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Down By The Lake

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NOTE: i just realised that in the story review i said Rachel was in year 10, i actually meant year 11. Sorry! Any way... In this chapter Rachel and Gerard sneak out together to the lake....

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Hi!! First I would like to thank the two people that reviewed, very appreciated.
Hopefully this one is good, and longer! I've finished the forth chapter but not really sure if I should post it today... anyway, please read, enjoy and review!


Chapter 3-

"Ok, so where are we actually going?" I asked as we made our way down my driveway.

"Hmm.... I hadn't actually thought that far ahead..." Gerard replied, engrossed in sudden deep thought.

"Well, I thought you said you had it all planned out?!" I said sarcastically.

"I said no such thing!" he snapped.

"Ok, so maybe you didn't. But still, where are we going?! We kinda have to turn now!" I whispered, as we reached the gate and stopped.

"Umm... How about the lake?" Gerard suggested.

"Yep! Sounds good to me!" I said, taking a step forward.

We turned left and started walking again. For a few minutes we walked in silence. I could tell Gerard was enjoying the silence. But I was trying to piece together why I felt like that when Gerard touched me. I didn't know exactly what it meant because I had never felt it before. The sudden sickening feeling I felt when my hand grasped his. The pleasant tingly feeling that over took my body when Gerard placed his hands on my hips.

I was in deep thought when Gerard looked at me and said, "Is there something wrong?"

"Noo... Why?" I lied.

"I don't know. You just have that look on your face when that you're thinking about something really long and hard. And you don't think like that very often." He said giggling at the last sentence.

"Unless it's really bothering you and you want to try and figure it out." He added.

I smiled. Gerard and I have known each other for a while now. Almost six years. We knew almost everything about each other. And when something was up, Gerard could tell.

"No really, it's nothing... Seriously." I lied again, trying my best to sound convincible.

I was hating myself for lying to Gerard.
Gerard gave me a look that said that he wasn't buying into my response. He knew something was bothering me, but he didn't know what.

"And was that an insult?!" I threatened, attempting to change the subject.

"Ah, no. It wasn't." Gerard said turning to me and smiling.

"Good. Cause if it was, you better hope you can run fast!" I said loudly.

Trying my best to be serious but knew it wasn't working by the way I was smiling.

The conversation died down again as we walked in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, but a peaceful and refreshing silence. The cold crisp air hitting my pale cheeks, cleansing away any troubles I had.

The only sound to be heard was our footsteps hitting the road and the occasional bark from dogs as we walked past them. I soon had forgotten about the reaction by body had to Gerard's touch. And as we continued to walk in silence, we soon reached Mikey and Gerard's house.
As we walked past it I broke the peaceful silence by asking: "Does your parents know your out?"

"Pfft! What do you think?! ... Of course they don't!" Gerard replied.

"Ha, I thought so..." I giggled.


We reached the lake soon after, running down the slight hill to get to the grass by the water. There was a shallow amount of water with path of giant pebbles to walk across. I balanced on the pebbles with my arms up in the air beside me.

"Do you realize how dangerous this really is?!" I said laughing as I walked across.

"Yeah? And how do you figure that?" Gerard questioned.

"Well, I mean, us sneaking out all the time, what if something happens? Like one of us, hurts ourselves? Badly? Huh? What happens then?!" I shouted.

"I'd say we'd been pretty much screwed..." Gerard laughed as he walked on the last pebble and stepped onto the soft grassy earth.

"It's never happened before anyway so nothing really to worry about ... Except for that time when you fell out of that tree and sprained your ankle." Gerard said laughing again.

"Was funny though!!" he added.

We sat down under a tree and I laughed.

"Ha! I totally remember that!! I was this close to getting crouches!" I giggled while making about a centimeter gap between my thumb and finger.

"I remember you and Frankie had to hold me up while we walked back to my place!!" I laughed again.

"Held you up?! Rachel, we were basically fucking carrying you!!" Gerard shouted.

We both laughed.

"And then, we gave you shit for the next week..." Gerard remembered.

"Yes, how could I forget that? ...But the only reason I fell was because you said there was a spider in the tree!!" I snapped sarcastically.

