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The Promise Kiss

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What if Zuko came to help Katara after the Season 2 Finale? Would Katara allow it?

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Authors Note: I decided to do a one-shot K rated. I hope its okay. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: the last airbender.
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Katara's POV

I stand here cleaning up the campsite as Aang practices with Toph and Sokka sharpens his boomerang. All of them are down by the river and I can hear there laughing. I'd love to be with them but I have to take of this first. As I turn around I am met with a pair of golden eyes.

"Don't scream. I'm not here to fight." Zuko says stepping out of the trees.

As I realize who this is my body fills with fury but my heart is telling me to give him a chance.

"Really? Then you didn't chase us around the nation; try to kidnap Aang or side with Azula who almost killed Aang." I say angrily as I pull water out of my canteen making a water whip and waterbending it towards him.

"I only sided with Azula because I needed to get her plans." Zuko says as he throws fire out to evaporate the water.

"Then what? Use her plans and try to kidnap Aang yourself." I say not believing him as I try yet again to use my waterbending.

I watch as he throws down his pack and opens it.

"No. I was stealing her plans because I wanted to give them to you." He says holding them out to me.

I place my water back in my canteen interested in the documents he's holding out to me. I take the plans not knowing why he would do this. I open them up to see all of Azula's ideas and her plan for the Fire Nation. Even what she plans to do with her father.

"Why would you do this?" I ask looking up.

"Because I want to help. What my father's doing is wrong. This war has been going on for a hundred years. It's time for it to be put to a stop and the Avatar is the only one that can do that." He says.

"So what are you going to do for us?" I ask curious about his answer.

"I want to continue working with Azula but only so I can steal her plans and give you updates." Zuko says.

"What else would you be willing to do?" I ask.

"I'd like to teach the Avatar" He begins.

"Aang." I whisper cutting him off.

"What?" He says.

"Aang. His name is Aang." I say tired of hearing Zuko call him the Avatar.

"Well I'd teach Aang firebending secretly." Zuko says.

"When could you teach him? What time of day?" I ask.

"As early as the sun rises." He responds.

"What about Azula? Don't you think she'll get suspicious with you sneaking off every day when the sun rises?" I say.

"She doesn't care where I am as long as I'm there for her war meetings." Zuko says.

"What about when you can't be here who will teach him then?" I say trying to get him on all points.

"I plan to break my uncle out of his cell. I will give him the directions to your camp and he will be willing to teach the Ava- I mean Aang firebending when I'm busy." He says.

"You know everyday I thought about what firebender would be willing to teach Aang. A firebender that would be willing to betray his nation for the greater good." I say.

"What if that's me?" He asks looking me straight in the eye.

"Well I guess we'll never know." I say.

"What do you mean you'll never know?" He says anger rising in his voice.

"I can't allow you to be around Aang. Not after what almost happened in that cave." I say remembering it.

"I wasn't the one that almost killed the Aang. That was my sister. Not me." He says.

"But you sided with the person who did." I say angrily.

I watch as he has nothing to say. He stands there his eyes unreadable his expression blank. My mind is full of questions that want to be answered but I know I can't ask and won't ask.

"Give me a chance." He whispers so soft I can't hear him.

"What did you say?" I ask.

"I said give me a chance. I've changed. I will always regret what I did in that cave I had the thought of possibly killing the Avatar the only person who can stop my father on my mind. I carried that weight until I heard someone say the Avatar was still alive. I want to help give me a chance. Please." He says looking me straight in the eye.

I can see he truly means it but I need to know for sure.

"Do you promise to be loyal to Aang to Sokka to Toph and to me?" I ask waiting for his answer.

I watch as he walks to me and pulls my shoulder which causes me to stumble and my lips land on his. As my lips slowly move against his and his against mine I hear him whisper.

"I promise."
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Authors I hope you like it! It's just a one-shot but I like it! Reviews and flames welcome!
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