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III. Sick

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{Unfortunately, what comes with these surprises is Demyx and Zexion getting sick. Oh no!}

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Chapter III Title: Sick
Rating: T for bad language
Warning(s): Alternate Universe
Pairing(s): Zexion/Demyx

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts, nor do I own the characters from said game.

Summary: A new life, a new chance at love, a new world. How will they handle this change? Better yet, how will they handle the surprises that will soon be appearing everywhere they go? Unfortunately, what comes with these surprises is Demyx and Zexion getting sick. Oh no!

Author's Notes: I apologize for the language. I have a rather foul mouth myself, and it seems to come out a bit in my stories. Please review! It's much appreciated, and what keeps me alive. I'm surprised at how terribly... I can't even explain it... Oh dear.


"Zexy!" Demyx whined, reaching his arms forward. "Come back. I'm cold." That pout, that damn pout that Demyx always wore when he wanted something, was just too irresistible, and caused Zexion to cave. The shorter boy sighed, crawling into the covers and Demyx's arms. The blond allowed himself a sigh of delight as he snuggled against the shorter boy.


His senses were flooded with the different smells that floated around his house from the previous party. His mother had left his window open, but closed the drapes so that no light would shine through and wake them. They had, once again, fallen asleep. An assortment of presents were stacked in the corner, all from the party that him and Demyx had failed to appear at.

Speaking of Demyx: Zexion was amazed at how much the boy slept. They had both slept through the day following the movie and had been sleeping quite a bit since. He was also surprised at how tired he felt. Shouldn't he have been wide awake by now?

What surprised him the most was his father, whom he hadn't spoken to in over a month even though they lived in the same house, coming into the room and announcing that they needed to get dressed. Demyx groaned then, sliding out of the bed and dragging his feet over to the small stack of clothes that Zexion's mother had gotten for him from his house. Zexion, however, had to be dressed because he couldn't move a muscle without being in pain or collapsing.

When they had gotten put in the car - Zexion, as said before, couldn't walk, and Demyx had gotten dizzy after walking down a few stairs and had to be helped the rest of the way - they braved a look at each other and both gave a weak smile.

"Zexy, you look like shit," he groaned, "ohh, I feel like shit."

Zexion yawned, resting his head on Demyx's shoulder. "Mom, what's wrong with us?" He braved the question, not wanting to hear the answer but also wanting to at the same time.

"I really have no idea. That's the reason I'm taking you both to the doctor." Demyx groaned, and Zexion's mom glanced at him in the mirror. They all knew he didn't like going to the doctor. "Larxene is going to meet us there to update your insurance."


"Larx, where are you going? C'mon, stay. The game is just starting to get good." Luxord pleaded, tugging on the hem of the female's jacket.

"Lux, I can't. Sorry Axel, Roxas. There's an emergency down in 'Brother Town'," Larxene explained, then began walking to the door. She was stunned when the three boys started shouting at her.

"What's wrong with Demyx? Is he sick?!" The three boys yelled these at the same time, causing a small smirk to grace Larxene's lips. "I want to come with you!"

"Alright, alright, get in the damn car, then. Hurry the hell up, for Demyx's sake! For all we know, he could be dying," was said, and then they were off on the mission to find Demyx's doctor's office.


Demyx found himself heaving over a toilet as Zexion was treated by the doctor. It wasn't as if they weren't gong to see him if his insurance wasn't updated. He was sure that they would be more than happy to get the blond puking boy out of their office as soon as possible. The problem was, they only had one doctor on duty that day and two nurses, one that was at the desk and the other in with the doctor. All Demyx wanted to do was find out what was wrong with him and get better.

"Demyx Rowski?" Demyx groaned, then flushed the toilet and exited the bathroom. He followed the nurse to one of the rooms, then sat on the examining table. "Alright," the nurse started, looking down at a half-sheet of paper, "I've been told that you came in with Zexion and his mother, so I'm assuming that your symptoms are the same as his. Nausea, fever, fatigue, weakness, etc.?" She asked, and opened Demyx's file when he nodded. She copied down the symptoms, then took Demyx's temperature. He suppressed the urge to groan again as he heard her mumble 103.2. "Alrighty, then. The doctor will be in with you shortly. Here's a garbage can in case you get sick." She left the garbage can next to his foot, then walked out, putting his file in the holder on door and closing it quietly behind her.


