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making plans

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hannah and ryan make plans to hang out

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we pulled into olive garden's parking lot. "yay! i haven't eaten here in foreverrrr" lacy squealed. we got out and followed the guys into the restaurant. we sat down at a table and ordered our drinks. lacy and molly were busy talking to spencer and brendon. "so...what are you doing tonight" ryan asked me. "i have to work at 9" i said. our drinks came and the waitress asked what we wanted to eat. i just got favorite :) "oh well i was wondering if you wanted to do something with me tonight. like a movie or something" ryan said looking sad. "well i have a day off from everything tomorrow. maybe we can have an 'us' day and get to know eachother better" i suggested. "yeah, i'd like that" ryan said smiling. 'god i love his smile' i thought. we all talked for the next half hour. then our food came. we didn't do alot of talking during this time. when we were done the guys paid. me, lacy, and molly told them we'd pay but they insisted. the girls exchanged numbers with brendon and spencer. i gave ryan a quick hug and got in the car. it was 5:30. i needed to get home to shower and get stuff together before i left. the girls finally said goodbye and we left. "brendon is so cute! i wonder if he's good in bed" lacy said daydreaming. "i bet he would be. he has those perfect lips. spencer is a drummer so he probably is too" molly said answering lacy's question. "well you guys may find out soon" i said. "what do you mean? are they coming to the house" lacy asked getting excited. "well you guys exchanged numbers. i'm sure something will happen" i said. "yeah you're right. and i'm sure ryan will be with them too. he wants to hit that again hannah" molly said laughing. 'haha yeah. i hope so' i thought as i turned on the radio. we jammed to THE ALMOST the rest of the way home.

i pulled into the drive way and noticed eric's car was there as well. it was about 6 now. he usually doesn't get home from work until about 7. i knew something had to be up. we walked into the house and saw eric sitting in the living room. "hey eric. what are you doing home so early" lacy asked setting her bags down next to mine and mollys. "oh well i got done early" he said. "so what did you 3 do today" he asked changing the tv channel. "well we went shopping around 11. then went to lunch at olive garden" molly said. "oh...did you go to lunch with anyone special" he asked. "one of them was with hannah last night. it was ryan and his 2 friends" lacy said. "oh really" eric said. "yeah. we saw them at the mall and they asked us to lunch. no big deal" i said shrugging my shoulders. "lacy, molly go to your rooms and get ready for tonight. i need to talk to hannah" eric said turning the tv off. the girls got their bags and went upstairs. "what's going on hannah. you went to lunch with ryan" eric asked. "well, yeah. i mean they wanted us to go and i didn't think it'd be that big of a deal. besides, i think his 2 friends might come here soon" i said. "just don't go falling in love with that boy. he'll only hurt you. i don't want my girl to get her heart broken" he said hugging me. "thanks eric. but i was wondering. do you think it'd be ok if i hung out with ryan tomorrow? he seems really interested in getting to know me" i asked. "i don't know..."eric said trailing off. "please eric. it's just one day. they'll probably be gone the next day and we'll never see them again" i said begging him. "ok. fine. just be home by 1 am" he said. "thanks're the best" i said kissing his cheek. "yeah that's what they tell me" he said smirking. "ego much...well i'm gonna go get ready for work" i said grabbing my things and walking up to my room. i put my stuff up and got on the computer. i went to to see if they had posted anything in their journal lately. i knew who ryan and the others were when i met him last could you not know them. i just didn't tell him i was a huge fan. that'd be kinda weird to say during sex or something haha. they had a new journal -- the last two nights were AMAZING. i met this awesome girl last night. she was beautiful but she'd never like me. then we went to the mall today and we saw her and her two friends. so we took them to lunch. i'm hanging out with her tomorrow so we can get to know eachother...don't tell anyone, but i think i like her :) well wish me luck tomorrow. xoxo RYRO --
i smiled at the journal. he is so cute....'i think i like him too' i thought. eric is not gonna be happy about this. i turned the computer off and took a shower. then i finished getting ready for work and left at 8:15. i hope this night goes fast so i can be with ryan tomorrow.
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