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The End Of The Sailor Scouts??

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Muahahaha...I am evil!!!

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No One Loved Me Until You Came Along

By: xoxstorii-gurrlxox

Chapter 22

A/N: Okay, so last chapter, Serena found out that she was Princess Serenity. That chapter was hard, but I really had fun to write it. Anywho, this chapter was hard to, like on all the SM Series the scouts all died, and then came back with no memory of what happened. So yeah. Well Hope you Like it. And thanks for all the reviews, keep them up!! Well here is Chapter 22, enjoy.

RECAP:"My mom was the queen of the Moon?" I asked, as the crystal ball stopped glowing.

"Yes, motherly love. She used the last ounce of her power to save you all." Lord Snicklefritz replied.

"No, why would she do that?" Tears were starting to come down my eyes.

"Motherly love I told you!" He stomped his foot angrily. "Now, I have to kill your little friends. Excuse me, my queen."

"No! Lord, um Snicklefritz! Don't hurt them." I hollered into thin air. What am I going to do? Tears started stinging my eyes again, and I sniffed to keep them in but failed miserably.

"Serena? Are you crying?" A voice in the shadows asked.

I looked up, "W-who said that?"

The voice came closer, then I felt it touch my cheeks, wiping away my tears. "Sere, why are you crying?"

"My friends are going to die, and I can't help them" I murmured.

"Oh, now that isn't good now is it?" I looked up to see who was talking to me.

"Agahley?" I screamed horrified, "Y-you are suppose to be.."

"Dead. Yes I know, but I tricked my dad into thinking I was dead. I didn't want to be evil anymore." Agahley explained.

"Oh, well if you arn't evil; could you like get me down?" I asked.

He giggled slightly, "Oh, right. Sorry." He unbonded me to the wall. "Shall we go stop my dad?"

I nodded. "Yeah, lets go kick some but Agahley."

"Please, call me Jordan. Agahley, doesn't suit me." I nodded. "Uh, Sere? You are going the wrong way." I blushed and headed the direction he was pointing.

"Right." I looked behind me, and Jordan was just standing there, "Are you coming?"

"Yeah, wouldn't miss this for the world." He smiled, we then jumped into the black void that brought me here.

"Serena! There you are." A black cat panted, while jumping out of a tree. "The scouts really need your help."

"Oh? How am I suppose to help them? And who are you?" I picked her up, observing her.

"Put me down!" She squirmed and I dropped her.

"Sorry." She shook her fur, while Jordan was laughing.

"Luna Magic!" The black cat screamed and did like this back flip and landed on her feet. "There pick that up, and say 'Moon Crystal Power!' Hurry, we don't have much time." She shouted at my hesitation.

"Okay, okay!" I picked up the golden circle thing. "Moon Crystal Power!" I screamed. I felt myself transforming. "Whoa, I look like Sailor Moon." I observed after I stopped transforming.

The cat sighed, "Alright, now come on!" We started running towards the fight.

"Sailor Moon!" All the scouts screamed once they saw me. Bad move, Lord Snicklefritz hit them and they all flew in the air. Fell towards the ground and didn't move.

"Oh no!" I screamed. "Guys!"

"Sailor Moon?" Lord Snickefritz turned in aggrevation. "How did you get out of my palace?" He then spotted Jordan. "Agahley?"

"No father. Jordan." He looked at his father. "Let them go!"

Lord Snickelfritz laughed evily, "Are you crazy? It took me centuries to get this strong, and I am not about to give up now."

"Well, I guess we will have to make you, now won't we?" I smirked. "Moon Crystal Power!" I said once again. And I then transformed into a white puffy dress, with cresent moon earrings, and a gold bracelt. But now in my hand was a moon stick. "What do I do with this?"

Again, the Lord laughed evily. "Fool! Doesn't know how to use your own weapon."

"You have to say 'Moon Crystal Power' "Luna screamed.

"But I have like said that twice now!" I whined.

"Do it!" She screamed once again.

"Okay, okay. Just stop screaming, it's giving me a headache!" Luna glared at me, and I stuck my tounge out.

"Enough, if you are going to fight me, hurry up!" The Lord was getting impatient.

"Wow, you need to work on your manners." I smirked. "Moon Crystal Power!" I screamed. I blinding white came out of the moon stick Lord Snicklefritz screamed, and surged his black magic at me. Us fighting for life and death. Please, people of earth and Moon. Help me defeat Lord Snickelfritz! I need your strength.

I felt myself getting stronger, Thank you everyone. I know I can do this. "I believe in myself!" I screamed and put all of my faith, and power in the moon stick and crystal.

"Give up Sailor Brat! All your friends are dead. And you will be dead too!" The Lord laughed loudly and cackly; sounding like a old hen.