"Oh my gawd, I feel like such an ass. I can't believe I got lost. What if they don't see him until I update his insurance? What if he dies!"

"Larx, just shut the hell up and get inside," Luxord said, pushing the frantic blonde into the doctor's office. They were immediately greeted by Zexion - the boy looked as if he would pass out at any given moment - and his mother.

"Thank you for coming, Larxene. As you can most likely tell, Zexion, and Demyx along with him, is sick. He has a very severe case of the flu, and the doctor is waiting on Demyx's test results." Luxord, Axel, and Roxas helped Zexion sit down while Larxene was being informed of everything. "I'd like to keep Demyx at my house that I can be sure that no one else gets sick, also."

"Of course," Larxene nodded, then walked over to the nurse. "Hi, I'm here to update the insurance information for Demyx Rowski."

The nurse took the card, then checked the information into the computer. "Let me just make a copy of this and we'll be all set," she said, then walked into the back. She walked out after a few moments, then handed the card back to Larxene. There you go."

"Thank you," Larxene said, then walked over to where Luxord and Axel were currently harassing Zexion, with Roxas sitting in the background and acting as if he didn't know who those two were. "Come on, you morons, unless you want to get the flu." She sneered at Zexion. "Well, that's what you get for kissing my brother."

After the four had left, Zexion's mother turned to him. "You kissed Demyx?" She inquired, studying her son's face. He nodded with a blush. "Aww! That's so cute!"

"Let's get out of here and get the prescription before these psycho nurses and doctors decide they want more of my blood," Demyx groaned, walking as fast as his tired legs would allow him. He did happen to look quite a bit paler, but Zexion couldn't decide on if it was from lack of good circulation or just being sick in general.


The minute they got back to Zexion's house, they took their medicine and headed back up to the shorter boy's room to get more sleep in. They were woken up ten minutes later by Saïx barging in, laughing hysterically. Needless to say, both boys were not in the mood for the scarred man.

"Saïx, shut the hell up and go away or else I'll be forced to vomit on you," Zexion mumbled, curling further into Demyx's arm, "Better yet," He added, not knowing that Saïx had already been scared off by the vomit comment, "I'll just give you the flu."

He heard Demyx chuckle as his arms tightened around his waist. "Sleep tight, Zexy," the blond mumbled with a small yawn.

"Dem," Zexion waited for a response, which came in the form of a grunt, then continued, "you smell good," he finished, a blush tinting his cheeks.

Demyx moved closer, if that was even possible, a small smile on his face. "You smell good too, Zexy," he replied, then they both drifted to sleep.


"Do you think he opened his presents yet?" Axel asked, a smirk on his face. No one but Zexion had given the blond a thoughtful present, and Zexion didn't even realize that he had done so until after it had been done and over with. The red-head had just gotten off the phone with Saïx and had decided to call Luxord.

"Psh, yeah, right." If he opened his presents, I'll give up gambling. He's probably sleeping again, or being harassed by my mother. She found out that he got the flu, and got worried, so she went over to Zexion's house to check on him."

"Yeah, you're probably right abut the presents, knowing Demyx. He's also probably scared to see what we all got him, if he read the card that Larx wrote. I bet he shoved her present somewhere that he wouldn't have to think about or see it ever again." Axel let out a chuckle.

"How much do you want to bet on that?" Luxord's voice was suddenly serious.

Axel smirked, "fifty bucks."

"You've got yourself a bet. I'm going to add Demyx into this conversation. I'll do the talking, you just stay quiet." Luxord dialed Demyx's number, and the two boys waited for him to pick up. "You are so going to lose this bet. Demyx is my cousin. I know him way better than you do."

"What do you want, Luxord? I'm trying to sleep, you fucker."

"Ooh, touchy, touchy. I was just wondering... Did you open Larx's present yet?" Luxord asked while Axel listened quietly.

"No, and I don't plan on it. What kind of a sister would even mention that she bought that kind of stuff? That's disgusting!" Demyx was probably having much trouble even being a part of this conversation.

"Alright, I was just wondering." Luxord sounded offended all of a sudden. "Don't spaz out about it." Him and Axel got worried when Demyx didn't respond. "Dem?"

