "Once the fifteen minutes are up I will give you a piece of paper and a pack of paints each. With that in the last fifteen minutes I would like you to produce a master piece."

Ms. Peters then handed out the questionnaire and put the timer on.

When the fifteen minutes were up Ms. Peters collected the papers in and handed out the paper and paints. Lola's head went down and she started painting. A girl, who looked unfathonably like her appeared in the middle of the page after a few minutes and behind that girl a rainbow on a clear blue sky. And under that girl's feet a stage with green carpet painted on top. There were fake flowers in the corners at the back. After fifteen minutes Lola's picture was finished. It looked beautiful. Chris had drawn a labrador, a parakeet, a stag, an iguana and behind all of that it was purple. Everyone handed their picture to Ms. Peters and waited.

"Everyone! You have all down well! I can not give you your results until tomorrow! Good luck in your next assement!" Ms. Peters screeched.

The class stood up and filed out the door to return to the assembly room.

They found that when they got there, they were the last class back and that all the rest where standing in the place they were told to stand before. The class strolled back to their place and waited for their next teacher.

"OK, now we're all here, let's see who's going with who! Nine to eleven you're going with Mr. Cansas. Twelve to fourteen you're going with Ms. Peters. Fifteen to seventeen are with Miss Jerome. And the eighteens are going with Mrs. Stevens." Bertie announced.

A neat young lady stepped daintily towards Lola's class.
"Hello! I'm Miss Jerome." she whispered.

The class barely heard her, but waved back.

"This way to my classroom." Miss Jerome whispered.

The class followed her into her classroom. It was dull and grey except for one area were all her books were kept. This room wasn't as nice as Ms. Peters.

"If you'd all take a seat, then I'll hand you all a textbook and a jotter." Miss Jerome whispered, a little more loudly than last time, but not a lot.

The class all sat down and wrote their name on the front of their jotter and opened their textbook to the first page. On the first page there was a list of quotes down the left and book titles down the right. At the top of the page it read 'Write the quote and the name of the book it came from in your jotter. The first one has been done for you.'.

"Does everyone know what they are doing?" Miss Jerome asked quietly.

The whole class nodded their heads and bent over their books.

After fifteen minutes Miss Jerome coughed and everyone looked at her.

"Your time is up! I am sorry, but we need to get on to the next item!" Miss Jerome almost shouted, "Hand your jotters and textbooks to me and take a piece of lined paper from the pile on my desk."

The whole class traded their jotter and textbooks for a single piece of lined paper with a ruled margin.

"You have ten minutes to write a short sketch for me. This is part two of your assement for English." Miss Jerome said in a hushed tones.

The class bent down and the atmosphere went silent. Lola stared at her paper. Suddenly a character came into her head, then a setting and then a story.

After their English lesson they were all allowed a break. Lola was taken out on campus by Sammy and Chris. Chris and Lola both squealed at the clothe and accessory shops. Sammy ran to the window of the sports shops and drooled over the trainers and football boots. And they all gazed in awe over the games in the gaming shop.

After break they went back to their group in the assembly hall.

" going with Mrs. Stevens is the fifteens to seventeens. Going with Mr. Cansas is the eighteens. With Ms. Peters is the nines to elevens. And with Miss Jerome the twelves to fourteens. Off you go! We want to be finished by lunch!" Bertie shouted over the buzzing children.

A sweet looking lady who was obviously Mrs. Stevens walked over slowly.

"You're my group?" she shouted as if in disgust.

The group nodded their heads and followed the pretty lady to her classroom.

When they got to the room, they found a huge musical note on the door and when Mrs. Stevens opened the door, they found that the walls were white with different musical notes on.

"Take a seat!" Mrs. Stevens ordered.

The class sat down obediently.

"First I will give you a pop quiz on music and then I will give you a song each a song line to sing." Mrs. Stevens announced.

There were a few murmurs from a certain area. #CoughLolacough# Mrs. Stevens handed out the pop quiz sheets and spent the first ten minutes of her lesson blurting out questions on music.

As she collected the papers, she tutted at a few and smiled at the rest. She tutted at Lola's and smiled at Chris'. Then Mrs. Stevens got everyone to come and get a line of a song out of her tub. When it was Lola's turn to sing Mrs. Stevens frowned threw the whole line then immediately smiled when Chris started to sing.

A/n:Well it's obvious Lola can't sing!
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