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I'll Be You're Biggest Mistake

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Fall Out Boy isn't famous yet. And they live in Saskatoon. They meet up with some pretty damn rad chicks. Rated for language and possibly nudity later... SCANDAL!

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So, I'm breaking down. Yes, I am writing a fanfic. It might be cliche. It might not be. But it will be awesometastic tasting. Sounds yummy. All in my POV unless specifically stated. And, yes Fall Out Boy always lived in Saskatoon. They were lying when the told you Wilmette/Chicago. Dirty liars. Shame on you!


"Get the fuck off of me!"

"You're the one who's on me!"

No, I'm on BOTH of you!"

"WELL, GET OFF!" I yelled. If Nica had been here, none of this would have happened. Taya and Allie wouldn't be lying on top of me. But she was out with her... "Friend who happens to be a boy". We all knew he was her boyfriend. She just didn't yet.

Taya and Allie stood up. I didn't.

"Sarah... Get up." Allie offered me her hand. I accepted and she pulled me to my feet. "We gotta go do something totally BA. It's our last girl's night before school."

"Pylons, perhaps? Yes. I think so." As she finished talking, Taya jingled her car keys.

"We should go get Nica first." I suggested. They both agreed.


We called Nica and arranged to meet her at the local Tim Hortons. We got there before her, so we ordered some coffees and such. She walked in, followed by Patrick, her "friend" and a few other guys.

"Hey Nica! Hey Patrick. What's up? Who are these guys?"

"This is the rest of Pat's band. Pete, who plays bass. Andy, who's on drums, and Joe. On lead guitar. They're pretty good!" You could totally tell that she was in love with him. The way she said his name. It screamed "I LOVE YOU! LET ME HAVE YOUR BABIES!". Or maybe not.

"Well. This turned into quite the opposite of what we planned for. No more girl's night, I guess... " Allie, the ''innocent'' one, didn't sound to dissapointed.

"So.... Pylons?" Taya once again suggested. She was, like, obsessed.

"Stealing them? Sounds... interesting." Pete(r) sounded a little skeptical, but obviously wasn't to worried, because he came with us. Joe skipped out, though. What a noob.

"So..." Andy started, "Do we just drive up and steal them?"

"Uhh... duh!" Allie giggled, "Silly!"

Did Allie have a '"Love" at first sight' thing for Andy? In my opinion, he kind of looked like Jesus... but that's just me. We drove for 20 minutes until we found a construction site.

"How many should we take?" Pete(r) asked.

"Enough for you guys... and one for Joe too." Patrick was quick to reply. Danica rolled her eyes. Patrick was never thinking about himself. "And me too." He finished quietly, turning to Danica.


Taya's POV!! How rad!


Oh my God... Pat and Nica were about to get lovey-dovey. No one wants to see that...

"Let's go. I wanna go home." I demanded. I drove Pat home first, he lived the closest to where we were. Nica got out of the car too, waving a quick goodbye, along with a wink to me. Next was Allie.

"I'll call you tomorrow. Both of you," promised Allie

"What about me!" Pete(r) asked, faking indignation. But Allie was already out of earshot.

"Pete, Andy. Where do you live?" Andy gave me the directions to his house first. I skid away from Allies house, onwards to his. His house was right by my mothers. Too bad I didn't live there anymore.


"Ya? Oh, right. I live in the apartment buildings by Tim's."

So, I thought to myself. In Sarah's building. Sarah looked at me and I could tell we were thinking the same thing. This was going to get interesting.


Peter's POV! Hot!


Taya drove to the parking lot and took a space. I looked at her. Why was she parking? Were they coming in? I asked them this.

"Oh, we're coming in, alright." Taya responded. She looked at Sarah and they started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"...Hahaha... I live here too. Me and Taya have an apartment here. How rad." Sarah said. I'm sure Taya would have said that too, but she was to busy laughing. Oh. . . wow. This is going to be interesting. I unlocked the first door and quickly got my mail. Sarah got her's and Taya's too. Their apartment was actually pretty damn close to mine. You'd think I would have noticed someone as beautif- I maen... oddly dressed as Sarah.

"Well," Taya said, stopping, "This is ours... g'night." She opened the door and went inside.

"Umm... Yeah. Night. Pleasent dreams. Nice to meet you" Sarah said.

"Night." I retired to my apartment, strange thoughts whirling through my head.


Whew. End of the first chapter. The saga will continue... soon, hopefully.
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