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Throwing things at your hair HA!

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I decided to do something,this is about life on tour, but...its in Bobs point of view!! Since nothing is ever in Bobs point of view, of course the rest of the band are in it - well, ...

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I walked into the bus after going for a shower. My hair was still a bit damp, but my body was dry and I was wearing black jeans, a black T - Shirt and, of course, a hoodie.
Frank, Gerard and Ray were all in the living area. Mikey was nowhere to be seen, probably stalked off somewhere to talk to Alicia on the phone. I walked into the living room and sat down. Frank was reading some sort of rock music magazine, Gee was messing around chucking an assortment of objects at Rays afro. Ray didnt seem to notice though as he was scribbling frantically in a notepad, Ray didnt get inspiration for anything worth writing a lot, but when he did he could scribble down whole novels. I tried reading some of the stuff he did once, but it bored me, he took to long getting to the good bit.
I sat and watched Gerard throwing things like pens, tissues, scrunched up paper and jigsaw pieces at Rays hair. A few things stuck in it, and Gerard began looking around for something else to throw, settling on chess peices he grabbed a load and began to take aim.
He chucked a king and stuck perfectly in Rays hair. Gee grinned at me and chucked me a horse, castle and a couple of pawns to throw. Since I had nothing better to do, I chucked them, I have a pretty good aim so every peice stuck in the 'fro'.
When we eventually tired of this, we leaned back, pretending to watch T.V, waiting for Ray to stop writing, when he did, he put down his pen, closed the pad and stretched, looking round the room at us all, Frank still reading his magazine, me and Gee innocently watching TV.
"Oh hey Bob, I didnt know you were back" Said Ray smiling at me. I frowned.
"Yeah, I've been here for about an hour, you didnt notice cos' you were writing" I replied. Ray nodded, the things in his hair wobbling slightly.
"Hey Ray, how did you get all that junk in you hair?" Asked Gerard. Ray looked confused.
"What junk?" He asked, feeling round his 'fro' and pulling out a few chess peices and a pen.
"That junk" I said. He got up and looked at his refelction in the windows.
"AAAAAAGH!" He yelled when he saw all the stuff. Frank spared a small glance, he chuckled before returning to his magazine.
"WHICH ONE OF YOU DID IT!" Cried Ray turning to stare at me and Gee. We both gave him our most innocent faces.
"I would never do that to your hair Ray, you know I wouldnt, because I know how annoying it would be" I said, touching my own hair gingerly, Ray bought it and turned to Gerard who opened his mouth in shock.
"RAY! Do you honestly think I would do that to your Fro!? You know I respect it!" He cried. Ray then turned to Frank who took a while to realise who was being given an accusing stare.
"Hey hey hey! I didnt do it! I've been reading my magazine!" He said holding up his hands.
"Well one of you did it! And I want to know who!" Said Ray - wow, he can be scary when he's angry.
" know, I think I saw Mikey chucking stuff at you, I only saw him chuck a pen though, I assumed yours had ran out or something, so I carried on watching TV" Said Gee in a mock thoughtful voice.
"Mikey! I should have known!" Cried Ray, talking of which, Mikey then walked into the room, looking quite happy.
"Ha! Nice hair Ray!" He laughed when he saw Rays hair. I wouldnt have been surprised if Ray had breathed fire he looked so angry.
"HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO MY HAIR!" He cried. Mikey raised an eyebrow.
"What?" He asked, Ray rugby tackled Mikey causing him to fall onto the floor, Ray sat on top of Mikey, baring his teeth and growling out insults, Mikey squirmed beneath Ray.
"AGH! GET OFF ME...I CANT BREATHE!" Cried Mikey as Ray kneeled on his chest, probably crushing his lungs.
" did this!" Cried Ray pointing at his hair.
"OW! NO I DIDNT! GET THE HELL OFF OF ME!" Yelled Mikey trying to push Ray off.
"Ray get off him, your gonna kill the poor boy!" Said Gee, Ray snarled and got up, Mikey lay on the floor, winded for a while. When he finally sat up his hair was slightly messy and he looked annoyed.
"You deserved it!" Insisted Ray when Mikey gave him evils.
"I didnt touch your god damn hair!" Mikey complained.
"LIAR!" Shouted Ray, at this point, me and Gerard couldnt help but laugh. Ray turned to look at us.
"Oh my god Ray! Your so gullible!" Gee spluttered, I nodded my head in agreement.
"Yeah - it was us who did it!" I said. Now for a lot of people, admitting that you've just chucked things in Rays hair would be a death wish, but me and Gee can take Ray anyday. Especially me, I dont mean to brag, but wacking the hell out of drums all day seems to make your arms strong enough to quite easily crush someones throat. Not that I would ever do that to Ray, he's my band mate.
Ray glared at us, he didnt know whether to go for me or Gee first, so he settled on me. Typical. Everyone picks on me becuase Im the only blonde guy in this entire band.
I felt Rays knees crash onto my chest as he began shaking my head. I couldnt help but laugh hyusterically. It looked so funny! His angry face and then his hair with jigsaw peices, chess pieces and a tissue, probably a used one, sticking out of it.
"ITS NOT FUNNY BOB!" Yelled Ray.
"Yes it is!" I cried. Ray snarled and got off me going for Gerard instead, but Gerard was ready for him and pounced first. Ray went crashing to the floor and Gerard sat on his chest, Ray struggled to move Gee but he stayed where he was, examining his nails.
"Apologize to Mikey" Said Gerard.
"Apologize!" Gee fidgeted, we all know Gee has one hell of a bony bum, so I could tell it could hurt.
"Your forgiven" Sneered Mikey.
"Now get off!" Said Ray.
"Promise that you wont attack me or Bob first" Said Gerard.
"I...I promise!" Cried Ray. Gerard got up and brushed the creases out of his jeans. Ray sat up, rubbing his chest.
"Your ass is posibly the bonniest ass in the whole damn world! You know that right?" He asked angrily. Gee grinned.
"I have been told that before" He said sitting down on the couch again.
"Now you know why the couch cries everytime I sit on it" He said. Obviously the couch couldnt cry, but it was an old couch that went on every tour with us, so it creaked when you sat on it. Everytime we got a new bus, no matter how great the sofa in it was, we always got this one put in it instead. Because its probably the most comfy sofa in the world!
Frank put down his magazine and streched. I realised I was bored...again.
"I'm bored" I complained. Gerard looked at me.
"What do you want me to do about it?" He asked. I shrugged, I hadn't been asking anyone to do anything about it...I was just stating that I was bored.
"Why don't you help me get all this crap out of my hair?" Asked Ray as he began pulling things out of his hair. I shook my head. There was no way I was going to sit and pull stuff out of Rays hair that had got there because of me in the first place.
"How make me a coffee?" Asked Frank. I glared at him.
"How" I said, Frank shrugged and got up, making his way to the 'kitchen'.
"How about you go to bed" Said Mikey. I raised an eyebrow.
"Bed?" I repeated. Mikey nodded.
"It is like...almost one in the morning" He said. I looked at the clock, he was right. We had played the show in manchester, got showers and now we were heading for London.
"I guess I will go to bed then" I said, I supposed now I thought about it I was a little tired. So I went to bed. It only took about an hour for everyone else to go to bed, then the bus was silent except for the sound of the world outside, travelling past at 60 miles and hour, and the heavy breathing of the rest of the band.
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