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I. Welcome To This World

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{Axel ponders over this new change.}

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Chapter I Title: Welcome To This Life
Rating: G
Warning(s): Alternate Universe
Pairing(s): Implied Xigbar/Xaldin

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, nor do I own the characters from said game.

Summary: A new life, a new chance at love, a new world. How will they handle this change? Better yet, how will they handle the surprises that will soon be appearing everywhere they go? Axel ponders over this new change.

Author's Notes: I apologize in advance if this chapter seems kind of hard to follow. It's, somewhat, in Axel's POV, with him (somewhat) pondering the new world and everything that came with it. Basically, it's just an introduction for the rest of the story. I would appreciate reviews, even if it's telling me something that should be done better. But please don't flame me.



Demyx. It was always that uncertain voice calling his name. The boy's voice always held so much emotion, but whenever something bad happened, he thought it was his fault and never knew what to say next. Imagine that: the boy that could never be shut up, not talking. The emotions in their voices was usually how Axel was able to tell who was talking to him; the emotions in their voice reflected who they were; reflected what they were feeling in their /hearts/.

Everything had been awkward since Kingdom Hearts had been completed. They'd all been sent to an alternative universe - or should it be called world? - where they had to go to school or work; a world where they had parents and families; a place where many, if not all of them, had experienced their first heartbreak. Axel definitely wasn't used to the things he felt now. He was so used to just not having a heart, to not feeling anything. He had seen Demyx cry once. Demyx was such an emotional boy, probably from the death of his new parents.

Since they had been in this world, Axel hadn't seen Roxas once. The younger boy was always too busy with Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Naminé to hang out with his old friend. That was a big let-down for the fiery red-head. He had seen Sora and Kairi a couple times, but they never had time to talk; they were always in a hurry to meet Roxas somewhere. Riku and Naminé, though, seemed to always have time to talk to him. It seemed as if they were stalking him at times.

What about the other members of the Organization?

Luxord, well, he still had a gambling problem, still a big one. He always managed to win, especially against Axel and Demyx. He claimed that they were the easiest of all to read. The two boys didn't really mind strip-poker so much; they thought it was funny when Xemnas or Vexen lost. Larxene tended to stay away from the boys when they were involved with gambling. Sure, she won almost as much as Luxord did, but after Axel lost almost all his money betting, she felt bad and stopped playing Luxord's games. She wasn't so crazy anymore.

Axel hadn't seen much of Xigbar or Xaldin, either. Apparently, or so Demyx said, they were in an 'intimate relationship' with each other. The last three, Zexion, Saïx, and Lexaeus, had stayed cooped up in their houses the whole time they had been in this new world. Axel usually saw Zexion at school, when he wasn't being anti-social and avoiding everyone, but other than that, he rarely saw the three.
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