"Sorry, he's busy being sick right now. Call later when we're not barfing our brains out and ask about his presents then. Goodbye." A click ended Demyx's side of the conversation.

Axel cheered. "Ha! I knew it! Why would Demyx want that shit, anyway? He's still a virgin!" Axel shouted, dancing around his room, though that part was unseen to Luxord. "Yes! I'm fifty dollars richer!" Luxord hung up on him when he began laughing, and mentally noted not to bet Axel on anything that involved Demyx.


Zexion found himself sitting at the island in his kitchen while Demyx had remained sleeping. He had only agreed to go downstairs if Saïx was also down there. He didn't want his brother molesting Demyx in his sleep. Sitting in front of him was a small plate of food, making his stomach churn. Even the mention of food made him sick, so why was he being forced to eat.

"Zexion, honey, you don't have to eat it if you don't feel well enough to. I'm not going to force you. You'll probably end up throwing it all up, anyway."

Not wanting to hear anymore, Zexion slid off his stool and slowly went back up to his room. His mother followed him soon after with Demyx's medicine. The blond was already up, and, as if knowing that Zexion's mother had come in, sat up in the bed and waited for her to bring him his medicine. Being sick sure made him lazy.


"Roxas, Axel! Hey, have either of you seen Demyx? He's my partner in American History, and he has almost all of the information for our project." Sora looked at the two boys in front of him, a hopeful look on his face. "Please tell me that he's coming back soon."

"Sorry, bro," Roxas said - yes, Roxas and Sora are related, twins to be exact. It was bound to happen. They were, after all, two halves of each other. "Dem has a bad case of the flu, so he's probably going to be out for a while. Him and Zexion are really sick."

Sora groaned, sliding down the wall that they were standing by. "I'm going to fail that class," he whined, hiding his face in his hands. He didn't seem to take into account that he was a sophomore in a junior class.

"Sora, you already have your credits for Junior year and two more years left in school. I think you can deal with failing one class," Roxas stated, rolling his eyes. "I mean, one project isn't going to do anything with your grade. You're getting over 100 percent in that class!"

"My perfect GPA!" Sora shouted, but immediately quieted down when he saw Riku walking down the hallway. Everyone knew he had a crush on the silver-haired boy, even though he was dating Kairi and Riku was dating Naminé.

"Hey, Sora," Riku said, leaning against the wall and looking down at the cinnamon-haired boy. "So, I heard you have a dilemma." It was too bad that they didn't know of each other's feelings. Riku constantly gave Sora signals, but Sora was too oblivious to realize that the other boy was flirting with him, and... face it... Sora didn't know how to flirt. "My Honors teacher thought that the class I'm in is too complicated for me, so I'm being transferred to your class. I was told to have you inform me of the class's 'current status.'"

"Uh, um, we're working on a project right now," Sora replied, a blush tinting his cheeks.


A couple days later, Zexion found that he could travel around his house without sharp pains shooting up his legs. Demyx also seemed to be doing better, if the ridiculous smile he was wearing was any indication for that. None of them could figure out the reason that he seemed to be happy, though. It could have been because Zexion truly admitted his feelings for the blond, finally.

"Demyx, care to explain why you seem so happy all of a sudden. Come on, dude, tell me. You are not supposed to smile when you're sick. Why are you so happy?" Axel's loud, questioning tone drifted down the hallway to meet Zexion's ears.

"Because," Zexion creeped to stand just to the side of his doorway, wanting to hear Demyx's answer. "You remember when we were Nobodies, how we had no hearts, and how I didn't believe it?" Zexion sighed. How could any of them forget? Demyx was also trying to prove that they really did have hearts at that time. "Well, I guess we really didn't have hearts, because I have never felt this way in my entire existence. Zexion told me that he loved me today." The smile was all too evident in his voice. "Don't you see, Axel? I finally get my wish. I've learned to love and be loved in return. That's why I'm so happy."

Zexion chose that moment to cut into the conversation, walking pointedly toward the bed and snuggling under the covers. He distantly heard the door close, and turned over as the scent of vanilla and sweets flooded his nose. He briefly wished that he could stay where he was forever before, once again, drifting off to sleep in Demyx's arms.
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