Gerard let out a loud laugh and threw his head back. " I knew that would get you!"

"Yeah! You knew that would get me alright... Cause you know I'm fucking petrified of spiders!" I yelled at him.

Gerard laughed again. "You screamed so loud. I thought you were going to wake up the whole fucking neighborhood!... And I thought you broke your neck by the sound made when you hit the ground!"

"I nearly fucking did!" I screamed.

We continued to talk about old memories for a long time. We suddenly had a few seconds of silence until I yawned and pulled my phone out of my hoodie pocket.

"My god!" I gasped.

"What?" Gerard said as he sat up and turned to me.

"Guess what time it is!?" I asked.

"Umm... 1:15?" Gerard answered.

"Wha- How did you know?!" I yelled confused.

He giggled softly. "I saw it on your phone..."

"We better start getting back..." I suggested.

"Oooh... Rachel's gone all goody goody on us. Don't wanna be out too late, cause you don't want your parents finding out!!" Gerard yelled sarcastically.

"Shut up Gerard!!... No seriously, we should start walking back." I said.

"Relax Rach, it's not even a school night! It's Friday, remember?!" He stated, squirming in his spot.

"Schools out! And now the weekend begins!!" He added jumping up and grabbing my hand and pulling me up.

We did a crazy tango dance thing up by the lake, laughing like crazy. He span me around quickly twice, making me feel a little dizzy.

"We're sixteen and we still act like we're eleven..." I sighed as Gerard finally let go of me.

"Hey! Speak for yourself!... I'm seventeen." Gerard said defensively while throwing his head up in the air.

"Gerard, making yourself older just makes it worse..." I yawned, and Gerard giggled.

"Oh yeah. You want to go back now?" Gerard asked softly.

"I want to, I'm tired. But what about you? But you want to stay, I can tell." I huffed.

"Well, I'll go if you want to go..." Gerard tailed of.

"Yeah, but I could just walk back by myself?..." I suggested while secretly hoping Gerard would decide to come back with me.

"Now we can't have that happening, now can we? You never know what might happen. Anyone can jump out and rape you!" Gerard said as he began to walk over towards me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"But it's not really rape if you want it..." He added in before a cheeky smirk spread across his face.

"Oh please! I'm not that desperate for a fuck!" I laughed.

We then started walking up that slight hill. Gerard's hand still around my shoulders.

"Well, you know if your ever in for some lovin', you know where I am." Gerard said in a seductive tone while also winking at me.

I chuckled. "I'm sure that's the last thing I'm going to do."

"What?!" He asked, dropping his arm from around me being actually a little confused.

"Fuck you, you idiot!! I mean, cause that won't be weird at all. Fucking my best friend... Awkward!!" I yelled.

"Yeah, it'd probably be awkward afterwards, but what fine sex it would be!!" Gerard's said as his seductive tone returned again.

"Oh yes, Gerard the sex machine!! Makes all the ladies scream!!" I shouted as we came onto the main street.

I began to throw my arms and head back.

"More Gerard, MORE!!..... Don't stop!.... Oh, right there......HARDER!!" I screamed in an orgasmic tone. I let out a fake moan and Gerard laughed while covering my mouth.

"Shut up Rachel!! Are you trying to wake everyone up?! Huh?! Is that what you want?!" he hissed.

I pulled his hand away from my mouth.

"Fine, I'll shut up... But we all know you were enjoying it..." I said as a cheeky smirk then spread across my face.

We laughed and talked until we reached Gerard and Mikey's house. I stopped at the front of the gate.

"And... Why are you stopping?" he asked me when I had stopped.

"Your going in aren't you? you house?..." I questioned.

"Nah, don't really want to go back just yet. And besides, I can't let you walk back by yourself. Do we have to go back to our little conversation we had before?" Gerard started to smile again.

"Please, can we not?" I sighed putting my hand upon on forehead.

"If your coming, hurry up. I'm tired and would like to go to sleep." I said as I made my way forward, leaving Gerard behind slightly.