"I am sorry to burst your bubble, Snicklefritz!" He looked at me annoyed. "I will not give up! I have faith in myself, and in my friends."

"Your friends are dead, alot of help they are! Give up, your last warning!"

"Never! I believe in you guys, help me!" I felt the scouts souls help me. I am not alone! I sent one last beam at Snickelfritz.

"Noo!!! Queen Beryl, Help ME!!!!" Snicklefritz screamed, before disappearing.

"Father!" Jordan screamed in pain.

"Jordan, I am sorry." I replied, then fainted.

"Sere!" Jordan ran to me. All the scouts and tuxedo Mask awoke a few moments later. All turning back into ordinary school girls.

"Serena!" They all shouted and ran over to me.

"Quick, Darien kiss her." Luna jumped on his shoulder.

"I don't think it's going to work this time Luna." Ami stated.

"What do you mean?" Darien asked.

"Well, when Serena lost her memory; she had no idea who we were." Ami explained.

"So that means, Serena is not in love with Darien so he can't wake her up." Rei smiled sadly.

"Exactly. And the problem is, the crystal has little power; when the power is completely drained, Serena will die." Luna said, finally realizing the truth.

"And we don't know who Serena likes." Mina replied dumbly. Then everyone looked at Jordan.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Kiss her!" They all screamed.

"She doesn't like me." They all looked at him skeptically. "Alright I will. Chill." He went down for the kiss, that he has been wanting for since he first met her. He touched my lips softly, savoring the taste of my lips. I stirred and opened my eyes slowly.

"Jordan?" I muttered.

"Sere?" He asked hopeful.

"Oh Jordan, you are safe." I smiled and sat up slowly. "What happened to your dad?"

Jordan bowed his head slowly, "Gone." I gasped and hugged him. Then noticing everyone else just sitting there staring.

"Sorry, who are you?" I asked them.

They all looked at me blankly, then Jordan and me burst out laughing. "What's so funny?"

"I was just kidding. How about going to get a burger?" I asked and everyone nodded. We then headed for the cars and drove to Crown Arcade. Once there, Andrew looked from me to Jordan to Darien. I didn't know any better but I was in a love triangle.

"Darien, Serena. Uh Gang. Welcome back." Andrew smiled.

"Hey man. How about making us some burgers and fries?" Darien asked.

"Sure." Andrew smiled and went back to the kitchen.

"Well, what are we to do now?" Ami asked.

"About what?" We all asked her.

"Well since Sere doesn't have all her memory back, we are going to suffer a bit." Ami stated.

Rei laughed hard, "It wouldn't be that hard," She stared laughing again. "I mean, its not like she helped us lots anyway."

I smacked Rei on the side of the head, "Uh like hello! I am right here." I fumed.

"Sorry. Forgot." Rei smiled innocently.

I looked at my watch then stood up, "Well sorry guys, it's been fun and all. But I better get home; mom's probably worried about me." I smiled and waved good-bye.

"Do you think we upset her?" Lita asked.

"Maybe. Mina, what do you think?" Everyone stared at her, but she was like in La-la land. "Uh Mina?"

"Huh? What?" Mina asked.

"What were you thinking about?" Darien questioned.

"Oh, um, nothing." She laughed nervously, putting one hand behind her head.

"Hey, where did Jordan go?" Lita looked around for any sign of him.

Mina giggled, "Oh, do you like him Lita??"

Lita went bright red, "No! Of course not!"

Everyone burst into laughter. "Well you'll have no luck with him. He has his eyes set on Sere."

Lita sighed, "Yeah, I know."

With Serena...

I walked numbly from the Crown Arcade, I turned down an alley way and stopped.

"What am I going to do? I feel so lost." Remebering past events.

"Serena? What are you doing back here?" I looked up at the person who called my name.

"Jordan." I ran to him, I snuggled up to him and starting crying.

"What's wrong?" He asked, slightly nervous. Then put his arms around me, trying to comfort me.

"I am so confused Jordan. A couple weeks ago, I was having these dreams and I have no idea what they mean."

"Do you think they are trying to tell you something?"

"I-I don't know." I sniffed loudly and looked up at him. "Things just seems so different now. I mean, one day I was just me, and now I am Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity."

"How about I take you home?" I nodded and we walked to his car, which mysteriously just appeared there.

We got in and started heading in the direction of my home, "Jordan, did you really mean what you said earlier?"

"About what?" He asked, not taking his eyes off the road.

"About not wanting to follow in your father's footsteps."

"Of course I did. It's not like I would just say that to pretend I was, and then strike when you least expected it." He laughed slightly.

