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Gojiitenks/ The Ultimate Fusion

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Did Vegeta survive Frieza's Attack. And What Goku. Will he have a trick up his sleeve. Or is this the end of our Z_Fighters

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You know the drill.... DBZ belongs to Akira Toriama not me. ( I hope I spelld the name right)

Chapter 5 Gojiitenks/The Ultimate Fusion.

Trunks drops to his hands and knee's as the deadly blast strikes the ground where his father lay.

Just then Gohan senses a new energy, the energy is somewhat familiar to him. But he can't quite pin point where it's coming from.

Tears wash across Trunks Face he felt weak and powerless. Angry with himself, thinking that he could have done something to save his father. As the dust settles there is a huge crater were Vegeta had been. Freiza cackles evilly assuming that Vegeta was dead.

about 1/2 mile away from the crater and Freiza....

Vegeta realizing that he's still alive looks up. "Kakorrot?" He said in surprise.

Goku pulls a senzu bean out of his pocket and hands it to Vegeta, so his friend can regain full strength.

"Kakorrot you fool you could have been killed!" Vegeta said arrogantly

"Nice to see you too! Vegeta." Goku answered him knowing that was Vegeta's way of saying thankyou. "Hold Still Vegeta" Goku using his instant transmission to pop up behind the boys unnoticed.

"Get off the ground Trunks where's your Sayain pride!" Scolded Vegeta

"Father" Trunks Shouted

"Dad" Goten said surprised

"I thought I sensed another large power level. Should've known it was you!" Said Gohan

"You always know when to show up Goku." Krillin remarked Relieved

"Hi Guys. I'm proud of you Guys you've done a great job. From what I've seen so far." Goku Commented.

"I hope you have a plan Kakorrot. I think we'll be lucky to beat him this time." Vegeta stated

"He's already overpowered Gotenks." Explained Trunks and Goten.

"Yea and we've already established that I wasn't much of a challenge. But I'll do what ever it takes to take down Freiza." Gohan said

"As much as I hate to admit it Kakorrot. With the power I've just experienced were no match for him even at a level super sayian 4 Fusion." Vegeta explained

"Don't worry I have a plan. We'll have to use Fusion, Trunks and Goten too!" Goku told them.

"Kakorrot are you deaf did you just not hear what I'm telling you?" Vegeta asked Irritated at Goku's Ignorance.

"I have a plan Vegeta Trust me it Should work." Reassured Goku.

"As long as your sure Kakorrot. You know how I hate joining bodies with you." Remarked Vegeta

"Just get ready" Goku told them. "Sorry to disappoint you Freiza, but you'll have to do better than that." Goku shouts as they surpress there Energies.

"Kakorrot you fool." Vegeta yells

"Goku? Vegeta How'd you Survive" Frieza Shouts

"Now" Goku's shouts as they get in to the dance positions.


As the four Sayians become two. Freiza begins his attack. As the two fusion's battle against Frieza. Gogiita realizes that they are going to need some more time to pull off his tequnique.

"Gohan, Krillin" Gogiita called "Were gonna need some more time can you hold Freiza off for a few minutes"

"We can try" they answered

Gojeta flew over were Gotenks was so they could finish Goku's tequnique.

"Where do you think your Going Sayian?" Freiza Shouted at Gogeta "PREPARE TO DIE!"

"I don't think so" Said Gohan Shooting a Kamehameha wave at Frieza's head. It was a direct hit

Frieza turning around took off after Gohan.

Gohan Flying as fast as he could trying to lead Freiza a way from Gogeta. This left Krillin for a back up attack. Gohan swerving to avoid one of Frieza's energy blasts, was hit with another in the chest.

"You Stupid Sayian. Didn't you learn your lesson the first time or do you want me to kill you?' Freiza Cackled. Gohan grasped his chest in pain as he dropped to the ground from where he was flying. ....

"After seeing everything that's happened, I realized there's only one way to defeat Freiza." Gojiita explained

"And what's that?" asked Gotenks

"We have to use Fusion again." He explained.

"How is that possible we already have used Fusion?" Gotenks asked Confused.

"I once heard elder Ki and Kibito Talking about an Ultimate fusion. It's a fusion of 4 beings of equal of similar energy levels. It would combine all of our powers together. Gojitta started to Explain.

"Gojiita!" Kibito interrupted. "The Ultimate Fusion is Dangerous. You may not be able to separate, you be joined together forever, if your not careful it's to much of a risk." Kibito Warned.

"We'll have to risk it, Frieza will destroy the planet earth. And I don't know how much longer Krillin and Gohan will hold out." Gojiita told the Ki

"Just then an energy blast shoved Gohan and Krillin into the ground

"Gohan you all right?" Krillin asked him

"Yea I just hope what ever dad and they are gonna do, they better do it quick." Gohan answered

"Frieza" Gohan Shouts "You were destroyed by Future Trunks years ago. How did you come back?"

"One of my followers collected your dragon balls years ago and brought me back. I've just been waiting for the right time to attack, and Once your gone Gohan. There be no one to protect your family. But Don't worry I'll make sure your Wife, and Daughter Suffer. Awe won't that be sad your little Girl won't even understand why her father isn't coming to her rescue. HA HA HA HA HA." Frieza Cackled

This angered Gohan. He let his rage consume him, his Super Sayian oura exploded around him. Gohan's SSJ Form now held more power than ever before. Suddenly he attacks Frieza in anger. and Krillin Follows in Pursuit.

"I'm Sorry Kibito The Ultimate Fusion is the Earths last chance. No matter what the risks." Gojiita said.

"I'm Ready" Gotenks said/


A Huge Flash Flew across the sky. As the 2 fusion's became one. By Now Krillin and Gohan's Energy levels were dangerously low and had been badly beaten. Krillin had no use of his left arm, Gohan's Shirt was completely Gone along the bottom of his right pant leg were he was bleeding profusely. The To fighters were beginning to wonder if there friends would coming back in time. They had tried everything they could and had nothing left. As the bright light faded a strange being appeared between them and Freiza. Krillin and Gohan had never seen this man before, but he seemed familiar. His Power level was enormous and unbelievable. The man had a tail and orange fur all around his body with black hair that stood up like Trunks in Super Sayian Form.

"Gohan, Krillin you did well. I'll take it from here." The man said tossing 2 senzu beans over his shoulder.

"who are you?" Freiza Demanded

Confidently the man answered him "My names Gojiitenks. And I've come to destroy you!"
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