When we got back to my house the conversation had almost died completely because of my fatigue. We slowly walked up the driveway side by side. We reached my bedroom and I silently jumped up on the veranda. Making a low grunting sound before I grabbed onto the windowsill from inside my room attempting to pull myself in.

"Can I get some light over here please?!" I whispered.

"Sorry!" Gerard apologized as he pointed the bright torch towards me.

I was half way in when I got stuck, again. I laughed under my breath at my realization.

"Gerard, I'm stuck!" I laughed.

"AGAIN?!" Gerard hissed.

"... Maybe you should try opening it wider next time, so you can fit all of your fat arse in?!" Gerard suggested.

"Just shut up and help me!!" I tried wiggling my way out but it didn't work.

I was on my stomach basically lying on the windowsill. My left side in my room, and my right side out in the freezing night air. Though it was soo cold in my room, I might as well be sleeping outside.

"What if I don't wanna help you Rach?" He then folded his arms across his chest.

"Don't fuck around Gerard! Hurry up!! My stomach's starting to hurt!" I quietly yelled at him.

"Ok, ok. Fine!" He huffed as he walked towards me and placed the torch down carefully, light side up.

We giggled together as we struggled to free me. Gerard then put his hands on my ribs and side, and gave me a hard shove. I squealed a lot louder then expected, as I hit the floor with a thud. I landed beside my bed. And I immediately heard Gerard laughing and then him trying to control it as he spoke.

"Are you ok?!" he asked quietly.

I laughed. "I'm fine."

We giggled softly together until we heard my Mum and Dad's lamp switch on.

"SHIT!" I whispered as I got up and started to close my window.

"Hurry up, go!" I whispered as I began to panic as I heard my mothers footsteps draw closer and closer to my room.

I just managed to close the window and grab the pajamas that I had thrown on the ground and jump into bed, covering my body with the blankets.

"RACHEL?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" My mother hoarsely whispered to me.

If it was anyone that could manage to yell at me, but still keep their voice down, it was her. I began to freak out inside as I tried to come up with an excuse. I held on to my pajamas in my bed, hoping my Mum wouldn't see my striped hoodie.

"I...ah...Was reading because I couldn't sleep, and I turned the light off and went to go back to bed, and I... tripped over?" I lied.

"Why didn't you just use you lamp?!" she hissed at me, her voice still having a hoarsely tone to it.

"It wasn't bright enough, I tried that at first, but then my eyes were just getting sore." I said.

"Well you should've been wearing your glasses!" Mum snapped at me.

"I WAS!" I hissed.

Our voices remained in a whisper, but they were growing slightly louder and louder by each spoken word.

"Whatever Rachel." she sighed.

"Just be more careful next time. You scared me with all the noise." She sighed again, and turned for the door.

"K, then. Sorry. Goodnight." I whispered.

My Mum turned off the light and walked away, and said a very sleepy "goodnight".

I smiled to myself in the dark as I sighed in relief. I threw the covers off and turned the lamp beside my bed on. I began to take off my clothes when my phone started to vibrate, making a soft humming sound against my mattress. I flipped it open without bothering to check the caller ID.

"Hello?" I whispered.

"So what happened?!" a slightly excited Gerard said on the other end of the line.

"Nothing. I just jumped into bed a made up a bullshit story." I said as I took my pants off.

"Did she buy it?" Gerard questioned.

"Yeah, actually she did!" I whispered excitedly.

"So what was your bullshit story?" he questioned.

"Ah, I just said that I was reading and tripped over when I was going back to bed." I replied.

I heard him giggle.

"No wonder why your Mum bought into it...It's something you just naturally do!" Gerard said, still giggling.

"Shut up wanker! Look, I'm going to sleep now." I snapped.

"To dream about me?" Gerard pouted.

"No! To sleep!" I snapped again.

"Oh I see! It's to dream about Frank!" Gerard said in a sarcastic, understanding tone.

I sighed.

"Yes Gerard, I'm going to dream about Frank...Whatever, I'm going to sleep. Night." I yawned.

"Night." I heard him say before I closed my phone and hopped into bed.

I snuggled up into a ball and fell asleep almost instantly.


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