"Mhm." We pulled into my driveway. "Thanks."

"For what?" He looked at me slightly confused.

"For everything." I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. I got out of the car and went inside. Jordan pulled out a few moments later.

"Serena? Serena is that you?" My mom called from the kitchen.

"Yeah." I walked into the kitchen and smelt the air. Mmm, cookies.

"Where have you been? We have been worried sick! We didn't get a phone call or nothing."

"Sorry mom, won't happen again." I smiled. "Are those cookies ready yet?"

My mom laughed, her blue hair swaying as she did so. "Yes honey. Your father would like to talk to you. He is upstairs in his study." I nodded and headed in the direction. "Also, sweetie. Be careful."

I looked at her puzzled, but nodded none-the-less. I left the kitchen and headed upstairs. I stopped at the second door and knocked slightly.

"Come in." My dad answered gently.

I opened the door a little, and walked in. "Mom said you wanted to talk to me?"

He nodded and pointed to a chair and held a finger up, for he was on the phone. "No no, I said three plane tickets to Tokyo, not Alabama." He sighed fustrated. "Yes, okay, thank-you. Bye."

I looked at a photo on the wall. It was a family portrait, a big one at that. Sammy was in front of mom, wearing a blue silk shirt and black pants. Mom was wearing a red flannel dress, dad was wearing his Sunday best, which was a blue suit with a red and blue tie. And then there was me, wearing a pink mini skirt with a white tank-top and pink sweater over top. My hair was up in a single ponytail, and the rest was curled.

"Serena." Dad got my attention, I looked at him."Honey, I have some good news and bad news, which do you want first?"

I thought about it a moment, "Bad news."

He nodded curtly."Alright. Today I got that promotion I always wanted, and well I now have to be transferred." My throat tightened at the word transfer. "And the good news is, Sara, and Jeremy are coming down here for awhile."

A tear slipped from my eye, "Why are you being transferred? I thought if you got this promotion you could still stay here."

"Yes, I know. But its changed a little. They are in need of more recruits and they need me."

"Whose they?" I sneered.

"Government Angency in California." I looked at him blankly. No! This can't be happening. He is going to be going to California."

"What about us?" My voice shook. Holding back tears in a situation like this is very difficult, you know.

"Well your mom and I think its best that you guys stay here." My eyes widened. "It's not like I am getting a divorce or anything. You guys can still see me, and I'll come back home every holiday I get. We really need this money Bunny."

"Whoa. What? We don't need anything. We are completely fine as we are right now!" I screamed and stormed from the door running into my room.

I screamed into my pillow. Okay, Serena chill. It's not all that bad.

"Ugh, who am I kidding? Of course its bad!" I sniffed, and went onto my computer.

Beep! "Oh, a message." I replied surprised.

Galaxy-Boii says: Hey, how are you feeling?

Moon-Princess: I am good. Who is this?

Galaxy-Boii: Haha. Jordan.

Moon-Princess: Blushes Oh. How are you?

Galaxy-Boii: Better. So was your mom mad that you were home late?

Moon-Princess: Not really, she just said that I should call next time.

Galaxy-Boii: Well that's good. Smiles Oh yeah, I got into that place I wanted.

Moon-Princess: Great! Uh, what place?

Galaxy-Boii: Haha. Uptown. It's a condo.

Moon-Princess: Sweet! You'll have to show it to me sometime.

Galaxy-Boii: Yeah, you bet. How about tomorrow?

Moon-Princess: After school?

Galaxy-Boii: Yeah, it's a date. smiles Well, I have to go. My movers are here. Bye my princess.

Moon-Princess: Bye Jordan.

And that was our conversation. I went back up onto my bed, laid down with scruffy--my stuffed bunny--. I was just about asleep, when something hit me hard. I opened my eye to see Rini standing there, looking really mad.

"How could you just leave me there?" She asked, tapping her foot on my bed.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You just left me with Daddy and them." She jumped off my bed , and walked towards my computer chair and sat down.

"Oh, I am so sorry Rini." I paused. "Wait- Daddy??"

She sighed, "Do I have to explain everything to you?" I nodded, "Fine. Darien is my dad, and you are my mom."

"Are you serious?" I started laughing and she hit me on the head again. "Ouch! Brat."

She smirked, "And yes, I am serious. I am your future daughter, in the 30th century you will be Neo-Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo."

I gaped at her. "No way!" She nodded. "Wait- how can I run this Crystal Tokyo place? I am barely passing school!"

"You'll find a way, Serena." As of that she walked out the door. Great! More things to think about now. Ugh, that brat!

A/N: Well there you have it. Chapter 22. Hope you liked it. I know its not one of my best, but I liked it. Read and Review please!!!

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